Aug 13th, 2013


Nintendo UK has stated that it hopes an entirely new audience will be drawn in with The Wonderful 101 and not just hardcore Nintendo fans. Product manager Danielle Robinson believes that the game isn’t specifically a niche title and that it could appeal to a broader audience. Of course, the broad appeal of a game to more than just Nintendo fans is exactly what Nintendo needs at this point, especially in the UK where Wii U adoption has been abysmally low compared to the rest of the world.

“It’s not a niche game and so it has the potential to transcend to a wider audience, which I think is an opportunity for both console and the game brand.”

If you’re eager to try out The Wonderful 101 for yourself, there is currently a demo available on the eShop for download.

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  • Zombie Boy

    Can people please take into account that the UK is still in the grip of a recession when it comes to Wii U sales figures? It’s difficult to buy a new console on welfare benefits…

    I imagine we’ll see the same thing with the PS4 and XBox One, unless things change for the better soon.

    • I’m actually eager to see how new console sales do compared to the Wii U. I don’t expect phenomenal numbers since many titles that are being made for next-gen are also going to be available on current gen systems.

      The United States isn’t in a much better situation financially, though it is better than the 2008/2009 years.

      • Zombie Boy

        I think the majority of people will hold onto their current gen consoles until either the situation turns around or there is an absolute must-have title released. That seems to be the general vibe I get from the gamers that I know, anyway.

        • Agent721

          I can easily afford a PS4 & xbox one, but I’m choosing not to buy any as the titles out are available on the current gen anyways, and are not that excitting either.. The Wii U lineup looks good to me, but I am a devout N beleiver. GTA V looks stunning, but its only on the current gen & PC anyways. Next Gen does not have its killer app either, is what Im saying.

          • Zombie Boy

            This raises another point. People are moaning that the Wii U gets current gen ports, but they don’t realise that we’ll now be able to play those games, some of which are awesome, until the end of the next gen. Being as neither the PS4 or XBox One are backwards-compatible, it means that their owners will soon be saying goodbye to those games – such as GTA5 – that they’ve only just bought for their current consoles (when they upgrade).

      • I think they’re gonna do what the Wii U did. Sell out of preorders, be hard to find for a few weeks, then just bottom out for a bit.

        • MujuraNoKamen

          If they did only equal what Wii U managed or even did slightly less, I bet IGN and well, every games site there is will say what an achievement that is and how they’ve done so well even in the face of all the competition from each other, the economy, etc etc. Compare that to how they said crap like “Wii U sales are steady at best” when it sold in 3 months what 360 did in 6 even though its “dated” “a gimmick, “no solid games at launch” etc etc.

        • incoherent1

          Heh. I just posted a similar comment but you beat me to it!

      • Jack5221

        Thats a very good point you made there, about a lot of the next gen games coming to current gen. Even though I am planning on getting a PS4, People like to bash Wii U for it not having games, well… lets see how PS4 does its 1st year, especially since some of its biggest launch titles are also on PS3.

      • Agent721

        US stock market is at an all time high & US property values are skyrocketing. We are head & shoulders above the UK, economically speaking. US retail sales are also stronger than most people realize, its just the videogame market is stalling due to a very old current gen. Obvoiusly for the Wii U, its a lack of must have software thats sinking sales.

        • Elem187

          I want what you are smoking.

          -US employment participation rate is even lower today than it was during the Carter depression.

          -The unemployment rate isn’t falling because people are going back to work, its falling because people are giving up on looking for work.

          -The healthcare law is incentivizing small and medium sized business to fire as many full time workers as it takes and rehire them back as part time to fall under the 50 full time employee limit (there is strict penalties for companies operating with more than 50 full time employees)

          -50% of all households in the US is on some form of government handouts

          -48 million Americans are on food stamps. (up from 25 million in 2008)

          – Poverty rate in America has jumped from 11% in 2007 to 13.5% today. The highest jump in the poverty rate in our nations history

          – GDP growth remains under 2% per annum. We need at least 3% GDP growth just to tread water with population growth. We need at least 3.5% to make any headway out of the depression. I don’t see that happenign with this government in control.

          – We recieved our first credit rating downgrade in our nations history. Because of it, other countries are no longer buying our debt, which pushes the value of the dollar lower, and with it our buying power as the federal reserve prints more money to buy our governments own debt. We are literally paying a left pocket from our right pocket. This can’t go on and will collapse eventually.

          – We are now 17 trillion in debt, which will be well over 22 trillion by the time 2016 rolls around. This government debt, and printing money is destroying American buying power and working like an anchor on the overall economy. We wont recover from the economic depression until we bring down our debt and deficit.

          Where is the economy improving? The stock market is going up, thats about it, but thats not a measure of the economy as a whole, its a measure of how well the 1% are doing…

          The 99% are being DECIMATED by its own government.

          • Agent721

            I work in a private equity firm as an economist. I simply dont have the time to rebut your points, especially in what is suppossed to be a comment section, but I stand by my original thesis, which is quite accurate. However, Ill leave you with this advice, stop watching Fox News. Many of your facts are simply not facts.

          • Agent721

            I work as an economist for a private equity firm. I certainly dont have time to write a rebutall in what is suppossed to be a COMMENT section, but I will leave you with some advice…Lay off fox news! Your facts are totally politically tainted & I simply disagree. However, this is a gaming site, so let’s stay on topic!!

      • Mark

        It is better, but we still have quite the unemployment out there. I highly doubt that a huge mass of Americans will dish out $400-500 on something that they really don’t need, especially at a time like this.

      • incoherent1

        Yup. I think a lot of people (in the US and abroad) aren’t going to see the value in upgrading their 360s & PS3s to the next generation — many are perfectly happy with their current system. The Sony & MS faithful will adopt at launch, but after that I think the XB1 & PS4 will follow similar sales history as the Wii U.

        • ICHI

          I think the same in that none of the home consoles will set the world on fire until the systems get a load of desirable games. All consoles seem to be hit with the same problem at launch at the min. Even school playground politics has noticed, and when collecting my kids I heard a bunch of lads talking about Father Christmas bringing them Xbox360’s as they don’t have to be always online and because of DRM. Is this meaning that even though MS made a U turn in their policies, the general public probably only remember the big fuck up?

          • Zombie Boy

            Despite the U-turn, it still says in the fine print that Microsoft can introduce the DRM and always-online features, via a firmware update, at their own discretion. It appears that people just aren’t as stupid as Microsoft seem to think.

          • ICHI

            I have noticed a lot of people mention that too so at least everyone is a little wary and those who buy an xbone seem to know what they are buying into. And then if MS do put everything wrong back with a firmware update the backlash will be a mongoloid driven bonanza for the rest of us to watch.

          • incoherent1

            Yeah, for now I think (in the mind of the public) that Microsoft can do no good. Either everyone only knows/remembers their bad policies that they’ve since back peddled on, or people who do know think that Microsoft is flip-flopping, money grubbing, etc.

            Eventually, people will forget or forgive, but it’s going to hurt them in Pre-sales for at least another couple months.

  • Marcus Navarro

    The Wonderful 101 can target me any day!

  • aldo2410

    This is out of the main topic, but somebody else notice that there is s Phineas and Ferb comunity, but no Ducktales comunity.

    • Mochlum

      I’m guessing Ducktales may get it later because it is a downloadable title and the P&F one is a retail game.

      • aldo2410

        then we just have to wait.

  • Unfortunately many self proclaimed “hardcore” gamers will view this as a kiddie game
    because of the comic book/more cartoon-like art style and stick their
    noses up at it because of that and it is a Nintendo exclusive. To me
    that is sad. Having downloaded the Demo I think the game has great
    potential and may eventually pick it up.

    • TheGamerGeek128

      Either that or they’ll say the controls suck because they fail at drawing basic shapes.

      • Rugmouse

        This concerns me as well. I have a feeling that when reviews come out, people are going to love the game, or absolutely hate it, depending how they adapt to the Gamepad controls (something that I feel really sets this game apart from all others – and that’s a good thing!).

      • Baum 「ツリー」

        you don’t have to draw them 😀
        It’s even more difficult to do this in the heat of a fight (at least I wasn’t able to do it properly, but it went really good with the *right [thanks linksawakeningisazeldagame] analog stick)

        • Rugmouse

          The fact that you can choose which draw option on the fly (without having to change something in game menus) gives the player amazing control versatility. I for one love using the right control stick to draw Unite Sword, for example, but I use the gamepad for some of the more tricky weapons (such as the Hammer).

        • Linksawakeningisazeldagame

          Right analog stick, not left.

      • sd

        For me the controls were awkward ( I played for 15 minutes only), nothing to do with drawing the shapes, that was easy. It was more about understanding what you can and cant do. So the problem is many people might play the demo and actually think the controls suck. The way around this is simple, spend an hour or so getting used to the game and what is needed. Then the controls no longer suck.
        But if people do not like the controls and put the game down after only 15 minutes they will miss out. For me as I said the controls were awkward, but I chose not to play the game for longer as I understand they will only take a short time to master. The game is pre-ordered so I cant wait to learn the controls and play the game.

        • I agree I found the controls to need some time to get used to.. I plan to play the demo more to help me make a decision if I should move this game up my wishlist to purchase sooner rather than later.

        • Saul Strange

          Agreed. The controls have taken me a while to get used to. Not because they’re bad, just because there’s so much depth involved in the combat.

          I think the demo could have eased players into the controls a little better, there’s so much going on it’s hard to take it all in during the first go. As you say, it might put some people off, which would be a shame.

    • Baum 「ツリー」

      The game will be almost on par with Bayonetta wich makes this fact even more ridiculous :/

      If you’re going to use every possibility the game mechanics offer you it WILL be pretty “hardcore” and I am sure, that especially later Levels will be insanely hard if you’re going for platinum trophies (the ones at the end of a chapter, where you have to get a Platin for every Mission)

    • Rugmouse

      I pray that these so-called ‘hardcore’ gamers actually do their research on this one. There is a lot of depth, and I hope people look at what the game actually is and draw their conclusions based on the game play. I’ve been playing the demo a ton, trying to clear the story portion with a platinum, and it’s tough! You have to move quickly, combo moves effectively to do max damage, all while not getting hit too often.

      The cartoon like graphics look great to me, but I can see how people can write this one off based on something so skin-deep. I hope hardcore gamers actually do a little research – they are hardcore after all!

    • Rugmouse

      Incoming stereotype – All you have to do is show the ‘hardcore gamers’ Unite Gun and they’ll be hooked! A Nintendo game AND you get to shoot people!!!!1

      • crocodileman94

        Maybe we should show them the close-ups on Wonder Pink from the japanese trailer. You know, since sex appeal is apparently ‘hardcore’ too.

    • Agent721

      Substitute hardcore for juvenile, and I get your point. Older hard core gamers, such as myself (37) will give everything a shot, as weve learned from experience to not judge a book by its cover.

      • If only age was the only factor needed for maturity. Being 37 myself I find that even older gamers 25+ years old can be very juvenile. On the same note some younger gamers under 25 can be very mature.

        • Mark

          It’s all about environment; I grew up with my older brother (a true hardcore gamer) and he’s the one who got me to love games in the first place. I’ve always put game-play first, and I’m not even 20 years old. I assume that since blood an guts are the norm, many young gamers want to fit in with the “mature” crowd. It’s sad, but you know, it’s what needs to be dealt with.

          • Agent721

            spot on.

        • 00EpicGamer00

          I’m younger than 25, and am VERY mature. In fact, for my age, I think I’m TOO mature. Cause, uhh…..according to my school, apparently people that are 15 are suppose to say inapproprite crap, and curse every five seconds.

          • People mature at different rates which is what I was trying to illustrate. Some people go through their lives with closed minds and project hate and never grow up to a point where they can be civilized. We have a few of those people types on this site that shall remain nameless.

        • Arthur Jarret

          This is true. For example: I’m 30 years old and my behaviour is more immature than most 10-year olds.

    • Truthteller

      No, it is a superhero game, so we get that. I actually like these types of games. It looks more hard-core than a Mario/Luigi, Pokémon or those other baby games from Nintendo.

      • Jon

        did… he just say he likes a type of game that nintendo is making????


        • Truthteller

          Yeah, but the haters still don’t like that, because I did not co-sign other Nintendo titles.

          • 00EpicGamer00

            No, it was how you presented your post. You should not of said “baby games” because that’s completely untrue. If that was true, then every game in the world are baby games. It’s not fair to say JUST Nintendo games are kiddy. And besides, Nintendo is a company that’s games are enjoyed by ALL ages. Not just 18 or over. Also, you need to realize that Mario and Pokemon, are just games, they’re not real. Games are meant TO BE FUN. It doesn’t matter if a game is suited more toward a kid, or an adult. All that matters is how fun it is to you.
            You need to learn to do constructive criticism.

          • @00EpicGamer00:disqus is right.. It is your derogatory tone calling games “baby games”. You continually do stuff like this which shows your immaturity level and how close minded you really are.

          • Truthteller

            Hey – are their games marketing toward adults or people under 12?

          • 00EpicGamer00

            Umm…Last I checked, there’s games that are marketed to BOTH.
            The way I see it, marketing is ALWAYS the complete opposite. When a company tries to market a game to a more “older” audience, it’s always the little kids that play it. Or, when a company tries to market a game toward children, more adults end up playing it, then children. Cause like I said, it all depends on how fun the game is to each individual person.

            If a person’s definition of “fun” is just shooting things, well then that’s them. And if a person’s definition of “fun” is running through a level, trying to get as much points as they can, and get to the flag at the end of the level, well that’s them too. Like I keep on saying, it all depends on the person.

            Why can’t you just accept the fact that people have different opinions? If you hate Nintendo so much, then there’s no purpose for you to be here. It’s okay to not be tottaly in love with Nintendo. I realize people have their company of choice. But, to come on this site everyday and make ludicrous statements?

          • Many games are rated M and therefore marketed at the 15+ crowd yet there are many kids under the age of 12 playing that game online. What’s your point?

          • jdiaz1994

            Rated E for everyone

          • Elem187

            Nintendo games are marketed towards adults. Have you played Fire Emblem? Xenoblade? Last Story? Pandora’s Tower? Metroid?

            I don’t see how any of these are games for babies… Heck even every game with the words Donkey Kong in the title is brutally difficult for any child to play…

            Oh I get it, when a game is too difficult for you to play or the intellectual level of it is above your head, like say Fire Emblem, you resort to calling it a babies game… thanks for clearing that up for us.

            You know what I consider to be baby games? Call of Duty, Battlefield, Halo, Uncharted…. If a game has automatic health regeneration, its a game for babies. If a game has auto-assist aiming, its a babies game.

            Have you listened to the chatter online of CoD, Battlefield, Gears, Halo or Killzone? Its all 12 year olds threatening to deficate down the throat of your decapitated mother…. yeah, real mature guy. Its these “mature” games that are marketed towards children…. Shooting as a gameplay mechanic is so tired and worn out. I find only children enjoy games with shooting in it.

          • 00EpicGamer00

            Oh lord, Donkey Kong Country Returns…..So many angry moments >.<
            But, that's kind of what I liked about that game. You actually had a challenge. Can't wait for the new one.

          • Sonic

            After looking at your account,you are a horrible person.
            Please just go. Go to a more popular site.
            We get it….
            PS: So how exactly is a opinion the truth,genius?

    • Derk

      Why are you defending a game that you aren’t even going to buy at launch?

      If this theory were true, then “hardcore” gamers would hate cartoon games like DK and Mario too.

      • I think you missed my point… The point was there are some gamers out there that refer to themselves as “hardcore” and only think they can be hardcore if they play rated M games about war, violence, and have sexual content.

        As far as defending a game I will not be purchasing at launch goes I feel I am allowed to do that. I was able to play the demo and I enjoyed it but right now my budget and gaming time do not allow for this game to be purchased.

        • Derk

          Sorry, It just sounded hypocritical…. You said it was “sad” that hardcore players wont appeal to it, and yet you are one of the people that wont buy it or appeal to it as well. Could it be that it just isn’t that great of a game?

          • There is a big difference on not buying a game right away (or at all) because you have budgetary or time constraints compared to not giving it a second look because of bias and misinformation. I may pick it up one day later this year or early next year. I just don’t know yet as I have a game budget I try and stick to and prioritize the games I want to get and this one just happens to be lower on my list is all.

          • Derk

            Your definition for hardcore gamer is an exclusively M rated gamer that plays for gore and guts. My definition for hardcore gamer is someone who plays all types of games entirely more than they should (including cartoon games like Mario)…

            I think that most gamers would think this game was childish because it is extremely easy to beat even on high difficulty (It has single button combos for goodness sake). You seem to think that “hardcore” gamers have something against cartoons. A series of misunderstandings.

          • Forgive me Derk, but you completely miss my point.. My definition of “hardcore” gamer coincides with yours. I was just trying to point out that some view being a hardcore gamer as one that only plays rated M type games.

            I mean no offense to the true gamers which are the ones that play games for the games on a variety of platforms simply because playing these games are fun. I was just trying to say the term hardcore gamer is often misrepresented.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Why did everyone got such a hang up on kiddi game or not kiddie game? I think it looks fun and thats really the only thing I care about. Well, great if I can play it together with my kids and have a fun time that way. Why does that matter? If its fun its really enough. Mario is a childrens game, but its still great fun for grown ups (well, actually I kind of got enough with NSMB-series now).

      • Because it is a sad truth that some people get hung up on graphics. When this game was first announced and video clips and screen shots were being shown there were several comments immediately attacking the graphic style and calling it a “Kiddie Game”

        • this game looks like is very difficult, like old games styles.

      • NkoSekirei

        but tried explaining that to trolls that are to blind calling themselves hard core gamers which they dont know wat hard core gamer is about but seriously trolls need to get their facts straight and the only thing they play is dora the explorer or bob the builder toys

    • Dez

      People are shallow. I remember some people complaining about Darksiders’
      graphics, yet they didn’t understand it was intentionally designed to
      have a comic book-esque art style. It is also something that should have
      been expected, Joe Madureira worked for Marvel at one time, so he has a
      background working on comic books. If they complained about Darksiders,
      I can only imagine what they’ll say about The Wonderful 101.

      Most people these days don’t even care about the team behind the game.
      How many even know that Kamiya was instrumental to the creation of games
      they call hardcore, but they will utterly reject his other projects and
      I’m just waiting to hear the hate for The Wonderful 101 now. This is
      looking like a great game though, I think I’ll pick it up.

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Until I get a Wii U and this game, it is kiddy and isn’t hardcore(sarcasm).

  • Moving Pixels Enthusiast

    I have really fallen in love with this game. The demo IMO can appeal to all age groups. The easy setting is insanely easy and the game is cutesy enough to appeal to casual gamers. The only adult like theme I have seen so far is that hero with beer on his head.

  • Truthteller

    The game looks interesting, but I suspect it is one of those games where you do more watching than playing. It is also not enough to provide mass appeal for the Wii U. This is one of those complementary games to a main game. IF a little kid in elementary school has played it and it is decent, it could promote chatter within a school, city and the internet. I don’t think that this game is a system seller, but it may be a system ‘considerer.’

    • Keyser

      I have to agree I don’t believe this will be a system seller, but it will definitely turn some heads

    • Jon

      well, the demo on the Wii U seems to have a lot of playing unless they just cut all the cinematic

    • Rugmouse

      Well said – if this game holds true to other Platinum games, it will receive critical acclaim, but fail to penetrate the gamer base fully. The system sellers have always been the marquee franchise revivals, that people find to be synonymous with gaming (in Nintendo’s case: 3D Mario adventures, new Zelda installments, etc).

      The potential for a great game is there for Wonderful 101 – no question. But will fence sitters pull the trigger on a new system based on The Wonderful 101? Not likely.

      I agree with you!

    • Deadpool U

      For once I can agree with you let’s hope this isn’t the last time.

  • uPadWatcher

    “It’s not a niche game and so it has the potential to transcend to a wider audience, which I think is an opportunity for both console and the game brand.” Very true words. When it launches here in America next month, I’m buying TW101 in a rapid heartbeat.

  • Rémi

    it is a new IP, so they will certainly seek a new audience. Nintendo like to give a face to a game style : mario to platform, link to adventure, pikmin to rts, samus to shooter, etc. the hack n slash wasn’t explored by them, so the wonderful are coming. i hope that it become a franchise with W102. W103, etc

    • NkoSekirei

      im planning on getting this game after i played the demo it was awsome

  • you know like half the people who buys a game just looks at the box to see if they want to buy it right? the name itself isnt going to make that many people fork over $60 to buy it for themselves.

  • Saul Strange

    After playing the demo and reading first impressions from game sites, it definitely seems like a “hardcore” title. This has made me want it more, but I’m not sure how accessible or appealing it’s going to be to COD-playing mainstream gamers. The cute graphics might be a turn-off for the FPS-loving teenagers, and the deep combat might be a turn-off for kids and casual gamers.

    I can see it making a few PS3 & Xbox “hardcore” gamers pick up a Wii U, but beyond that (fairly) niche demographic I can’t see it swaying legions of people to buy a Wii U, the surface similarities to Pikmin 3 might dissuade uninformed people to give it the shot it deserves. I hope I’m wrong, because it looks like it’s going to be an amazing game.

    Day 1 purchase for me, but I’m a Nintendo fan and Wii U owner, so I’m not the kind of person this article is talking about.

  • Andrew Gonzalez

    I think they should’ve created little animated shorts to promote the game. Those would get people going and wondering what this game is.

  • Random12multi

    Ive Been Coming here since Day 1 and only now have i decided to post lol so anyways when I first Saw this game i thought the target audience would be the same as Pokemon or something and then I saw the ratings the game play and I realized the target audience was more 15-Aboove? I know kids wouldn’t really get this game cause of how difficult it could get *I would know my little sister has seen game play she doesn’t like it*

    • Elem187

      Yeah, it looks like it was made for kids, but I don’t see this game keeping their attention very long… I normally don’t like action games, but this one is addicting, especially trying to get platinum.

  • Cool, but not enough to sell the system.

  • Nintendofreak

    i didn’t give a shit about the game being honest, tried the demo and falled in love with it. ( I approve this message)

  • Andrew Longo

    the demo was amazing, played through it 3 times and am still kicking for more. i know i will be playing the absolute shit out of this game. wonder red is an awesome as hell character, i loved the story trailer they showed off in the wonderful101 direct. makes it look like not just a remarkable game, but truly memorable too

    • Zuxs13

      I didn’t find it all that great, couldn’t figure out how to change characters, couldn’t figure out how to make the different weapons, and it was super confusing on the screen.
      Half the time i couldn’t even tell where I was on the screen, there was too much going on.
      That being said the graphics were great, the controls were responsive and the sound was top notch. I can see it doing well.

      • Elem187

        If you only played through it a couple of times you are doing the game a disservice…Keep playing it, learn combo’s, multi-unite morphs etc

        Being able to use the Gun, Fist and Sword all at the same time in a combo is pretty sweet.

        • Zuxs13

          I plan on trying it a few more times, but there was a lot to be confused about. That being said there are a lot of things in the game that shows the level of quality, i just don’t think the game speaks to me, just like Pikmin 3 doesn’t.

      • Andrew Longo

        i struggled to see my hero too and like everyone else, battled with the controls a at first, but the second time through the demo i was owning everything. you realize that you aren’t necessarily supposed to be watching your character/s all the time, you eventually get a feel of where you are and learn to pay attention to the other things trying to kill you. i guarantee it will be worth getting into, big time

  • crocodileman94

    I fail to see how this post is relevant to this article.

  • Elem187

    Why does Wii U Daily not ban these trolls? They serve absolutely no purpose to the discussion at hand.

  • d d

    Demo made me not want to purchase this game

  • Mykdee

    Played the demo, tried to like it…couldn’t. Just my opinion, but the whole idea is not interesting to me at all. I didn’t even have fun, although it looks like the developer really tried for something unique and new. ‘A’ for effort, but i think its sales will be driven by a starved WiiU audience.

  • uPadWatcher

    The only thing that’s not a system seller is YOU, SPRINGER85!!!!!!

  • Firdaus Rizal

    I wish “The Wonderful 101” can save Wii U and make hardcore to Wii U audiences.

  • Sora Morp

    whenever nintendo say wider audience than the hardcore. kids and old people come to mind…