Jan 10th, 2017

Nintendo fans are giving great and sometimes hilarious reviews to the upcoming Switch console (keyword: upcoming) on Amazon. That’s despite the fact that the console is months away from release, and we barely know anything about it (such as price, launch date, launch lineup).

There are now 90 reviews of the console on the UK Amazon Switch page, and the vast majority are positive.

Many of the reviews are obvious joke reviews — for example, one claims to be a time traveler from the year 2020 and reports how the Switch caused a full-blown fanboy war.

Another reviewer calls it the “best gaming system I have never played”. A negative review urges customers to “save your money and disappointment by NOT buying”.

Alas, this is all just fun and games to pass the time until we get the big Switch reveal on Thursday.

Thanks to Rick for the tip!

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