Feb 11th, 2013

Tiger Woods PGA Tour is one of many annual titles that EA releases year after year for consoles. The sad news is that Tiger Woods 14 will be unavailable for Wii U owners. EA has spoken with Kotaku and informed them that the PS3 and the Xbox 360 are their focus for this year’s title, going so far as to avoid specifically mentioning Nintendo’s new console.

We’re currently focused on delivering a great Tiger Woods PGA TOUR experience for our fans on the Xbox 360 and PS3, where we have a great opportunity to connect fans to the real world of golf and each other. We don’t have any further platform announcements at this time.

I’m personally not much of a fan of golf myself, but I know the Wii added an extra level of depth for Tiger Woods fans with its motion sensing controls. Are you upset about this oversight from EA? Let us know in the comments.


[via Kotaku]
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  • And not a single fuck was given 

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Amen to that.

  • Nintedward

    ”We don’t have any further platform announcements at this time.”
    Need for speed most wanted anyone ?  

    They’re working on PS3 and 360 now , once they’ve finished those , it will launch about 3-4 months later on Wiiu . Calling it now…

    • ECM

      Thank God, someone with some common sense, which appears to nkot include Kotaku (given) and the Nintensdo blogs (freaking sad).

      For the clueless–including the blog owner: when someone avoids saying there is no verison for U this year this means THERE IS A VERSION COMING FOR U THIS YEAR. If there were not, they’d say THERE IS NO VERSION COMING FOR U THIS YEAR *NOT* We don’t have any further platform announcements at this time.”

      You are engaging in SENSATIONALISM–and just like Kotaku, for traffic– o please KNOCK IT OFF act at least semi-responsibly instead of instigating trouble and insulting your readers’ intelligence.

      • Mark Thom

        NO what ea is trying to say that WiiU is fucked lllooolll

        • Turquel Baker

          hardly. EA is a business and they are experienced in the industry, they know there is money to be made.

  • JuleyJules

    They don’t mention anything but PS3 and 360 at this time so who knows.  Previous ones were also out on iOS devices too.  I’d like to have this on Wii U as I enjoyed previous ones on the Wii and still do.  There were a lot of games that didn’t sell well on the Wii in the last couple of years because a lot of people, myself included, were waiting for the Wii U instead.  If they release it later for the Wii U once sales pick up that will be more indicative of future sales.

  • I think we will see delays in Wii U games for at least the remainder of titles previously scheduled out this year and possibly into 2014.  My reasoning is many of these games have been in development way before the Wii U was out and while some developers may have had their hands on DEV Kits they may have changed their position now that the Wii U is released meaning they want to fine tune the gamepad and social network capabilities of the game based on how the Wii U is being used in real world by the gamers.

    At least I hope that is what it is.

  • Nintenjoe82

    I am disappointed but I only buy a golf game every 5 years or more so it’s no biggie. Tiger with the PS Move is horrible compared to the Motion Plus version so I will just play my Wii version through my U!

  • Bill Bong

    A console is only as good as the game is can play. If games are not make for it it will not succeed.

  • I’m very upset with this title missing from the launch lineup. 

  • Justin Carlson

    “Tiger Woods will not be available on Wii U this year” is NOT what EA said.

    I realize that you are trying to drive people to your site by sensationalizing your title, but making a false statement that creates negative press and could hurt Wii U sales also isn’t good for your site.

  • Mark Thom

    Wii U losing 3rd party games hmmm but still fuck EA!!!!  

  • Mark Thom

    Wii U system as know it is DOOM & FUCKED 🙁

    • Laud


      Shaddap Mark, you nobody.

    • MujuraNoKamen

       Why because we may not be getting a dull Golf game that has been released over and over again every year.
      Besides, they said no announcements at this time, not “No Wii U version” chances are it will arrive.

    • pbduck34

       Only morons have to resort to empty statements with cuss words ..

  • Roberto Alejandro Avelar Varga

    so how do you play this, you have to cheat on as many women as possible within a timelimit?

  • Johny

    dont give a fuck… nobody does… 

    the only downside is the fact that some company decided to not bring their multiplat to wii u…
    but then again … its EA… so yeah… in a nutshell…no fuck is given

    • pbduck34

       it would be just as effective if you dispensed with profanity .. it only shows your ignorance

  • Mike Brown

    so now its back to sitting on the couch flicking analogs…..i am disappointed!!!

  • AlienFanatic

    This is starting to smell funny to me.  I was reading another story today, with speculation about the attempts by Microsoft and Sony to quash the resale market, and I’m starting to put two and two together.

    Why would Nintendo’s Wii-U be shunned while the XBOX and PS3 are favored?  It’s already been demonstrated that porting a game from those platforms to the Wii-U isn’t very time-consuming.  However, at the same time, these companies (EA, Activision, etc.) are anticipating the next generation platforms from MS and Sony, both of which are rumored to have designs that all but eliminate the ability to resell used titles.

    I wonder if these moves by major publishers are less about the assignment of development resources and more about attempting to kill a platform that is not in line with their goals.  Nintendo is hoping to make the Wii-U system a multi-year product.  If they find success, especially since it has no system in place to prevent resale of used games, that puts pressure on the major publishers and on Sony and Microsoft.  If gamers are given a choice between buying a game that can be resold, and one that cannot, it’s very possible that they will favor games they can resell so that they may apply that credit towards another game. If, however, Nintendo’s Wii-U dies on the vine, MS and Sony will be free to lock down their systems without any ability for the gaming public to resist them by supporting a competing business model.

    If Wii-U dies, and the rumors are true, it’s very likely we’ll see a move towards far more DLC, F2P, and non-resellable games, with the overall impact that gamers will spend more over time to consume a similar level of content.  Perhaps it’s inevitable, but I’m getting a strong, strong feeling that we will absolutely NOT see any significant support from EA, Activision, or any of the companies that stand to gain with the (rumored) new sales models on the Nextbox and PS4/Orbis.

    • Metal_Man_v2

      It is worrisome, but I doubt that Microsoft and Sony’s new consoles will implement a system to block the use of pre-owned games.  

      Watch this, and look at the comments maybe too.  There’s a lot of people on the internet already saying that they will not pay for a new console that blocks pre-owned games.


      • Even though the sources saying that the next Xbox and Playstation are going to blocked used games are actually very reliable

        • Metal_Man_v2

          Definitely, especially with the high quality game discs that are used today.  But unfortunately, it’s not quality that these companies are concerned about, it’s money.  Microsoft and Sony don’t make a penny off of any used game sales. 

           Hindering the market might make them more money, but it could just as easily be a deal breaker for anyone thinking they want the new consoles. This is all still just rumor and speculation, and I don’t really see it happening. 

  • EA is still butt hurt over Nintendo not using Origin?

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      It’s possible.

  • As a huge sports fan this is concerning. While I’m fairly positive that Tiger will make his Wii U debut next year, when the base is there to profit, I really don’t want to see this turn into the Wii again where NCAA never shows up on the game list. Playing Madden on Wii U is a lot of fun, addictive almost with the gamepad play calling and route drawing and thats with a “sup-par” development. If they put some thought and effort into the games they made for the Wii U, they could set a new standard for sports games not seen since motion control.

  • Nintendofreak

    finally some goood news lmfao

    • RoadyMike

      LOL! Indeed

  • Srpg2ishere

    I didn’t even know this game existed so why should I care if It’s not coming to Wii U? It would be a waste to put it on the system anyway because I don’t care for “Tiger Woods” nor golf. Lol. I’m pretty sure others don’t care about this game either. Or am I the only one? …

    • Petri

      I have pre-installed tiger woods golf game on my old phone, and I cant remove that damned thing. I even tried wiping the phone, but the game returns to haunt me.

    • RoadyMike

      When will everyone understand that this is the INTERNET!?

  • Ben Newcomb

    Who cares? Do people really buy golf games?

  • Petri

    Give me a golf game starring Mario, and we’re in business (or even better, minigolf).

    • Derrek Harbold

       Mario Golf. Look it up. -.-

  • Sordel

    “We’re currently focused on delivering a great Tiger Woods PGA TOUR experience for our fans on the Xbox 360 and PS3”

    By this point, they must know them all by name.

  • Randolph Jansen

    Dude, Tiger woods is best on the wii.  soo good being able to swing that remote.    Stupid its not the the wii u