Apr 16th, 2013

If off-screen play isn’t portable enough for you, then MaxBuy are taking things to the next level. They’ve introduced an accessory called the MaxPlay, which lets you use the cigarette lighter port in your car as power for the Wii U while you’re on the go. Of course the game you’re playing will need to support off-TV play, but other than that it’s a novel way to get your Wii U gaming on and potentially a great accessory for parents.

The accessory also includes a USB charging cable so that you can keep the GamePad charged while you’re on the go, otherwise it’d be pretty useless. What do you think of the accessory. Is it something you’d use to let your passengers play? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Sdudyoy

    Cool, I wouldn’t use it but cool.

  • eli

    cool maybe if i cleaned the truck…


    What a way to kill your battery.

    • thizzlermoron

      Includes “a USB charging cable so that you can keep the GamePad charged”.. so dumb

      • blah

        The CAR BATTERY…start thinking before you call other people dumb, smartass

        • Fred

          If you’re driving your car then the power is coming from the alternator. You won’t kill your car battery

    • Cerus98

      Any device, including a cars stereo will drain the battery when the car isn’t running. Pro tip #44: Start the car. Problem solved.

      The device is for car trips, not sitting in your driveway playing Wii U.

  • Robknoxious1

    Not for me.

    • AkaLink77

      Hey, wanna go to the back seat of my car and you know ……
      Play Wii U. ;D

      • greengecko007

        Best comment on this article.

  • Jerry Garcia

    This seems like a logical concept. However, I still wish there was a way to play the gamepad away from the Wii U in general.

    • Noteak

      Dude if someone made an excessory that plugged into the gamepad and made it so at least you could play your gamepad away from your console using wifi I would buy it in an instant, it sounds like the psvita and the ps3 but it is such a great Idea. Also if you paid even more it would play using 3G. That would be epic

      • RyuNoHadouken

        4G LTE

        • Logic

          Nope. 4G LTWii.

      • Theoretically, that’s possible. The tech is already there. Just not many people seem to know it.


        “The tech would even theoretically support extending the GamePad’s use well outside the house, say to a local Starbucks, through Wi-Fi.

        ‘Currently the Wi-Fi connection is peer-to-peer-based and using the GamePad outside the home would require a networked connection to the console; this is something that is a possibility for the future but is not in place today,’ Bekis said.”

        It would also be possible for a repeater or range extender to be made that could be used to increase the distance that the GamePad can function from the Wii U itself. (This is mentioned in the link)

  • Trenton Quick

    Sorta Cool. I wouldn’t buy it. If you want a portable Nintendo system, buy a DS!

    • Ben Kapferer

      But what about the games that aren’t available or don’t work well on DS/3DS?

      • Trenton Quick

        I guess so… HD in the car. Good point!

        • Cerus98

          The gamepad isn’t hi-def.

          • David Rampa

            i think he was being sarcastic 😉

          • Cerus98

            Ah true – didn’t think of that. Sorta off topic but has anyone actually been able to purchase the Nyko power pak for the gamepad? Thought it was released last month.

          • Trenton Quick

            I’ve been wanting that accessory. I think that you are talking about the internal pack… Right? I just recently emailed Nyko about this question. The person who responded told me that it is supposed to be available in May this year. I hope that he/she is correct.

          • Cerus98

            Yep the larger replacement pack. I hope so too – I guess it was either delayed or wasn’t included in the March 24th(?) release of all the accessories.

          • Trenton Quick

            I remember this replacement pack on Amazon last month. But then, it just suddenly disappeared. I think that it was better than the Uboost, so people just bought them all. Probably because they don’t want a giant thing hanging off that back that only gives 2x the power.

          • Trenton Quick

            Ooops… I forgot. 😛

          • [000]

            But it’s still rendered in HD..

      • Andrew W Garttmeyer

        WHAT GAMES. There are more and better games available for the DS than there is for the Wii U! ARGH!

  • David Rampa

    some cars actually have a power socket in the trunk of the car. just put it there xD

  • Fred

    Awesome idea. I was thinking about taking my Wii U with us the next time we went on a car trip to my parents house so that we could show the family. This gives me more reason to take it!

  • Derty

    Now this would b useful bringing this camping or something when electrical outlets r limited or for long trips. Depends on how often u travel but this is a great idea 😀

  • bizzy gie

    This is what I love about Nintendo’s innovation and I’ve addressed this before. Nintendo has unawaringly created world’s FIRST portable HOME console. For example, you can go to a Best Buy or McDonald’s (really any public place with free wifi) and plug up the console and start playing. For some games (like Black Ops 2), you can use the GamePad as a display and control the game with a Pro Controller.

    The Wii U is extremely small, so bringing it to a McDonald’s is no different (space-wise) than bringing a computer. I would would try all options if I could, but current living conditions prohibit me from doing so.

    Even if the car charger accessory might not be useful for all, I’d definitely get the USB charger. I’m tired of trying to find an extra wall outlet every time I want to play my Wii U.

    Can’t wait for the accessories to release in store.

    • ReckoningReckoner

      Yeah I’m not going to carry my Wii U around to best buy and mcdonalds.

      • bizzy gie

        That’s the point. It’d be fun to see the reactions. But really, is it that awkward to bring a Wii U to any of those places? They encourage bringing laptops. That’s why they have free wireless fidelity in the first place. Bringing a Wii U isn’t too different.

        • ReckoningReckoner

          Carrying around a Wii U is like carrying around a desktop computer, not like a laptop.

          • bizzy gie

            The Wii U is smaller in some dimensions than most 17.3 inch laptops.

          • ReckoningReckoner

            But unlike a laptop, it needs to be connected to an outlet. Not to mention that the console, combined with the controller would take up much more volume than most laptops.

            I just don’t see anyone carrying around a Wii U to public places. It just looks silly.

          • bizzy gie

            Laptops require outlets too. They only have 4-5 hour battery lives. I see people plug in their computers into McDonald’s, Best Buy, Library, etc. outlets all the time. The point is that it’s silly. The looks on people’s faces would be priceless and it be a pretty good way of flashing what your console can do and others can’t.

  • Geoffrey Tasker

    or you could just go buy a outlet car adapter from your local gas station lol

    • yep. thats why this is own news. anyone remember fast and the furious. ps2 hook toaand in dash.

  • Møhåmmęd Jårmøn

    I wouldn’t want my whole console in the car lol but this is kinda cool

  • gobbledegobber

    we hooked ours to our in car monitor and played lego city on vaction. was pretty sweet.but i would not do disk afraid of alabama pot holes.

  • Metal_Man_v2

    It’s not really much of an accessory… More and more cars are coming equipped with direct power outlets. All you need to do is plug in the power cord, turn on the power, and you can play your Wii U (using the game pad screen obviously).

    • ConCity Soldier

      None of my friends or family have cars with direct power outlets installed.

      • Metal_Man_v2

        Well, you could buy an adapter. They are inexpensive, and will work with all two pronged power chords, rather than just the Wii U.

    • ps4ultimania

      unless you have a screen in the car

  • Seth S. Scott

    for some reason this makes the wii seem unbelievably amazing, and im not even kidding. the thought of being able to play a console in the car on road trips is unreal.

  • Teves153

    Wait so you take the whole wii u console? Oh ok I guess

  • That would really come in handy because me and my family always goes onto long journeys and sometimes my 3DS/PSVita (Yeah I know I have a PSVita… sue me) runs low on battery and I just want to play something different…. also HD Mario on the go would be freaking awesome.

  • William Cole

    I bet you a millon dollars Nintendo’s next console isn’t only a console… it’ll be a handheld and a console which can be used interchangealby.

    • DemonRoach

      lol. Basically it’ll be a Ouya, but without the tech.

      • Ricardo Sampaio

        lol a Ouya is a handheld?, realy? with no screen or controls? how that works?

      • William Cole

        What’s an Ouya?

        • bizzy gie

          Stupid $100 console that’s Android-based and good-for-nothing with no disk slot for full games.

      • bizzy gie

        Ouya is crap. The Wii U is more powerful than PS360. What makes you think (probably not to familiar with the word) that Nintendo will release a weaker console?

        • Dáibhí wotshissurname


          • AlCaPWN

            his post was actually factual, so that wouldnt make him a fanboy, plus there is nothin wrong with being a fanboy. xD

          • bizzy gie

            You are? Guess that’s cool to know.

    • mikel334u2

      Why not just make their next portable more powerful like a console?

      • greengecko007

        Sony tried the handheld console idea with the PS Vita, and while it isn’t abysmal anymore, it’s not extremely successful. Why pay a lot of money for a handheld that is trying to be a watered down version of current a current console?

        • mikel334u2

          …To make it portable? That’s why portable game consoles even exist. Laptops and tablets are watered down portable versions of desktop computers, but that’s been quite successful. We’re moving into a time where handhelds are being to have console quality, and even though they may be as expensive as a home console, they’re portable, and there are much cheaper but weaker portable offerings available.

          • greengecko007

            Maybe… Don’t get me wrong, I like Sony, but the Vita is just an inferior handheld PS3. When you compare the Wii U to the 3DS, you have two totally different products.

          • Dáibhí wotshissurname

            This bro. I would not want a handheld to mimick a console and that is why I like Nuntendo handhelds to PSP and Vita.

      • Jeffery02

        I think it would be better if they designed it as a console first and THEN made it portable as well. Otherwise, it’ll just feel like another portable. If they do this next generation, then they could easily make it more powerful than the Wii U, with ALL of the same feature, but with the option of having it plugged into a TV for full HD or taken on the go with maybe a 720p experience. The “gimmick” that Nintendo can use for that generation is the portable part. The Wii U is half way there anyway.

        • Guest

          So would it be “innovation” if Sony or Microsoft did it?

          • Jeffery02

            What does that have to do with anything? I never brought up nor bashed any other console or company, so why bring it up?

            To actually answer your question, it depends on HOW they do it. For example, the Vita is NOT the idea I am talking about. It’s primary purpose is portability while I am talking about it being a secondary purpose.

            If they do it first, then I guess it’ll be THEIR innovation. However, given that the PS4 is already announced and the nextbox is already far into development, I doubt that they would be the first ones to do it. The Wii U SHOULD need an update before they do. So if it happens next gen, then it’ll be Nintendo’s innovation. If not, then it’s up for grabs.

          • Guest

            “The “gimmick” that Nintendo can use for that generation is the portable part. The Wii U is half way there anyway.”

          • Jeffery02

            So you quoted me, point? I fail to see what this has to do with Sony or Microsoft.

          • bizzy gie

            Why would the portable part be a gimmick? Why not innovation?

          • Jeffery02

            Ah! I never said that it wouldn’t be innovation. I put gimmick in quotation marks because that is what Nintendo’s uniqueness is being called by other people. The motion control was a gimmick, the 3D is a gimmick, the GamePad is a gimmick, and etc. I was pretending to be quoting the critics with that line. It was sarcasm in a manner of speaking, but I don’t think that it wouldn’t be innovation.

          • bizzy gie

            Gotcha! Well I’ll just delete my comments then. 😀

        • Dáibhí wotshissurname

          But then there is hardly any incentive to buy either or make them and they wont stand out

          • Jeffery02

            Either? I’m only talking about one system. Make a portable console. What doesn’t stand out about that? Excluding homemade, no console has ever been independently portable. Not to my knowledge at least.

    • lonewolf88

      that would actually be awesome just hold off on the next ds and have a higher budget would= epic

    • bizzy gie

      Or they could just make the GamePad portable.

  • Johny

    oh… we already had that with 3ds….
    still… MORE MH3U ON THE GO !!! 😀
    (well of course its an option if you dont have 3ds/3ds version of the game, or if you would like to play on higher resolution than on 3ds ^^)

    anyways this seems like an AWESOME accessory for wii u 😀 really usefull for many…
    i always wanted to play my wii on trips in a car, and searched for many ways… and now its actually very possible thanks to Wii u’s portable screen ^^

    • great deku tree

      plus you can charge the wii u while playing in the car! you can’t do that for the 3ds (correct me if I’m wrong I think you can’t). this is awesome and great for some people. I could certainly use it for the massive drive from Glasgow all the way to Dover then from Calais to Brittany.

      • Johny

        well in the same manner as there is a car AC adapter for wii u, there is a car AC adapter for 3ds too 🙂 … its nothing new for portables. there was one for DS too… but for a home console… its taking it to a completely new level. obviously consoles are much more demanding in power than handheld or phone charging… and even tho wii u is known to use VERY little power compared to ps3 and 360 (i think 1 times less) , its still a hard thing to make.. so people who made it, did a very good job, if it indeed functions as it should, and supports a console with sufficient electric power

        • it uses only 15 volts, only 3X more then a phone or 3DS.

          • Johny

            which is much less than ps3 and 360. its pretty impressive really in my opinion

  • Ben English

    I think the impressive thing about this is that the Wii U can draw sufficient power to function from a cigarette lighter. AFAIK it’s the only HD system that can do that.

  • ps4ultimania

    hmm i might use it idk maybe a smart idea for perents that vacation alot and drive long distances for kids 7-10 that it can use to keep them settled

  • diqus sucks

    sucks…i would much more prefer a wifi receiver on the bottom jack of the gamepad to receive the connection from the wii u anywhere under wifi. that would be useful

  • Kyle Berger

    did anyone else notice that it said will u not wii u?

    • RyuNoHadouken

      where? i dont see it

      • Kyle Berger

        in the video, 0:06 on the second line

  • Tim van Broekhoven

    Wait…. I never really thought about it, but I am able to play wii u in our little house in turkey! We don’t have a tv there, but thank’s to the wii u I can now play darksiders, vc games trine and mh3 there!!!! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • I’m I brought my Wii U to work today because I can now play monster hunter on the game pad lol

  • ChiwawaBoi

    I knew something like this was coming as soon as I heard of th wii u.

  • DemonRoach

    trash u. Too bad the LCD screen is too dim on max to be useful in bright light.

  • CaesarGood

    all those cables and wires in the car gtfo…

  • FlyingBoat

    theyve turned it into nintendo’s second least portable, portable system

  • Archiq09

    it’s cool for Camping. 😉

  • kevin nun—-

    I am sorry, but what COD map is that on the wiiu?

  • Link Slayer

    I think the wii u should have been portable also. Like the game u have in the system you should be able to play it if your at a wifi contection.

  • mikeybruises

    This should work if you have phone that can act as wi-fi hotspot like I have.

  • Drew Heermance


  • Brandos12

    seems like a bumpy car ride could damage the Wii U, especially if its reading a disc.

  • Nobody

    This is really cool looking. And it doesn’t need a weird third party screen like the PSX or Gamecube did. Really, the next best thing would be a mod where someone actually combines the Wii U and it’s gamepad, and make it truly portable like in those Portable N64s or PS2 videos. Complete with AV and HDMI ports so some buds can sit with you and use their Wii Remotes and Pro Controllers.

  • Arthur Jarret

    You could also buy a cheaper DC-to-AC converter. The Wii U is a very power efficient system, so i’m not surprised this is possible to do.

    However, I wonder about the devices own over-discharge protection. In more demanding games, chances are likely the Wii U will draw more power and not all cars can handle that – especially older models which had lower voltage ratings and usually fuses that blew earlier.

    Usually manufacturers of in-car appliances just choose one and blame the customer if it doesn’t work – as they should have read the power input before buying. So my advice is: Know your car before you buy.

  • so a car inverter is consider Wii U news?

  • www.RonaldGursh@hotmail.com

    So I was right… the Wii U is just an overpriced 3DS without the 3d… -_-

  • peter griffin

    i think they will incorporate the 3ds with the wii u allowing portable gaming from the wii u through the 3ds anyway. if they do i will get sticky front pants.