Jul 23rd, 2012

Back at E3, a Nintendo representative revealed to Wii U Daily that Nintedo’s first party launch titles would run in 720p. That includes Pikmin 3 and New Super Mairo Bros U. Now another Nintendo representative at the Wii U experience event in Chicago told attendees that third party titles Assassin’s Creed 3 and Batman Arkham Asylum would run in 1080p on the Wii U.
Wii U game Batman Arkham city
We’re wouldn’t be surprised if this rumor turned out to be true. Game developers have had a long time to refine their game engines on the current generation systems, and they should be able to easily scale to 1080p on the Wii U due to more powerful hardware. We have previously seen Batman Arkham City Wii U vs PS3 comparison screenshots that show the Wii U version featuring higher resolution textures and better visual quality. Upping the resolution to 1080p seems like the obvious thing to do.

Nintendo disappointed some gamers in its choice to only support 720p at launch with first party titles, but the company said that it finds 720p to be “sufficient” for the kind of games they’re making. Nintendo believes that a steady frame rate of 60 fps running at 720p is better than 30 fps at 1080p. Most games that run at 1080p natively on other consoles are limited to 30fps. Both New Super Mario Bros U and Pikmin 3 run at 60 fps.

Via My Nintendo News

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  • Maverick-Hunter

    720p x 60 Fps totally sounds nice for pikimin 🙂

    • Marq

      NSMBU sounds fine in 720p @ 60 fps too. I bet you’d hardly notice the difference if it was in 1080p.

    • Oxycinna


      But yes, I agree.

    • Gene

      Nintendo is thinking about 720p and 1080p…

      True next-gen: WQHD or 4k.

      • SanPharaoh

        Yeah yeah…how much do you think 4k gaming would cost the consumer?

        First, you would have to buy a TV that is 4k capable ($3k-$4k for a 32 incher)

        Second, game developers would have to make games that offer 4k visuals (say goodbye to $60 games and start looking forward to $75 games that offer a mere 6 hour experience and an extra $25 if you want to play online)

        Third, we as consumers would have to be willing to pay the price it would cost, and I can promise you that the first console to make the move to that format will cost you your soul and both legs, You can keep your arms *maybe.

        Stop being foolish with your wish list and start being realistic in your expectations.

        Nintendo Wii U = Next Generation Gaming.

        Stop hating!

        • AKA-Link77


  • DR4G0NB0RN

    This is a good thing. It would show that the Wii U DOES have more power than the current gen. I already know it does, but this is icing on the cake for the haters.

    • Jonas

      yes you are right. Only nintendo said they will make their first titles on 720p. So i was expecting some titles on 1080p anyway.
      The icing on the cake, indeed a very awesome comment

    • Alienfish

      Finally my HD tv can be used in the best resolution for gaming! Well done nintendo I never lost faith in the wii u.

  • Wii Uoops!

    DAT HD

  • that special guy

    it could be just a case of 1080p video out and the rep is confused ,wouldn’t bother me wiiu HD scaling would be far better than ps3 and x360,720p scaled to 1080p on a new gpu should look fantastic ,wait and see what runs native 1080p soon enough

  • Dmonkeyman

    Cool I guess. I’m not completely sure I could tell the difference but go wii u

  • UGotWongGuy

    So, if the option is there, why are people hating on the Wii U? Honestly, I think people are focusing way too much on graphics and not on the games themselves.

    Yes, obviously having a game look great is ideal, but having it run smoothly is better. I also think that the game dictates what setting you need. Do you “really” need 1080 on Super Mario? I doubt it. In fact, I am curious to see how many people can actually tell the difference if they didn’t have it compared side by side.

    When it comes down to it, if the games play smoothly and it is fun to play, then the Wii U will be my next gen system of choice.

  • LilLizard


  • batman

    In the first paragraph you are saying Arkham Asylum on Wii U, let me correct you it’s only Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition on the Wii U at launch. Have a nice day.

  • Shankovich

    I hope that if you’re using the pro controller in a 1080P game, that the game will be able to run around 60 FPS anyways.

  • Alienfish

    I still say they could have done it for Mario at the very least. Although, there is the fact that the GPU doesn’t support anti-aliasing in its 1080p mode, only 720p and lower. It is the quicker and cheaper FXAA, but it might be enough to make games in 720 look better than games in 1080 that don’t have that. Whatever the case may be with looks and resolution, I’m confident that games will look amazing on WiiU simply from what I’ve seen so far, especially since this is just the first run on untapped hardware.

  • NameUcan’thate


  • Non-Specific Action Figure


  • olimar

    720p at 60fps is way better than 1080p at 30fps imo. luckily, the wii U can also handle 1080p at 60fps. that’s another reason that proves that the wii U will kick ass!

    • Alienfish

      Yeh smooth gameplay is always more important, cant wait till we see some seriously optimised game at 1080p 60fps, new metroid would be epic like that.

    • that special guy

      and a simple up scale would also work 4x AA 60 FRAMES 720P with x360 beating 1080p scale with great graphics sitting in a living room a few feet away from tv 1080p native vs 1080p polished scale SERIOUSLY WHOS GUNA BOTHER ARGUING THE HUMAN EYE WILL SEE 1080P end of argument….

      THE EXACT NATIVE RESOLUTION IS OF SO LITTLE IMPORTANCE LOL THOSE OBSESSING OVER IT 1024×720 1280×720 1366×768 and 1080p all fine with me give me the best results not the best resolution

  • rafael


    Just kidding, allright? May all thumbs come down on me 😉

    • theaquacharger

      No you get my upvotes.

  • Britton

    Sweet! I think its time to sell my Xbox 360 to some poor sap. This is the only system I’ll need.

  • loko

    wii-U = Xbox360 + new effect.

    total :

    Wii-U generation shit

    OUYA in better.

    • Gamer

      Nintendo you geniuses. This feels like the coleco, amistrad, Atari, commodore, Sega, Neo Geo, turbo graphix 16 era again. All running scared because this generations more powerful version of the SNES is here. Xbox, ps, apple, smart phones, now OUYA all want to take on the genius of NINTENDO ( Wii U and 3DS ) :).

      • AcesHigh

        Ouya = “Oh… yeah…”

      • SanPharaoh

        Ouya might be cool, but the Wii U will be THE CONSOLE to ;pwn. The gamepad is going to be the catalyst that spawns a sea of copycats just like the WiiMote. Oh wait…they already starting following suit?

    • trainerblk

      ….. ignorance is blitz weres wii uoops when we need him he know how to handle your comment

    • Ultimate Cheez

      Wow what a noob, the wii u is nothing like the x box because the wii u take gameplay to a whole diffrent level you just wait and see when black ops 2 comes out for Xbox and wii U, the wii u will have so many features using the game pad such as the whole map on the tablet and let’s say one of the kill streaks were to be the motor team you would just be able to tap the tablet locations and BAM your done back into the game because that’s what call of duty games are know for. Fast action gameplay. Now the correct way to say what you were say is. Xbox = nintedos creativity and try’s to put them down. Because think about it microsoft isn’t creative at all they just make a console that can hold at of memory or RAM and it’s the games that are good and not the console when on the other hand you have Nintendo who says that they don’t care who powerful the ps4 and Xbox 720 is going to be because thats not their goal. There goal is like a said a better gameplay experince. Now for example whats the xbox 360? It’s a box that’s strong to run graphics that’s it now in the wii is a console that took a creative approach by the controllers as we all know is the wii mote and nun chuck you can make a mii avatar and use it like in Mario kart. Mario kart is such a successful game even thou it’s not a high graphic game like need for speed but Mario kart is a creative game where you get items from float cubes like a mushroom gives you a boost I mean that silly but it work and it’s way more fun than a game that doesnt have that and just care about graphics. Also Microsoft got so jealous of Nintendo and copied the wii creativity because microsoft can’t be creative so they so copied and made the kinect so did Sony with the motion thing whatever it’s called but anyways my point is you can see it now the wii u is coming out this holiday and at e3 microsoft said there gonna hold back and release it next year hmm I wonder why oh I know, so they can see what there doing and copy for example nintedo comes out with the new game pad and microst is just their watching and oh they have a tablet now the proof is their and microsoft continues to make fun of Nintendo as the rest of the world make fun of the wii I’ve always supported Nintendo and always will the wii was way more successful than Xbox Nintendo made more money than Nintendo and yes I do addmit the wii wasn’t as strong and third parties couldn’t make games for them like call of duty black ops wasn’t as good like we cloudnt get DLC and not all the kill streaks and perks and maps sometimes games were to strong for the wii like battlefield 3 with its graphics I’m meaning those graphics are amazing and the wii couldn’t support it but they listened and fixed it but they went even further and made the gamepad and that’s what they care about. That’s all I have to say thank you for take the time and reading this I appreciate it so people can be more informed because I got tired of noobs like this. . . Thank You

      • icanseeu

        So it’ll take gameplay to new levels by having ports from 6 year old consoles?

        • SanPharaoh

          Yes! Ports. From six year old consoles. And yes, those ports, they will play even better on the Wii U at launch, on day one, than they ever did on those other two systems.

          And then in a month or so after the Wii U launches, you will see titles the likes of which will make your jaw drop. Games you can’t even imagine right now.

          And then six months after that you will own one and then about a minute or two after that, you will wish Nintendo would have launched it sooner.

          And soon after that you will curse Sony and MS as they will inevitably copy the king and you then will know they simply always follow the leader…with maybe slightly better graphics.

          But just as a reminder…gaming graphics have started to plateau and the difference in the new systems will be marginal at best…either that, or they will cost so much at launch that most people won’t be able to afford one for about 5 years later.

          Grow up, buddy.

          • Ultimate Cheez

            Couldn’t say that better myself.

          • Icanseeu

            Lease explain why a port from a PS3 or Xbox 360 game will play better?

          • Draco Breach

            If you ask Gearbox, the Wii U GamePad offers a better gaming experience.

            In multiple interviews, they have stated that Aliens Colonial Marines will look and play best on the Wii U.

            If you don’t believe them now, just wait to play demos when they come to store. We won’t hate on the cautious.

          • Ultimate Cheez

            The gamepad says it all in Black ops 2 you will use the gamepad for kill streaks and control droids maybe even fly aircraft carriers in battlefield

  • Gamer

    Calling on all PS3 and Xbox360 owners, it’s time complete uncharted 3 and halo 4 when you get it. Quickly so as those games return a high trade in value for marking up to the Wii U price. You do not want to miss out on the greatness of the beauty known as the Wii U. Imagine playing Zelda, Metroid, Mario, third parties, exclusives and that ridiculously long and wonderful long XENOBLADE all on one system; plus FREE online, let me state that again free online :).

    • brandon

      Too bad two off the three games u imagine playing don’t be out till ps4 xbox8 r out. Wiiu gonna do the Wii thing sell huge die early. So far the stats of wiiu scare me the ones I’ve seen anyways. Gpu ok but CPU…don’t think gonna be able to do some games like Skyrim sequel or open world games like that. Not hating cuz Sony and Microsoft suck.

      • Gamer

        You do realize he was talking about how Nintendo had the clock speed lowered for cooling right? It runs unreal engine 4 games, also CryEngine is on it, no problem every game PS4 and exbox 720 gets we shall have on the Wii U, at the same graphical fidelity maybe even more. Cause with the new architecture I have know the GPU is also a work horse ( black beauty ) for sharing processing tasks. It’s Zelda we are talking about in HD I have no worries challengers shall fall.

        • SanPharaoh

          lol @ “exbox”

  • hedges


    I was the one who first noted this rumor on a certain message board in my review of the Chicago event, so I want to clarify an important point.

    Not only was batman running in “Full HD” (which I asked the rep who stated this if it meant rendered in 1080p native, he said yes), the framerate seemed to be above 30FPS. I don’t quite remember if it was 60FPS, but it was definitely more smoothe than the previous console versions. Seems Batman and AC3 will without a doubt be the best console versions on the Wii U.

    • Ravyu

      Dud you ask him if the wii u can do a 1080 degree somersault while slaying a dragon riding in an eggshell of Humpty being trailed by 5009 Ambulances going WEEEUUUU next to a gas station that will blow any second?

  • that guy

    Remember the fact that the third parties haven’t had a chance to optimize the engine’s performance of the Wii U’s hardware. so this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of graphic’s (remember how bad the first games on the X-Box looked), and (if rumors hold true) the GPU inside is an HD series card that was most likely designed to be able to run games in 1080p at reasonably high frames(40-60 frames maybe) of coarse we don’t yet know how taxing the game pad is on the system.

  • indirect76


    GPUs have two main tasks calculating geometry and drawing pixels. The business of geometry has not become more complex with modern games, other than there being more polygons. Drawing pixels has become more complex. Outside of there being more pixels to draw (higher screen resolutions) the task is more complex because modern games have more complex lighting and effects (pixel shaders). The bottleneck in GPUs is and has been for a while in pixel processing.

    Now supposing WiiU games like Assassin’s Creed 3 and Batman Arkham City have the same shaders as the PS3/360 counterparts heres the math to show how much more processing is needed.

    1920*1080 = 2073600 pixels
    1280*720 = 921600 pixels
    2073600 / 921600 = 2.25

    So the GPU in the WiiU would need to be somewhere around 2.25 times faster than the PS3 or 360 when it comes to pixels. That’s not too much of a stretch. Also consider that the PS3/360 come just short of being able to do 1080p games. There are even a few games that do run at 1080p (Gran Turismo, Virtua Tennis)

    TLDR: WiiU doing 1080p games is probably possible.

  • Marmor

    The Wii U screenshots of Batman: Arkham City had Anti-Aliasing and a 720p resolution. All ZombiU screenshots have Anti-Aliasing and a 720p resolution.
    I doubt the Third Party games will come in 1080p and low fps.

    Also upscaled 720p looks noticable worse than native 1080p.
    But who cares? Super Mario Galaxy 2 looks awesome in 400p on the Wii. And now we can have it in HD, with AA and Tesselation and Depth of Field and with a 5 times higher draw-distance.

    • Frankensavior

      You do understand that all of those games shown were confirmed to just be demo versions right? The developers said that the games hadn’t been fully optimized for the platform yet, and that the actually launch titles will look much better, because they will be COMPLETE FULLY OPTIMIZED games, and not quick demo versions.

  • brandon

    Will Batman armored edition be 3d also like the ps3. It better b cuz I’ve already played it that way and once u play a game in 3d it looks off when not. Also it would suck if they took something out for the wiiu. Still getting though for the dlc instead of paying for the dlc. But either way MORE third party exclusives. I don’t like many of the big N exclusive. zelda I loved on new but just like CoD tired of it. Not hating just done it all before. Mario same thing. There r only so many times u can get excited about getting a mushroom lol. NEW IP please. Ubisoft was right now perfect time for them and they need to be out before ps4

    • brandon

      And. As a person who like Skyrim over zelda, forza over mariokart, u get the idea. Nintendo systems have always been strong but the games r weak. Not hating because I do understand we people do enjoy just not for me. Take Mario games Metroid and zelda out of line up what do u have. And so far ports and zombiu. The core and casual gamer the wiiu Target… I c casual gamer and nintendo fans appeased.

      • Frankensavior

        Nintendo needs new IPs huh? Besides the largely selling Mario, Metroid, and Zelda franchises. Let’s just see how many franchises Nintendo has, but ignorant people forget. This will also include 2nd Party games. Which are basically First party games.

        Pikmin, F-Zero, Star Fox, Kid Icarus, Animal Crossing, Fatal Frame, Brain Age, Custom Robo, Donkey Kong, Earth Bound, Fire Emblem, Game & Watch, Golden Sun, Kirby, The Legendary Starfy, Punch Out, Puzzle League, Sin and Punishment, Wars, Luigis Mansion, The Yoshi Series, Eternal Darkness, Battalion Wars, Geist, The Excite Series, Disaster:Day of Crisis, Tact of Magic, Fling Smash, Dynamic Slash, Xenoblade, And-Kensaku, Pandoras Tower, The Last Story, P-100, The Wario Series, Polarium, Nintendogs, Elite Beat Agents, Hotel Dusk, Master of Illusion, Soma Bringer, Fossil Fighters, Glory of Heracles, Steel Driver, Sakura Samurai

        Do you need more? Because they have more, and don’t give me that
        “casual, core” bull. Like ive stated many times. Those terms are made up by people who need to feel better about themselves through a video game. You can play any game in a “casual or core” manner. Video games are a form of entertainment. Not a battle ground people who play a game in a different manner.

      • SanPharaoh

        You seem smart enough to know that Nintendo has the most exclusive games of any console and yet you only named a few of their more popular titles.

        New IP’s are always risky, but trust with the new open SDK’s games will be in so much of an abundance you would have to have NO LIFE to play all the good ones. So if you like some games better than others and have a chance to get the Wii U, get it because all it can handle the graphics of all the games you like and will offer a much better output.

        People keep bringing up the PS4 and XBOX8/720 with high hopes of all the great graphics their going to keep and how the Wii U won’t be able to keep up…forgetting the simple fact that neither system has been revealed yet beyond the rumor mill, save the Wii U. And the Wii U is almost here, on shelves, and will soon be available for purchase.

        Maybe you won’t be buying it on day one (1) like me and many many others, but you will most likely be getting one eventually as it is going to be affordable, fun, and loaded with all the games you know and love first, second, and third party along with a plethora of titles in development that have yet to be revealed that will give you multiple nerdgasms for years to come.

        *pun intended.

  • icanseeu

    Makes me laugh how the majority of people on here have also left comments on the previous articles stating that gameplay is more important then graphics and that there glad Nintendo don’t care that the WiiU won’t be as powerful as the PS4 and Nextbox

    • SanPharaoh

      Why does that make you laugh?

      • Icanseeu

        The hipocrisosy of the people on this site

        • Draco Breach

          It’s not hypocrisy.

          While gameplay is more important than graphics, it’s nice to see something pretty.

          I still say the whole graphics war nearly ruined the art of game making. You can have beautiful games that are absolutely atrocious to play. What was that PS3 launch title? Absolutely stunning visuals. Absolutely broken gameplay. Absolute garbage reviews.

          You can have a beautiful game without going all out with graphics. However if you can give me a graphically beautiful game with stellar gameplay, I want it.

          I’m not going to bad mouth good games on the 360 and PS3. However, they do not have very innovative business models. Besides, Microsoft wants to charge people money to use subscription services like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube? Yeah. I’ll dig ’em for that, but, still, I own a 360 and a PS3 because there are games I like.

          I also own a Wii because there are games I like.

          There is no hypocrisy if you understand the different elements that go into a game.

  • Freak From Outer Space

    In my opinion 720p with 60fps is more then sufficient for the next generation of gaming consoles, if the new xbox, new ps(if Sony can afford one) and ouya go any higher then 1080p at 60fps it’s just TOO much. Anyway, who loves Ouya as much as me? Who has already bought? Who is going to buy that and a Wii U? I am officially a “supporter” of Nintendo and Ouya AND apple. On another subject, who thinks apple will make a home console?(not me) Who is excited for 4k TVs?(not me) KEEP ON GAMING BOYS AND GIRLS

    • Samuel

      Apple have already relased a game console.
      It’s called the iPod.

  • SanPharaoh

    The Wii U is coming out holiday season 2012.

    Can you give me a tentative time frame for when the PS4, or XBOX1440 will be making there next-gen debuts?

    Also can you give me any semi-solid specs on the PS40X’s screen resolution, CPU, GPU, gameplay style, controller scheme or anything other than saying it’s going to be more powerful, and the Wii U won’t be able to keep up?

    I’m like, duh. It’s like saying: “You were born first so that what makes you older and that’s the only reason why you’re older.” It’s nature is so perplexing in its stupidity that it makes your I.Q. drop just a little bit each time that you try to figure out if this person is really that dumb, or if they just don’t know any better.

    See what I did there?

    All people seem to say is: the P-XBUCKET9000 it’s going to be more powerful. Okay. So what? I get it. It’s going to be a younger system with newer cheaper tech. But will it be more fun?

    Most likely those new fairy tale systems won’t be more fun. *unless they copy the gamepad in a more direct way, which I’m sure they will.

    And their gimmick is sure to be their graphics, along with more violence.

    Nintendo is fun and innovation. What else does a game console need to be?

    Get N, or get out.

  • Matthew Vogt

    I thought the wii is cool at first but then I really hated it later on cause it had a problem of having to dumb down games on it to put them on the wii the wii looks to have some nice specs on but remember its coming out first so sony and microsoft have the edge to beat them even more but in all honesty after the whole possible new xbox leak that I firmly believe is real sony has a even more likely chance to stomp on all consoles like it always has it has always been the better seller except in the current gen dont get me wrong the 360 is a great system but I think considering the new xbox will be better and the new playstation I think that most likely it will be able to do 4k (ps4) but that brings the tv capability issue… they probably will be able to do 1080p at 200+ fps, but I think they will both crush the wii u and I think the next consoles probably will come out next year since sony and microsoft probably wont let a 2 year lead on them happen but they wont be the platform to kill the wii u even though sony and microsoft I think are intentially going to screw over the wii u the ouya is going to kill the wii u and make nintendo have a dreamcast moment the ouya can basically is close to the power of the wii u a better touch screen controller and is only 100 and thats not everything not alot of people know that the ouya is a new console coming out next year check out the ouya i am telling you

    • Will Geddes

       1080p at 200+ FPS? obviously you have no idea what you’re talking about. The PS4 and Xbox720 or whatever will have the Radeon HD 7670, which isn’t going to be able to do that. Plus, your TV can’t support anything more than 60FPS, and the human eye can’t detect anything beyond that.

      Current systems run at a super low resolution. Black Ops 2 doesn’t even run at 720P on Xbox or PS3.

      • Pierre Pope

         60hz tv’s can display 60FPS, 120hz 120FPS, 240hz 240FPS.  There aren’t any sources that actually can take advantage of 120hz, and 240hz at the moment though that I know of.