Jul 27th, 2014

The Letter Wii U

We recently published an in-depth article on why The Letter is not a game that should be on the Wii U eShop, due to its poor quality and the fact that it can be completed in mere minutes.

Now developer Treefall Studios reveals in an interview what went wrong. Apparently, the game was made by one person and was severely lacking in funding in order to be properly made.

Treefall Studios says that the game is short and lacking because they didn’t raise enough money. They needed $5,000 in order to make the game. How much funding did The Letter have? About $377.

The one-man team, consisting of developer Eli Brewer, had to go to work at a regular job, so the game only got a part-time commitment from him. Of course, the end result shows.

Finally, Brewer had this to say to all the “haters” out there:

I’m working on it best I can, I had no money, and I’m just getting started at this game development thing. Hopefully I’ll be able to improve it, but we’ll definitely learn from our past mistakes like what we’ve made with this one, but there’s a lot of people out there who have enjoyed it, so thank you a whole lot for your support.

That’s all nice and noble, but what we’re really wondering is; if he knew that the game was lacking and not up to standard, why release it? Why not work on it some more, why not try and raise more than $377?

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  • Henry Hotspur

    “If he knew that the game was lacking and not up to standard, why release it?”

    This is what all developers really need to ask themselves before releasing a game.

    Even big-time developers delay a game if they feel it won’t be ready at its original launch date.

    Enough excuses. Enough “but I can patch it” and “but it’s early access” or what have you. Those are lame excuses and you can’t deny the fact that first impressions are important.

    • HavokPants

      true game quality isn’t as good as it used to nobody buys the innovative stuff and then complain how there is no innovation in games anymore
      oh and reviews that needs to be stopped as well just because ign does a review people take it as fact *cough sonic lost world *cough zombi u

      • Christian Schoff

        Exactly. Exactly this. I have only disliked a few Sonics.

    • shanedem

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      • BarbieOnWeed

        Sure you did.

        • Phoenix Maybe

          Lol that guy’s account is spam. He goes on any site with disqus and posts the same comment. We don’t want to get hacked by some crooks who run these terrible ads, thank you very much.

          • BarbieOnWeed

            I know. 😉

          • Michael Legault

            He’s just trying to help the dev earn money for his game!

          • oontz

            How do you think he makes his $67 an hour? That IS his job.

          • He’s probably streetwalking.

          • Rinslowe

            Moonwalking ON the street. Probably quite good at it too. Apparently. Well you know, for what it is…

          • Well, from my own experience, it’s best on hard wood floors, with socks. Concrete is near impossible without the right shoes.

          • Rinslowe

            My moonwalk is more like an Elephant mating with a Crocodile on any surface. So I’ll just take your word for it…

          • As long as it’s better than the hologram.


            Ain’t nothin compared to the genuine article:

          • Rinslowe

            Hologram Tech is something to keep an eye on though. They’re focusing on stage entertainment and shows because they hope it’ll reach a lager audience that can in turn fund further developments. But I’m almost certain it won’t be long before it can be made to be affordable in gaming (10yrs). And then the magic happens…

          • Arthur Jarret

            ON his computer?
            Isn’t he afraid of breaking it?

          • Sorry, I was on mobile. What I meant to say was, “He” is likely a cam girl, or a pimp. That’s what spammers are. Cam girls. The cam girls themselves, are likely slaves. But that’s just a theory. A game theory!

            (Disclaimer: This comment is not intended to make light of serious issues. Apologies to anyone who may be offended.)

          • Arthur Jarret

            Hey, aren’t you that one guy who did that thing that one time?

          • … Mazel.. Tov?

          • thedeciderU


          • thedeciderU

            most impressive

        • WolfgangAmadeusMozart

          Seems legit

          • Rinslowe

            Oh yeah yeah totally legit, totally. Nah nup nope no way no how, only the most legitimate of legit jobs that one, yeah yep. Mmm hmm…

    • RecheDiazrivarola

      do you mean Watch dogs

      • Henry Hotspur

        I was specifically thinking about Arkham Knight when I was writing that, just for a current example. No clue how Watch Dogs turned out.

    • palomino blue

      Agreed. It’s not “good when it’s done”. It’s “done when it’s good”.

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    A lot of people enjoyed it, huh? Like one or two you mean? I can’t fathom more than that. Was he really expecting to make a quality game out of just $377? Should have seeked more funding elsewhere. Otherwise, scrap it and don’t put out a product that will just be a money waster. Eli, you have much to learn.

    • Cena’s Smirk

      you played it?

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        Nope, and thank god for that. A video of the whole game is enough to know that it is not worth it. All 5 min that is.

        • Cena’s Smirk

          interesting. what’s your views on project Areal?

    • disqus_063g1sXnAQ

      Well the sad thing is that this game has its Miiverse page on the startup screen. And judging from the comments, there a some people who seem to enjoy it.

  • HavokPants

    game quality isn’t as good as it used to nobody buys the innovative stuff and then complain how there is no innovation in games anymore
    oh and reviews that needs to be stopped as well just because ign does a review people take it as fact *cough sonic lost world *cough zombi u

  • YiyeUniverseMB

    Funding is no excuse if it’s made by one person. You can do a hell of a lot for free.

    • Just look up “A Hat in Time Prototype” on YouTube for proof.

  • HavokPants

    i think the reason the guy put it on the market is to raise money to make the game better

  • Gizmo

    I agree. He should’ve delayed The Letter to get more money and make it up to standard. As miyamoto would say,

    “A delayed game is eventually good, while a bad game is bad forever”

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Even a delayed game stays bad in some situations. Though, there is truth to that quote. 😛

      • matthew garcia

        Shouldn’t Nintendo overlook the game first before it’s released even if the developers approve it? Whatever happened to Nintendo’s seal of approval

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          Slipped them by apparently.

          • matthew garcia

            Eh oh well

      • Michael DeVore

        True, but as long as you delay a bad game until it’s good that bad game will never see the light of day.

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          Aliens Colonial Marines comes to mind.

        • Rinslowe

          Probably for the better, all round…

      • Onkeljan

        The quote is always true for Nintendo games in my memory at least, Miyamoto cant comment upon other companies games. It was very true for Ocarina of Time, which the comment was made about specifically.

    • Phoenix Maybe


    • Kevin Schimes

      That quote doesn’t hold up anymore really. Bad games can be fixed via patch nowadays; look at any Bethesda game, BF4, RAGE (especially RAGE), Sim City, etc., and you’ll see that bad quality isn’t permanent. The whole reason the game was released was to earn money to fund the fixes, from what I understand.

      Now I’ve not played the game, but I almost bought it just to give this guy a chance to see his dream through the right way. Chances are a few more weeks couldn’t have done much more for this game, and it’s very possible that the guy just had to pay rent or enjoyed eating and figured releasing it early was the best option. It’s also possible he wanted a quick cash grab. In this case I’d be inclined to believe the former because cash grabs aren’t exactly easy to do on the Wii U lol; he would’ve gone with phones if he was looking for cash. Either way I don’t see why the article has to bash the guy like he’s Ubisoft or something.

      Then again, why would I expect an unbiased viewpoint from this site? I like the articles sometimes but fairness isn’t something we see often here lol.

      • Yen

        I rather the game be delayed and I don’t have game breaking bugs when playing it. If I play a game and hit a game breaking bug I’m going to remember that and question the quality of future games even if they patched this one.

        • Kevin Schimes

          I don’t disagree. I was going to mention the lack of trust in my post but I didn’t wanna get too lengthy. That said, does this actually have game breakers? I’ve only heard about the awful brightness causing anything to the tune of “broken” so far. I’d definitely question the guy more if there were a few game breakers (one or two is normally understandable because of the nature of games, especially since he couldn’t even hire somebody who’s done QA before – making it likely he had a limited testing).

      • Rinslowe

        Probably better for the marketing effort to release a game when it’s ready in any case. And only release the date when you have a definite window. A game that needs a patch to be good/ fixed/ complete etc, will generally tank in the long run due to it’s negative reception.
        Games like the Elder Scrolls, Battlefield and SIMs aren’t your typical example as the games are still good, have dedicated followings and haven’t always released “broken”. A game like “the letter” however has no past entries to compare against (that I’m aware of), no real following if any and seems to be receiving that negative attention a generally bad product gets on release.
        I’d say patch or no patch it’s doomed to fail.

        • Kevin Schimes

          It’s actually quite popular on Miiverse, from what I’ve seen. That’s the whole reason we’re still even talking about it. This kind of thing has to be seen case by case – if EA does it, it’s inexcusable, but if it’s just a guy who wants to make a fun game and can’t if he doesn’t get it out now, that’s a different story to some. We get broken games like Minecraft (early versions, I mean), that succeed because of the promise of future glory, or games like Broken Age, which was funded but STILL released half done (as a part one).

          Until I see patches I won’t trust the guy, but if I hear he fixed it and made it passable in a few months, I’ll give him a pass if only because I know his predicament. (I have a project I work on that I can’t further because of the lack of an artist, and I can’t get an artist without showing a build, but I can’t show a build too well without some more sprites.)

          • Rinslowe

            I’ll be passing. Seen enough of the game to not expect much later on either. I mean for this to be any kind of a decent experience, it’d have to be a completely different game. But that’s just my opinion.
            I know we all have our own tastes, but that’s really an aspect all dev’s need to figure out, along the way…
            But you never know. This dev may go on to make something great someday. And if so, I’ll support it. Even though I’d probably need to do my part as well and support this title first, for there to be more titles in future. I’ll leave that to others more forgiving.

          • Kevin Schimes

            I’ve seen bigger miracles in this industry than a revamped experience for a small game like this, so I don’t doubt it can happen. I don’t disagree with what you’re saying though.

      • BrokenGamer

        battlefield 4 is still broken bethesda games are always buggy as all hell and forever stay that way untill talented modders fix it. I hold those devs up as shining becons of how to sell shit to idiots. If it wasn’t for modders bethesda games wouldn’t ever be worth buying. Patches are over relied on ps 4 games are now getting 20gig day one patches fk that. So i’m sad to say Kev no way i’ll ever support devs who release broken shit again and again ala THQ Bethesda ubisoft ec why do you?

        • Rinslowe

          “If it wasn’t for modders bethesda games wouldn’t ever be worth buying.”
          Talk about a flare for the melodramatic. Although I stand by modding 100%, especially in the case of the Elder Scrolls series and more specifically “Skyrim”. Saying that Bethesda’s games wouldn’t be worth buying if not for the modding community and their efforts, is a disservice to both.

      • Dáibhí wotshissurname

        True, but I’d rathe enrust my money into a product that is guaranteed to be good at launch. First impressions matter.

    • Arthur Jarret

      Nowadays, it seems “a patched game is eventually good – while it’s reputation stays bad forever as the market won’t look past the first 2 weeks of sales.”

      as well as:

      “A delayed game is eventually good, except if the Wii U version is delayed which means the game is terrible according to Wii U owners”

      • Rinslowe

        “A delayed game is eventually good, except if the Wii U version is delayed which means the game is terrible according to Wii U owners”
        A delayed game is only good if the saying is taken seriously by the developers. In Miyamoto’s case I’m sure for him he meant it. But for most Wii U delays, well they’re not for reasons related to quality in all cases. Both Watchdogs and Project Cars for eg have been delayed simply to complete other versions first. What that says about the quality of the final product is probably too early to speculate. Having very little footage if any to go by. But even if they’re decent ports, how much success can they really have anyway? According to lack of interest, just for being so late…
        What’s terrible is that studio’s have to be so cagey about the simple reasons for delay. No need to communicate the same old PR dribble – it’s to make it the best version it can be – because studio’s aren’t silly. They know they’ll only see limited success from their ports anyway. Which is the honest reason why they are so often prioritising the other versions first. It makes sense. It’s not so difficult to understand. It’s the right decision for them. But it’s the wrong decision for supportive Wii U owners, being degraded to second rate. All up, it’s better for people who like myself cannot go without those third party titles to invest in a PC or one of the other consoles as well. It doesn’t help the situation I guess. But it should be a move made first by the dev’s. I’m not going to shell out every time on an inferior port just because I can, when the dev’s make bad decisions for that given platform… And I don’t think others should either.

        • Arthur Jarret

          For project cars it doesn’t even make sense. They ran a poll to gauge interest by platform and Wii U won that poll.

          I just dislike PR bull, like saying it’s delayed ‘to expand the gamepad features’, then getting a lackluster port… it makes me anxious to buy from even the developers I respect. As such, I will await reviews and not preorder, but without preorders the devs might think Wii U owners are not interested in the game and even cut their losses and cancel it.

          • Rinslowe

            I think honestly, seeing as though the Wii U version as of this moment is very likely on hold to complete PS4, Xbox One & PC builds. How could Slightly Mad Studios “not” think interest has lowered for this title overall. I think by the time it releases for Wii U, interest will be at an “all time” low, lol.
            And this is something that probably got them prioritising the other versions of the game first in any case.
            Even if the game is good. I’m not likely to support the Wii U version of the game now. Main reason being that it’s a complete blsht move by dev’s when they marginalise certain platforms because of so called “understandable” corporate decisions. Again, we all understand “why” they say they need to do it. It makes sense in the least to ensure they’re reaching the majority of their fans – which would have been on the other platforms regardless. But in the case of project cars it was worsened as you say of the interest shown by Wii U owners against the lack of interest the studio has shown towards Wii U owners. The complete 360 turnaround the studio made only 2 short weeks after a universal release date was given for all platforms in Nov – to some unknown date in 2015. And the perhaps the worst part was in the origin of the game being made for PC and Wii U with the other two platforms being only speculated even after months of both versions being in development. By the time they decided to actually begin porting PS4 and Xbox One builds, they should have been far enough along on both PC and Wii U – and yet no Wii U footage until today. Smacks of PR blsht all the way…
            When did those systems go from speculation to being the priority platforms? Likely when their install base trends starting heading north…
            We know why they did it. But it makes me not want to support their efforts…

      • Dáibhí wotshissurname

        That is what I hated about the Project CARS delay: The Wii U Daily comments section.

        • Arthur Jarret

          Not just the WiiUdaily comment section. Gamefaqs, gonintendo and miiverse say hello.

  • Jason

    What ever happened to Nintendo’s quality control? They put a chip in NES carts to prevent bad games to be published. Now with the Wii and the eShop, they allow bad games.

    • BarbieOnWeed

      Remember LJN?

      • Damiensaucepops

        They make some pretty OK games!

        • BarbieOnWeed


  • Gammalad

    As a person doing a blind Let’s Play of it all I can say is I see the potential but good Lord this game is horrible.

  • TheyCallHimBigAl

    I thought there was a “Official Nintendo Seal of Quality” that was supposed to prevent games like this from being released.

    • FutureFox

      From gaming wiki: ihttp://gaming.wikia.com/wiki/Nintendo_Seal_of_Quality

      http://gaming.wikia.com/wiki/Nintendo_Seal_of_QualityWhen the Official Nintendo Seal of Quality was used, the meaning of the seal was explained as follows:

      This official seal is your assurance that Nintendo has
      approved the quality of this product. Always look for this seal when
      buying games and accessories to ensure complete compatibility with your

      Basically this meant that the cartridge works in the named hardware,
      it had nothing to do with the written quality of the software.

      The current Official Nintendo Seal is explained as follows:

      The official seal is your assurance that this product is
      licensed or manufactured by Nintendo. Always look for this seal when
      buying video game systems, accessories, games, and related products.

      Aside from being more general in its description, the Official Nintendo Seal does not vouch for quality like the old Official Nintendo Seal of Quality
      did. The reason for the change has never been officially given by
      Nintendo, but it is generally assumed that since the extremely
      low-quality games (sometimes pirated to Nintendo systems) of the 1980s
      are mainly a thing of the past, Nintendo no longer felt comfortable in
      labeling all of the games they published as being quality games.
      Perhaps they also did not want to confuse this seal of quality with the player’s choice games, which are popular games that Nintendo guarantees to appeal to most.

      • Mr Ninty

        the other day a friend of mine gave me a yoshi doll from the carnaval. it was a red yoshi but that can hapen, but thing thing is i noticed somethings straight away. he had no shell on his back, no shoes, no back spikes and the seal of quality wasn’t on it. so i thanked him and gave the abomination back

    • Rinslowe

      Maybe they applied their other one; The Official Nintendo Seal of Charitable Acts..

  • FutureFox

    “completed in meer minutes”

    First off: “meer” John? Try mere. : )

    Secondly, I would appreciate it if game developers made games that were shorter in design but long based on player skill. For example, I remember Contra taking the equivalent of several hours (includes dying and retrying). Then as I got better it only took me maybe 40 minutes. But it sounds like this game wasn’t even challenging and just bad overall.

  • Dallas

    The real question is how did it pass Nintendo quality control?

  • Googs

    Why make a game when you don’t have the money for it? Sounds more like a cash-grab to me.

    • 00EpicGamer00

      A better question would be, why even collect money if there’s only one person working on the game?

    • Kevin Schimes

      The funding fell through on indiegogo because they didn’t reach the minimum. At least that’s what I heard when I first read about the game. And as I said in another post, why cash grab on Wii U? For the same budget you could clone another mobile game and make much more money. Look at 2048 and the hundred other clones of Threes!, Flappy Bird, Don’t Touch the White Tile, et al. It’s not hard to make decent money in mobile with no effort or even any deep knowledge of game design (even off of free games because of ad revenue). I think the kid just couldn’t get the game much better than it was without a significantly higher budget. The game’s sold well, so he has his budget now. Let’s see if he can fix it.

  • Damiensaucepops

    I tried that game at a friends house. Good game!

  • mario54671

    Don’t have the funds? Don’t make the game.

  • Just one more example that not everything is about money – the passion is more important! We have limited budjet but our goal is to make http://OwlGames24.com/ also very nice places for gamers 🙂

  • discuss

    The real question is “Why does Nintendo allow junk on it’s e-shop?”

  • “The Letter is a one hit wonder, master piece of interactive entertainment.” – No one ever *insert Kappa*

  • “Well guys, you should have given me more money for the game. By the way, plenty of people love terrible games and movies. Why do you think Call of Duty sells? Her her, uh I mean uh, buy my game?”

  • dude

    I don’t really think you can blame the developer here nearly as much as the studio itself.

    Dude has to make a buck. He has to do what the boss says to do. If he was told ‘Here’s a couple hundred bucks. You got two months to get it to eshop. You don’t like it, touch sh**, go work somewhere else’. What are you gonna do? Especially since as the dev said ‘I am just getting into this development thing’.. Sounds like he got the super short end of the stick. I call b.s. on the studio..

    Why couldn’t it have been ‘Ok, it only raised a few hundred so tell ya what, you get what you can together, we will go ahead and slap a 4 month delay on it, once you have something more, let’s go back and try to raise more funding and really get this off the ground’.

    Bottom line..
    I feel for Eli.. I hope he finds a better studio to work for. F* Treefall..

    • ufg

      Eli owns Treefall, not really much point in the Treefall Studios name cos he’s the only member

  • Ultrasyd

    Nahh, the real question is : How was this game approved for eShop ? The guy is not really faulty. Many devs do amateur games, often released for free. At least they try to do something. But this kind of things has nothing to do on Nintendo’s eShop. I can’t understand what went wrong there :/

  • Kevin Malone

    That just goes to show that you can make a game with a really modest ‘budget’ and still have a game that is far less lame than Air Control on Steam.

  • Nintendofreak

    I feel bad for the bastard i might buy the game out of pitty

  • ufg

    Hey, how many developers make free games or cheap but expansive PC games with no budget? I’m pretty sure cave story was built on a budget of nothing, and that’s longer, prettier, and built from the ground up, not using pre-made assets or engine.

  • Heck, I’m a solo game developer with no budget either. I also work and my game development had to be done during my down time, would love it if GameSalad allowed Wii U publishing, my game Soulless would be on there too.

  • Tim van Broekhoven


  • Ace

    This guy should just do us all a favor and not even develop video games. He doesn’t have the talent for it anyway.

    • Rinslowe

      That’s a bit harsh. Everybody has to learn somewhere, somehow. Trial and error.
      I do think though that asking for money for “this” title was a little ambitious…

  • SkullScience

    I wholeheartedly agree. I wish him well for his future endeavours and hopefully he will develop a worthy game of his ambitions, but the fact remains that this title should have been a free demo of his work. The game is not a game, just a mish-mash of ideas that lasts a couple of minutes. If all devs managed to get conceptual work released and chargeable we would be swamped.

  • janco tianno

    I’m a developer with regular job as well, and honestly it seems that Eli tried to make quick money with his demo.

    It was mentioned games like Flappy Birds and 2048.
    2048 is a simple puzzle, just like Tetris, Puzzle Bubble and others. You can spend hours and hours playing these games. They have a valuable idea.

    “The Letter” is a game that you can complete in 10 minutes. There’s no action on that. No Mistery.
    Considering it had only one developer, the graphics are good, BUT we are not talking about free games for Android or iOS. There’s almost no quality control for them, you only have to follow some guidelines and pay attention to all target devices.

    But this is a game for Wii U. And it’s not free.
    It was not released as a demo or something new. It is not a good demo to show Wii U Capabilities.
    It’s not a good game with Puzzles. It’s a Walking Simulator.
    And Wii U has a lot of great indie games. It’s not good for this console to have thousand of simple or unfinished games like Android and iOS.

    If Eli’s Idea was to show he is a good developer, he should be releasing this for free (but I’ve never tried to publish anything for Wii U, so I’m not sure if there are taxes in this case). The Developer has good skills, but a good game is not made of good intentions.

  • Jonathan Dogey

    Pikmin 3 needed more time. Nintendo said they needed more time to make sure it was the best pikmin game you could possibly get. You should always look to nintendo for the rules of standards and practices. Always make sure the game you make is ready because it will reflect on you as a dev and create your reputation.

    • greengecko007

      Pikmin 3 was continuously delayed because Nintendo developers were focused on getting other games like NSMBU and Nintendo Land out for the Wii U launch. For some reason though, up until they announced the delay after the Wii U released, they still touted Pikmin 3 as a launch title. It was the entire reason I bought a Wii U at launch. Nintendo knew that the game was not even close to being finished before the Wii U launched, and should have told fans sooner, rather than leading them on for a bit to try and increase launch sales. By the time Pikmin 3 actually came out, the Wii U already had its price cut.

      So long story short, I don’t think Pikmin 3 being delayed is a good example for other developers to follow.

      • Rinslowe

        “So long story short, I don’t think Pikmin 3 being delayed is a good example for other developers to follow.”
        Exactly, It’s what “not” to follow. As in maybe, just maybe had they released their console too early. They may have seen only mediocre sales up front, but could have fared better in the long run realising in Nov 2013. Having titles like SM3DW/ Pikmin 3/ WWHD as launch titles could have dispelled all the hearsay about the “power debate” (And I think it would have been possible to complete SM3DW by that time, under those circumstances). It’s also one part a genre debate and not releasing system specs was a bad decision as well. It backfired in that it allowed anyone and everyone with a theory positive or negative and everywhere in between to have an equal shot at posting theories. Nintendo wasn’t fooling anyone when they said they aren’t in the specs race. They are, just from a different angle/ perspective. Some of these defensive moves cost them their platforms image. Being up front, releasing their console when it was ready (OS) and when the games were available would have been the better bet. That 3.5m launch sales figure hasn’t done anything substantial for their bottom line, put it that way. They’ve only been working like mad to reverse the effects of their mistakes, lol…
        Still, all that aside. It has been shaping up as a great platform due to their first party titles still retaining a lot of that Nintendo quality…

  • Jonathan Dogey

    If he does want to continue making this game. He should totally change the ending. That was terrible.

  • TrueWiiMaster

    He didn’t need to release the game as it was. He could have continued to work on the it for another year or so, adding content, improving visuals, and maybe even adding an enemy.

  • Dáibhí wotshissurname

    There is no excuse for releasing a game of such irrefutably horrible quality on eShop. Patches will not be an excuse to solve the many problems of this game, especially since others have already beaten it. If you make a game, you have to invest and commit fully to it, and if you can’t, which the developer couldn’t if he had to work somewhere else, then your game will fall flat of whatever hopes you may have for it. This has happened to me too, but I am at least happy that I haven’t charged anybody money for my abominations. I also noticed he took the funds of his failed indieGoGo campaign, which he really shouldn’t have done if it all amounted to $377.

  • With that kind of budget and it still beats Watch Dogs lol. That’s funny.

  • William Cole

    Who enjoyed this shit?

  • tomtank91

    This article is ridiculous, especially the last comment saying “Finally, Brewer had this to say to all the “haters” out there”. The game is good especially with only a $2 price tag and a very very small budget. It’s this guys 1st game and he has done a decent job.

    • Epicstuf

      Well, screw you. Retro City Rampage was a first game to the person that was making it, and it was actually good. Not crap like this. This is NOT decent. This looks like a prototype from the late 1990’s.

    • 00EpicGamer00

      Through the information that I’ve gathered, that “very small budget” should not have affected the “quality” of the game at all. You see, after reading this article, I became curious as to why video games cost so much to make. The answer might surprise you. It turns out, the actual making of any game is completely free. The thing that costs you all that money, is your employes/all developers in your company. All the money required for a game to be made, is just to pay the developers.

      So, if you’re making a game by yourself which, according to this article, it was a game made by one person, it should not have costed him anything. He has no employees to pay. That $5,000 he needed was I think for advertising and/or marketing. Unless there’s something that I missed when researching this.

      • J Smith

        don’t you have to pay for the tools to make the thing or am i wrong about that sorry i know this post is 6 days old i was just wondering

        • 00EpicGamer00

          No worries. Better late than never.
          Through what I’ve researched, no. The entire making of the game is literally free. The only reason for all the money is to pay the developers (and for future “real world” expenses). The only thing I can think of for having to pay for the tool is if, I guess, the said company doesn’t have the appropriate tool and has to buy it. That’s the only logical thing I can come up with.

  • Agent721

    So much for the Nintendo seal of quality…This guy shouldn’t be embarrassed…Nintendo should for approving its release!!!

    • Epicstuf

      Seal of Quality doesn’t mean anything. Nintendo is not to blame.

  • thedeciderU

    here’s a question – why did nintendo release this thing?

  • Steve

    Well, the lack of necessary funds certainly explains why it turned out the way it did. Honestly, I thought the game had a lot of potential. However, the fact that he decided to release an unfinished game really doesn’t look good on him, reputation-wise. I look forward to a future update.