Apr 14th, 2017

The latest Nintendo Direct offered some great news for Switch gamers, some good news, and some news that wasn’t all that exciting. We’ve ranked the news from best to worst.

Best news: PayDay 2 coming to Switch

PayDay 2 Switch

A three-year old game coming to the Switch? That’s the best news? Yes it is. The Switch desperately needs a game for the hardcore audience, and when we got nothing from big third party publishers, at least we got PayDay 2, which will have a ton of content on the Switch (since there’s so much PayDay 2 DLC out there), and with the Switch’s portability, you’ll be able to pull off heists anywhere.

Great news: New hardware: Yellow Joy-Cons and standalone Switch Dock

The Neon Yellow Joy-Cons look awesome, especially when paired with the new Arms game (which it’s meant to be, sort of). Furthermore, Nintendo had great news for Switch owners wanting an extra dock: they’ll be able to buy a standalone Switch dock starting next month.

Good news: Splatoon 2 gets release date and Amiibo figures

We were really glad to hear that Splatoon 2 finally got a release date: June 21st. And Nintendo will be releasing the game alongside three new Splatoon 2 Amiibo figures.

Also: we finally got a release date for Arms: June 16th in America and Europe.

Sort of good news: lots of new Amiibo figures

Nintendo revealed a whole bunch of new Amiibo, specifically, 10 new figures will be coming this Summer. That includes 3 new Zelda Link figures, 3 new Splatoon 2 figures, a Pikmin figure, and even a Bayonetta Amiibo. All will be released this Summer, starting with the Zelda figures on June 23rd.

OK news: Pikmin on the 3DS, but not in 3D

3DS owners had some new games too: Hey Pikmin will be coming to the 3DS this Summer. But it won’t be in 3D 🙁

Worst news: Nothing from big third party publishers

Nothing from EA, nothing from Activision, nothing from Bethesda, et. al. It looks like the big guys are still taking a wait-and-see approach on the Switch, despite the console’s tremendous success early on.

What do you think the best news from the Nintendo Direct was? Rank yours in the comments section!

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