May 30th, 2013


TigerDirect currently has a promotion running where you can get the 32GB black Wii U Deluxe bundle for $297. The site currently shows the standard $350 price, but if you put the Wii U in your shopping cart and then enter the coupon code NXL90940, you’ll see the discounted price. This deal also comes with free shipping. For anyone who hasn’t snagged a Wii U yet, this is a great deal.

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  • Denvy

    Now THAT’S a deal!

    • Nothing5555

      wow now i am more inclined to buy a WiiU at that price.

  • Jim Wanstall

    Whats that in English Pounds ? rough guess £200 , which is a good deal

    • Clel

      195.24 pounds

      • shshufflelufflepie38

        Wow that weighs a lot!

        • Veries Seals


  • disqus_sgtob6da3X

    Aww. RIP my wallet of 2013…

    • CapnCrumbles436


  • Agent721

    They are a GREAT discounter! I bought a 46 inch Samsung 3D LED for $645 last year on black friday week from them. TV is awesome (3D games look great!!!) and I have yet to see a price close to that since. They always have great prices.

    • Chris Heskin

      that is a filthy idea, now I’m waiting for next black friday!

  • Luffy

    off topics but… Here are the best buy store location for Canada for E3!


    North York






    Calgary (2 locations)

    British Columbia:


    • GuardiansFan

      thanks….”Toronto” is too generic though…i dont leave there but im sure there are a lot of best buys there. Hopefully they announce exactly which stores soon

    • Clel

      AAAARRRRRGHHHHH!!!!! And I was living in Montreal just before that!! RRRRRRRRRRRRR

  • Christopher Johnson

    i regret buying mines i use it as coaster now

    • Fred

      Really? go play some games!

    • No one cares… You make the same regret and this [insert game/feature] is shit comments over and over and no one cares. You may want to seek therapy for your regret and move on with your life

    • Agent721

      Please, you dont own one.

    • Nothing5555

      I’ll buy yours for 150 bucks..

    • Andrei Gdo Abarca

      Trolls have really bad comments nowdays

  • Sam

    I WANT IT!

    • shshufflelufflepie38

      Not if I want it first!

      • Sam

        Well there’s gotta be more than one.

      • Fred

        Don’t you already have one?

      • shshufflelufflepie38

        Yes but one is a lonely number

    • Fred

      GO BUY IT!

      • Sam

        I’M NOT ALLOWED!

        • Chris Heskin


          • Sam

            I’D LOVE TO BUT I CAN’T! 🙁

          • fireheartis1

            Talk your parents into it by making a deal of doing the yard, taking out the trash, doing the dishes, sweeping and moping the kitchen floor, and vacuuming if you have carpet for two years. I did that to get my SNES when I was a kid and it was all worth it.

          • Sam

            That’s a good idea; only problem is, I don’t have $300.

          • Bob Charlie

            Do some work for your moms or pops ‘mon.
            If that’s not an option, be patient and maybe the 8gb will drop significantly in price later this year. Any type of Wii U is better than nothing!

          • Clel


  • Aqua Team

    Meh, alreadyy got mine for sort of a good deal, i got the zombi u bundle, came with

    Wii u deluxe
    Nintendo land (digital)
    Zombi u (disc)
    Wii u pro control

    For $390, sold zombi u for 27 bucks so spent like 13 bucks over the original deluxe price, and got a pro control out of it

    • that was a good idea…

  • JWHO

    YES YES YES!!!

  • MetroidZero

    And I bought the 8GB Wii U in December 2012 for $299.


    • fireheartis1

      I suggest buying the 32GB Wii U then, and either keep the 8GB for a present to someone, or go trade it in for some new games to play when the new games come out. To me that would be a pretty sweet deal, but don’t trade at GameStop they’ll give you spit for the brand new console. Hastings has a pretty good trade in deal for used consoles though.

  • Fred

    Now there’s no excuse for anyone. Go buy a Deluxe Wii U!

  • Sol Ridgeway

    Wait!!! I went to buy it, but it does not include Nintendo Land.

    • Cerus98

      There are only two models, a basic white and black deluxe. They would have to open the box and remove the included game. Pretty sure they wouldn’t get away with that.

      • Sol Ridgeway

        Well like I said. They sell three different versions of the WiiU deluxe. One with We Sing, one with Nintendo Land, and this one. It does not say it comes with Nintendo Land. It talks about everything else it comes with, but not that game and when you select to buy it it then pops up and suggest you to buy Nintendo Land.

  • Maxid765

    Wow how long does this deal last?

  • Buduski

    I’ve never heard of that site… Is it trustworthy? O.o

    • Bomberman

      Yes. I buy from there all the time.

      • Buduski


  • Then I guess it’s up to retailers on if the Wii U should have a price cut.

  • DemonRoach

    Not a buy until $200 bucks or less.

    • Petri

      That’s exactly how I’m feeling about PS4.
      And Xbox I wouldn’t take even if I was paid to.

  • DVE

    O Snapsssss A Must Buy indeed! Talk about being broke :/

  • Sol Ridgeway

    Contacted Tiger Direct Customer Service – Ai Takamatsu: “I have checked here and this item does not come with the Nintendo Land game.”

  • nf_zeta

    Sadly consoles where i am are expensive as hell if i could get a Wii U for the equivalent of this price in my currency would be an instant buy, and shipment from the states already shipped so can’t even buy it and get it sent down as individual shipment cost would bring it back up to what i would pay here 🙁

    lol sry for the rant but technology is so dam expensive for me.

  • AlThor

    As of Saturday, June 1st, 0730 hours… sold out on line…. sorry!

  • John Madsen

    wow not bad

  • LogicalDude

    This will mean good things for the future :D.

  • ancientgamer

    ive never heard of tigerdirect and so i definitely wont buy anything from them, glad i already have one