Aug 31st, 2012

Accessory maker Atomic has announced a ton of Wii U accessories set for release this Fall. And we’re serious when we say a ton — these guys mean serious business when it comes to accessories: they got everything from Wii U charging stations, to stands, to extra stylus packs, they even got steering wheels and pouches for your Wii U GamePad. There’s no pricing yet on these things, but they’re set for release just in time for Wii U launch this Fall. Here’s the full list of third party Wii U accessories from Atomic:

  • Wii U GamePad skins in various colors and patterns
  • “SoftSkin” GamePad sleeve for controller protection
  • Wii U dock (works pretty much like the official Nintendo one)
  • “Penny”, a colorful Wii U stylus.
  • Charging station slim: holds one GamePad, two Wiimotes and two Nun-chuck controllers
  • Charging station pro: just like the slim edition + room for the Wii U console as well.
  • “Wheel Pad”: a piece of plastic that turns the GamePad into a steering wheel.

Check out the photo gallery below of all the merchandise.

Wii U charging station accessories

Wii U accessories gallery

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  • relaxingbedo

    More and more support for the Wii U everyday. I know that this console will be great 😀

    • nintedward

      i will be picking up the ‘stand up station’ for sure. this thing is essential for playing wii games on the gamepad. i am on my pc right now. so i can have my wiiu gamepad standing up next to my laptop and play my awesome wii games on the amazing screen .

      Am i the only one SUPER EXCITED for this feature alone ????
      this is the greatest thing ever in gaming. all the virtual console games , wii games etc etc , can be played on the gamepad. this alone is worth buying a wiiu for. i hope this feature gets exposed to the world for how good it really is.

      • nintedward

        picture it : the wiiu gamepad is on its stand on your pc desk right next to the pc. facing perfectly towards you. you are playing xenoblade chronciles with the wiipro controller plugged into a wii remote , which is controlling the wii game on the gamepad whilst the tv is switched off.
        B.E.S.T F.E.A.T.U.R.E E.V.E.R

        • opticine

          Plus, you can stand up your tablet, like a laptop, and browse the web on it as if it were an actual tablet or laptop.

          • nintedward

            i suppose . but i am more concerned about the wiiu gamepad than any tablet out there

          • Whirlwindyoshi

            If they don’t have magazines or comics for the game pad that would be a missed opportunity. *pours one out for nintendo power*

        • Thepokemonmaster

          I know right!!! 🙂 😀

    • ToadetteToad1

      Looks like this will have MKU Or what ever It’s called pretty soon is taht DK On the Wii U gamepad screen?

  • shadriczo

    Holy sweet mother of VG (Video Gaming) madness!!

    Now this is what i’m and people are talking about!!!

    Pimpin’ the Wii U in style!

  • D00d

    The charging station pro looks mint 😀

  • Starfoxguy

    This is awesome!!! Im so getting all of these!!!

  • donicx

    sweet cant wait to get my dirty hands on them and use them haha hahaha ahah ahaha haa haha … cool that their is a lot 🙂

    • donicx

      i mean “there”

  • RonaldCoLtd

    I wonder If there will be a show called “Pimp my Wii U” XD

    • nintedward

      ”Today on pimp my wiiu , Xibit inserts 12 wiiu’s into the roof of some guy’s car” . awesome

    • revolution5268

      lol i would watch that XD

    • goginho

      haha ..”We ’bout to pimp yo WiiU!”

      • Eddy120876

        just add lil Johns “yeah!!!” at then end of Xibit line and you got solid Gold. 😀

  • Raul

    Everything looks pretty cool except the wheel accessory. It looks kind of redundant… I though the GamePad being as big as it is and having motion sensors could simply serve as the steering wheel…

    • nintedward

      indeed. i think sonic all star racing for wiiu has a gyro control option .
      so for people who want a wheel , there is a wheel .

      • revolution5268

        i think it would work on 3ds as well, mario kart 7 did that, why not this one?

        • nintedward

          indeed , i would be suprised if sonic racing for 3ds didnt have gyro support :).

    • rafael

      I though it was kinda ugly…i love the fact that the gamepad resembles a f1 wheel…cant wait to play some codemaster f1 game on it

  • Death

    I like the twinskin thing 😉

    But Imagine how big that Wii U wheel will be! Considering the controller is ALREADY bigger than the console, that thing’s gonna be gigantic.

    • Samuel

      It’s going to be as big as a wheel for normal cars, i guess.

  • Opticine

    i definitely need a cover since my gaming consoles have tiny scratches and it drives me nuts.

  • Mid-core Gamer

    Yeah, now I know what to look for in Wii U accessories. I’m planning on getting the Charging Station Pro and the SoftSkin (Soft Case) for the GamePad.

  • theorangefish

    I think I’ll pick up the softcase and the charging station slim because the pro version looks awkward to me. Also I will be able to figure out how the vertical positioned wii u looks like!

  • Smurfman256

    Question. Does anybody know if it will come with a sensor bar?

    • revolution5268

      what do you mean by that exactly?
      do you mean the wii u will come with a sensor bar when you purchase one, then yes how do you think the wiimotes and wii u gamepad sends the information act.
      the sensor bar that wii has works on the wii u as well.

    • PridgMSS

      The gamepad itself has a sensor bar built in it, but I’m pretty sure Nintendo will include a sensor bar. 🙂

    • shadriczo

      Answer: The Wii U gamePad is a sensorbar built in, so yes.

      • theorangefish

        The wii u will come with a sensor bar. There will be people who don’t have a wii and I don’t think Nintendo forces those people to purchase another console.

    • Grodus

      Yes, technically 2.It comes with a wii sensor, and the GamePad has one built in.

  • SegaSonic27

    love the charging station looks awsome

  • nod786

    XD the wheel 😀 almost looks real… I wonder how long before a car maker sees that and thinks…. hmmm let me try this on our cars D:

  • link 5

    I think I might get the chargeing station pro really orginizes everything and looks nice

  • Stazkun

    Nice I love wiiu more everyday <3

  • BananaPwnz

    The Wheel Pad has a pic of a Mario Kart game! Awesome!

  • Sikora

    More gimmicks? #Facepalm

    Seriously, now its getting old. I can’t believe people are falling for this again.
    Don’t get me wrong, i’m not a troll or a hater, i have a huge nintendo collection. I just think their targeting the small kids again… COME ON NINTENDO! BACK TO THE GLORY DAYS!

    • Big N

      Let face it. Nintendo have a variety of audience. And this include kids, casual gamers and hardcore gamers. This stuffs target to those who love to “pimp up” their consoles. It may not be appealing to you but to other, yes it does.

      Sometimes, people want their stuff to be distinguish to it original form, like what you want to add in your car, or you want to add to your devices like iphone/ipad.

      And for the record, I don’t hate your comment but the “COME ON NINTENDO! BACK TO THE GLORY DAYS!” statement makes me mad. This and similar (ie Nintendo drop their balls on the current gen) is getting out of hand and old news.

      May I know when Nintendo went to old grim days? I been playing Nintendo since NES and all I see is success. I, myself, love the Wii other than the two console (and I even have them as well) but never love played them as what I do with my Wii. I feel empty with their games (PS3, XBOX360). Yes, 3rd party publisher somehow abandoned Wii, GC, & N64 but again, all the 1st party games came out on those system are all great and epic.

      The only Nintendo thing I know that failed is the VirtualBoy. Which by the way, the only thing I don’t have in my collection. –> too expensive on ebay.

  • D2K

    That Charging Station Pro looks like it could cause some overheating issues. I don’t think your should be stuffing your system into a enclosed area like that.

    • Bill

      It will not over heat. look at the picture of the back. The vent holes are on the back side that sticks out of the charging station.

      • D2K

        There are also vent holes on the sides of the Wii U. There is no way of knowing which holes are air in-take ports or exhaust ports, but having either of them covered is a overheating hazard.

        It is pretty common knowledge that you do not ‘encase’ a electronic device which has a CPU and GPU. Especially a video game console.

  • Aaron

    Wait…. Why does the slim pro have space for the wii u console if the Slim already have enough room for the console…

  • Herterdert

    Wario Pen.

  • 7Down

    Seeing this made me laugh.

    That charging station looks so epic, I want it!

  • Chris

    Awesome, I think I’ll go for the Wii U Charging Station Pro.

  • GirlGamer

    Wii U accesories, zombi U box art, scribbleNauts pre order and box art, something tells me the wii u is close to launch

  • XDLugia

    Meh, I won’t get any of these things. Mostly because I’m an official gamer, I only use official accessories (unless it’s unique and really great like the Wii “Buck Lock and Load Shotgun”).

  • Ben

    I’m wondering, is the stand that puts you WiiU vertical safe? I mean if we look at the console we’l see there are fan holes on the sides and back. An when i look at the station it doesnt seem to have a hole for them…
    (Also standing up WiiU = ugly :P)

  • Erik

    so the pro controller is wired? thats good if it is

  • Grodus

    Wii U Daily,the slim dock CAN hold the console, just vertically, and not horizontally.

  • rmn

    Dat Charging Station….

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    • Smitty

      And your mother 😀

  • Samuel

    The charging station pro. Now your charging with POWER!!!

  • SteampunkJedi

    All those accessories are pretty cool.

  • Wii U Gamer#19

    Man’ can’t wait for the Wii U 2012 is gonna be an awesome close, to an awesome year 🙂 GO NINTENDO! Go!

  • 0soul

    I would like to see a wii u stand used as a hardrive. that would be sweet.

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    • Smitty

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    • Smitty

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  • Sponix03

    kinda wish they didnt have the wood