Feb 22nd, 2013



Part of Wednesday’s big announcement for the PlayStation 4 was the revealing of the first trailer for The Witness, Jonathan Blow’s first game after his critically successful Braid. It was surprising to see Blow take the stage and commit to platform exclusivity, but reading between the lines this is most likely a timed exclusivity and Blow will explore other platforms once its released.

Blow has already mentioned on his Twitter account that for now the game is console exclusive to the PlayStation 4; it will be seeing simultaneous release on the PC when it’s available for Sony’s new console. In an interview with Joystiq, Blow mentions that once the timed exclusivity period ends, his team plans on exploring as many platforms as possible for the game:

Basically, you’ll see The Witness on PS4 before you’ll see it on the next Microsoft console or on the Wii U, presuming we eventually do ports to those consoles. Ideally we want the game to be in as many places as we can get it, but since we are a small developer and it’s a complicated game, we can only do so much at once.

Are you excited for the game? The trailer below shows it playing similarly to Myst, which was a popular series of games on the PC in the early days of gaming. Let us know in the comments.

[via Joystiq]

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  • LolWatTurtles

    I love when foo’s still try to say the Wii U isn’t next gen. Everyone called Watch Dogs a next gen game (Even though it’s going on PS3 and Xbox360) and when it was announced for Wii U they were just “So?”. Then when they read shiyeet like this, it just adds even more proof to the Wii U being next gen. What most people don’t even think about is the fact that the Wii U wasn’t made to be the MOST powerful next gen, but powerful enough to be able to run all the next gen games and engines (Such as Unreal Engine 4 and others that are confirmed for Wii U). Therefore making it a next gen system.

    • Hugh Quinn

      unreal 4 is not working on wii u

      • EvanescentHero

        Yes it is. This has been confirmed many times.

        • DemonRoach

          Hell no it’s not lol.  You funny.

        • ConCity Soldier

           The Luminous engine works on the Wii U also.

          • Kind of… sort of… not really 🙁 

            Unreal Engine 4 will run on Wii U but Luminous engine won’t be on the Wii U 🙁 Sorry, I love the Wii U but its hard is only capable of a low end version of UE4 

          • Jon Turner

            But Square-Enix confirmed that it is scalable, so yes, Luminous engine CAN be run on the WiiU, and I doubt Square-Enix is going to avoid bringing that to WiiU.

          • Jay

            Source that it’s only capable of low end UE4?  Cry Engine 3 is comparable to UE4, has been doing UE4 effects for a few years now, and Crytek has been quoted as to saying that CE3 runs “beautifully” on the WiiU, and they don’t say it’s a low end version of it either.

          • Paladinrja

            See this people? Like the proverbial serial killer, you are witnessing the genesis of the Nintendo hating fanboy fuckwit. Beaten by swathes of equally disgruntled ex-nintendo fans who’s constant dissapointment in some percieved competition has made him face the reality that what he loves in life is worthless…

            All engines you fucking wad of co-dependent shit; rated to run on the Wii U do so fully. Any graphical limitations are totally dependent on the developing build and not a limitation of the engine.
            ‘A console is not a PC’ C’mon, say it with me now, I’ll save you from the ignorant shit two stupid adults regurgitated upon this earth – ‘A console is not a PC’…’A console is not a PC’…

          • Ben Kapferer

             Calm down, man.

        • yeah its working on it true but its a very waterd down version if you read into it.  I really like my wii u but no matter what anyone says sadly the wii u wont be able to push out the same graphics or games unless the developers want to just throw out a very water downed version of it.  The ps4 can load faster, handle more graphically and in every aspect.  Wii u is great dont get me wrong but they are going to need to pull something off to stay in this race.  I think if they made the system be able ot handle 4-5 gamepads that would have gave them a big advantage and the gamepad was their big selling points.  And the ps4 did the best thing a gamedeveloper wants to hear,  very little limits on hardware so they can focus on the games which in turn could and probably will get lots of 3rd party support.  Im cheering for the wii u to compete least for a year after the xbox comes out but after that its just not a fair fight.

          • EvanescentHero

             So? It’s running. Period. That means games built on UE4 can be ported to Wii U, even if it’s a weaker port. The Wii couldn’t even run UE3 (technically it could, but it was a huge pain in the ass to get it to, so no one did), which is part of the reason it got basically no good ports. I think it’ll be different this time around.

            Yeah, great, the PS4 is more powerful. Who’s surprised? That’s basically the only thing Sony and Microsoft care about in their consoles (though the built-in recording and live-streaming of the PS4 is pretty cool, I gotta say). I didn’t buy a Wii U because I expected it to be the most powerful; I bought it because I expect to get the most enjoyment out of it. I’ll buy a PS4 when there are games that interest me, but I can always guarantee there will be games on Nintendo consoles that interest me, regardless of how powerful they make the console.

            Anyway, the point is, UE4 runs on the Wii U, and hopefully it’ll get more ports this time around. If not, whatever. I don’t regret my purchase.

          • Jay

            Watered down when reading into it how?  There is NOTHING that states how much of UE4 the Wii U can run, other than it can run it.  Lets put it into perspective.  Cry Engine 3 is comperable, and in some people’s opinions, better than Unreal Engine 4, and has been doing UE4 effects for a couple of years before it came out.  Crytek has said that Cry Engine 3 “runs beautifully” on Wii U.  Actual quote.  No, it’s not as fully capable as PS4, but it all depends on how the extra memory of the PS4 is working.  How much of the ram is exclusively for the operating system? How much of it is for being able to download while playing the game you are downloading, and such.  Either way, the Wii U being able to run these graphics engines, means it’ll be in the same ballpark as the other consoles, unlike the Wii, which wasn’t even close to being able to pull off PS3 graphics.
            When Epic said UE3 was a nice fit for the platform, and that they didn’t intend to use UE4 on it, and it’s scalable down to mobile devices, was also based on old developer kits, that hadn’t been finalized. Ditto with Cry Engine 3

          • Paladinrja

            The jaguar was never meant for console application, its a very peculiar chip being that its designed off AMDs bobcat series, well basically a reduced instruction set having compromised over 60% of its gates and registers to meet low power consumption demands. The cores thus don’t run concurrentlyor parallel. They run in two clusters of four modules sharing overall cache in bi-partisan config. I’m guessing its why Sony decided to alott one Gb of GDDR5 per core. No API can compensate for this.

            Only the GPU will ever see the full bandwidth of the ram. Which is no biggie for a console. Still what a headfuk having to manually sign cores for overheads. Typical Sony, AMD budget a CPU and they build around that, its fuckin cheap. At least Nintendo grow thier own tech. Guess its why they don’t need 6Gb of stupid fast ram, because they have thier own proprietary tech to take up the slack. Its a well designed system fer sure.

        • criscann1986

          YES. It has been confirmed many times that it is not compatible with the Wii U

          • EvanescentHero

             Uh, false. And a quick Google search confirms this.

      • Diogo Zacharias

         Unreal engine 4 can be used in any plataform including mobiles.

      •  Yes it is..deal with it

      • lol unreal 4 was confirmed to run on the wii u a long time ago dumbass. why must there be so many idiots on the internet? its scary.

        • Hugh Quinn

          Piss off -_-

          • NkoSekirei

            wat about u go fk off bitch u gotta realize u can t win on ur pointless and false arguments in which we know more then u

          • Linskarmo

             There’s no reason for that sort of language.

          • Paladinrja

            Fuck you too man, its warranted. >:(

      • NkoSekirei

         yes it does u idiot.nintendo president iwata and unreal alrdy confirm that wii u supports unreal engine 4 and so does the games it seem ur i.q. gets lower and lower everytime u make a stupid comment that been proven wrong

      • Paladinrja

        Yes it is you fucking wad. Use google for something else apart from trolling you stupid cunt.

        I’ll educate you – EPIC and GamebaseUSA are partnered with Nintendo. Crytek was last fucking june. Get your facts straight before spew jizz next time. I’m on PS3 and even I know this. For fucks sake already.

        • Hugh Quinn

          sorry, i just thought by going on this site that said before that unreal 4 would not work on wii u. i did not know about this:)

        • Hugh Quinn

          btw Paladinrja, why would say that-_-

    • bizzy gie

      You’re talking about when he mentions the game might come to the next Xbox and Wii U after PS4, but makes NO comment regarding PS3, Xbox 360, or Wii right.

      • LolWatTurtles

        I was talking about Watch Dogs. Everyone said that was a next gen game even though it’s still being released on PS3 and Xbox360, and while it IS a next gen game since it’s gonna be on PS4 and Wii U, next gen systems. Dat was my point.

        • bizzy gie

          I was talking about how this article confirms the Wii U is next gen like you said.

    • NkoSekirei

       just ignore those ignorant fool trolls they really dont know jack about specs period.Wii u runs on 2011 specs making more powerful then current gen consoles and ps4 and 720 are running on 2012 specs which i dont see much difference maybe slight stronger but thats it and even if sony or microsoft pushed their new systems to the max they would pay the price on dealing with a over priced system which people wont buy unless its at a reasonable price and at least nintendo gave the 2 different wii u system versions a nice price

    • zajac1661

      Yeah. Well there is no way you can change the youth and fanboy culture, when it comes to dumbness. There will always be retards roaming around. Thinking of GPU improvements, is already saying quite enough about the “next gen” concept. All 3  machines will run a dx11 compitable GPU, (5k series and 7k series for the PS/Xbox) WiiU are the 20% less the Graphical power unit, but well enough suited to keep along, and ahead of the current gen consoles. The cpu may be a difference here, but it will not be a devastating bottleneck. People should just cheerish the fact, that the consoles are comming. If everyone had the thought of hardware powers controlling games, well why would anyone buy a console, when a majority of gamers has PC specs running above the incomming consoles.

      • Paladinrja

        You Nintendudes gotta stop taking the fanboys shit man. I do this for a living and I’m telling you this tri-core PPC7 shits on the budget runout jaguars. Sony are relying on a unified memory pool that atm is 8Gb, with no other proprietary tech. Theres been some talk that this might even be refuced to 5Gb, which I sincerely hope it is – 8Gb of GDDR5 memory is cost @ $400-500 as is. I love my PS3 if the PS4 is half as good as the PS3 turned out to be I want one, but my budget per platform is $450 total. PC I don’t have to pay for thankfully.

        • zajac1661

          This is not about children and teenage fanboyism. You do not get half the point of what i write. My comment was excactly aimed for people like you. If you read “between the lines” you see that i absolutely agree with hardware being the lesser strenght. But If i had to judge on behalf of hardware on every turn, i would just keep sitting here at my Pc. Some of us, just buy whatever we want, because we can and have jobs. So basicly buying a Wii U on behalf of first party titles, is what i do. Nintendo is just resurrecting an old hardware design, functioning as a traffic controller. The GPGPU will handle the rest, and it will be fair and enough for my expectations. But again, you should as well criticise the other consoles for using midrange (7k series) gpu architectures. If you really think hardware is going to be the definitive muscle, in the console gaming world. Do this for a living? Do you go online and call people stupid cunt’s for a living.

    • criscann1986

      The Unreal Engine 4 is not coming to the Wii U as it is not powerful enough to run it this has already been confirmed by epic last year.

      • EvanescentHero

         Once again, false. UE4 can be ported to Wii U.

  • LolWatTurtles

    Also add the fact many developers have stated time and time again that the system is next gen.

  • looks cool, but not my kind of game.

    • It definitely appeals to a certain kind of person. Most people who enjoyed Myst and other adventure games on PC will probably love it.

  • Sdudyoy

    Is it me or does all the PS4 games seem to have a cartoonish look, it inst a bad thing it’s just weird.

    • Dominic Coradazzi

      They’re definitely not ALL cartoony but there’s definitely more than I was expecting

    • Elem187

      This is Sony we are talking about. They cannot make their own gaming console unless they steal features and art styles from Nintendo.

      • NkoSekirei

         they alrdy stolded microsoft kinect feature in which a lawsuit is on the horizon

  • Gurbeer Gill

    Oh god, the PS4 can keep that pretentious garbage.

    • dr scoobie

      I have been waiting to play this on the PC since i first heard about it.
      you sir, have ruined my day!

  • bizzy gie

    If I didn’t know any better, I would have SWORN this was a trailer for a new Toon Link game.

    • RattleGore

      and remember the lashing that took until persons played it…. lol 

      • bizzy gie

        I’m a fan of the term “people”. “Persons” just hits the ear REALLY wrong.

        • Linskarmo

           You were reading it, not listening to it. 😉 I’ll admit it takes some getting used to as a term, but it is one.

          • bizzy gie

            I know I was reading, but when I read, I make imaginary voices with tones and inflections based on the discussion and the reply itself in my head to help get a better feel for the person I’m conversing with and persons just sounds odd, buuuut…

          • Linskarmo

             True, it’s a weird word. Sorry if my sarcasm wasn’t appreciated.

          • bizzy gie

            Perfectly fine when you take into notice that me going on to discuss my personal dislike in a certain version of one word strayed from the original topic at hand which I did purposely for no specific reason whatsoever.

  • Nathan Ostroski

    If third party developers are going to start abandoning platform exclusivity, then console purchases will eventually be determined by first-party software.  Hmm…Nathan Drake & etc. Vs. Master Chief & etc. Vs. Mario, Link, Samus!  Poor Sony/Microsoft.  They don’t stand a chance!!!

    • Metal_Man_v2

      Couldn’t agree more.  We are definitely starting to see primarily first party titles as exclusives, and honestly, I don’t care for any first party titles outside of Nintendo.  If the Wii U does manage to include good 3rd party support, it will likely be my only console this gen.  

      • NkoSekirei

         we are just look at the huge line up for the wii u it looks amazing and gets even better wen retro reveals their secret game at e3

      • Paladinrja

        I played Halo and Metroid Prime back to back. Good times 😀

    • Paladinrja

      LBP, no matter how ya cut it, Sony has to turn that into a 1 st party exclusive. Love that game.

  • Darkscarab

    to me it has a style i could see zelda wind waker in or something. i love the look of it”

  • RoelSchuring

    Does anyone remember myst?

    • Shawn Spitler

      Was just about to say “Reminds me of Myst.”

  • Michael Jurado

    I love graphics like this video game universes that are build from the ground up are simply stunning and while i like the graphics of this game it in no way pushes the gaming industry so my question is why make a ps4 game without any action but hold back on the graphics ??? yes it looks good but still needs work … meh ill just wait until the wii u version comes out XD

    • dr scoobie

       it was originally planned for PC only.

  • Retro Cool

    What I find hilarious is that the graphics are nothing to say about Next Gen and it really seems this game is all about gameplay but folks are always talking about graphics this and graphics that… graphics makes a game, etc., etc. 

    Since this is just a time exclusivity game, this game, I find will be more in tune with those who do play the U.  

    I would even go and say the same thing about Journey.  That game was amazingly beautiful, but not just for graphics.  It was amazing to play, see  and hear.  It combined Sights and Sound while being really simple and yet addictive….

    So, yeah…. thats it

  • Bananapwnz

    and so a new war begins….

  • kjhkjhkj

    I think he’s saying that the Wii U is an underpowered piece of sh*t….i sorta agree.

  • Snake_Boss22

    Now i’ll show you kids what means next generation



    • “Fuuuck, how do I get out of this very detailed corridor?!”
      “You can’t its a corridor shooter! Lob some grenades!”

  • I’m getting it for PS4, sorry Wii U 🙁 
    At least my Wii U and PS4 will share Watch_Dogs since I buying BOTH versions 😀 

    • Paladinrja

      Haha cool


    Im not all that bothered with the graphic comparison between the two. Im just glad a decent indie designer seems to want to work with Nintendo.

  • remake98

    Guy sounds like a wanker anyway: http://gamerant.com/the-witness-trailer-ps4-timed-exclusive/

    “The Wii U still has pretty low system specs, so it came down to a
    choice between the next Microsoft console or the next Sony console.”

    “I don’t have good communication with anyone at Microsoft right now,
    and haven’t been disclosed on their next console, but all our technical
    people like the PS4 specs a lot more than the leaked Durango specs, and
    we like the positioning of the PS4 (it’s about games) a lot more than
    what we perceive Microsoft’s positioning is going to be.”

  • Paladinrja

    Simultaneous release Blow or fuckoff. Ya wanna fap fanboy against Nintendo go for it but you lose when your dev group is called up for cost cuts by your publisher.

    Reach your widest audience without ostracising anyone or go fuck yourself. No more half measures. Day 1 Nintendo release or forget it.

  • Marius Valasinas

    I would not play this game if it was free to download. looks like a wii game