Aug 7th, 2017

On Saturday, thousands of people all over Japan lined up in front of stores for a chance to buy a Switch. The console has been out for over 5 months, and people are still lining up — that’s how high demand is in Japan.

Once again, some stores had lotteries to determine who got to buy a console, as not all places were “first come, first serve”.

One store in particular had a huge showing this Saturday: Bic Camera Ikebukuro in Tokyo saw over 5,000 people line up and participate in their lottery to buy a Switch.

But while there were 5,000 people lined up, the store only had about 300 Switch consoles to sell.

The Switch is immensely popular in Japan, and we can only imagine how much more popular it will be in a couple of months when both Super Mario Odyssey and Monster Hunter XX are out.

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