Jun 24th, 2014

The Legend of Zelda series developer, Eiji Aonuma, has hinted that the next entry in the series may feature multiplayer.

During a recent interview with Gameinformer, Aonuma was asked if we might see some sort of multiplayer in the upcoming Zelda game for Wii U similar to Hyrule Warriors. Aonuma insinuated that may be a possibility.  

“When I was talking back about making Zelda more than just a single-player experience? That’s something you will see in the future, maybe next year.”

In the video below, I discuss my thoughts on multiplayer in the next Zelda game, and the idea of taking traditionally single-player games and adding multiplayer.

The concept of multiplayer in The Legend of Zelda series is nothing new, but it has typically been reserved for handheld titles (with the exception of the Tingle Tuner).

What are your thoughts on the potential of multiplayer in the next Legend of Zelda game for Wii U? Let us know in the comments.

Via [IGN]

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  • verymetal

    Hopefully its not where you can leave messages for other players and that’s it.

    • if they’d want to preserve the isolated SP-experience, it could actually mean something like this. Maybe not messages, but I could imagine some geocaching-mechanic. Actually this would be quite awesome. People hiding rupees with some little drawing/text somewhere and with some special GPS-style-item you could search for these little treasures and place new ones.
      I should write this to Aonuma@nintendo.co.jp, maybe he’s gonna hire me.

  • Arthur Jarret

    Hopefully it’s not like Mario Galaxy multiplayer and that’s it.

    • vexedpython

      I could see it happening too. they would bring back navi and player two would control it. lol

  • LevenThumps

    If it’s actual multiplayer where the second player can explore and fight alongside you, I will be excited for this. If the second player just collect rupees for you like Super Mario Galaxy, then I will play this by myself.


      Nobody liked co-star mode. It’s boring. My sister only trolled me when she was playing with me by making me jump during the rollerball stages

  • Truebman

    Maybe it could be like Kid Icarus:Uprising, where players spawn in somewhere like Hyrule Field as ether Hylian soldiers, or Moblins, then when they die enough, someone could turn into Link or on the evil side they could turn into Gannon

  • Jon

    Meanwhile, most other news site had this information up more than 24 hours before Wii u daily.

  • Scott Duperree

    Remember, to Nintendo people watching others play a single player game counts as engaging multiple people with the game, or more than a single-player experience.

    • Rinslowe

      Is it?

      • Scott Duperree

        I think so. Both during the Wii era and at the last E3 Nintendo Execs have been talking about the importance of people watching you play. For Example Shigeru Miyamota spoke of it twice at E3. He spoke of it as the whole reason for Project Guard, and he spoke of it as the reason Nintendo doesn’t want to get into Virtual Reality right not as it doesn’t allow for people to see what you are doing and interact with you.

        • Rinslowe

          I think you got it right at the end…
          People in the same room. Connected. Observant of each other and within the game space. Interacting.
          I think they still have a very strong focus on local multiplayer and the importance of bringing the modern family dynamic back to interacting in the same space. As opposed to being in the same room but each person with their own separate device. In their own worlds. I remember them specifically making mention of that on a no’ of occasions. But I can’t myself ever recall hearing a representative mention having others watching you play as a primary focus. That’s not to say it never happened. I just didn’t get that memo…

          • vexedpython

            I can see their focus on getting everyone into the game in that even on the single player mini games in Nintedeoland they still have hidden features that a second player can do. that’s what I like though is that all their games allow ppl to have fun together.

          • Rinslowe

            Yeah. Nintendo land is underrated in that respect. Being able to play together in the same space is something Nintendo still does quite well imo. And I welcome the opportunity to game more often with family. It’s a good feeling to have everyone involved in that way.

  • Rinslowe

    So far I’ve really enjoyed the single player aspect of Zelda. With a vast open world like the one being designed for Zelda U, I think I’d rather keep it that way. And would prefer a well paced experience inside that open world as much as possible. But, I’m open to change so long as it’s done right. And a local or online coop could be possibly welcome, for my tastes.
    Anouma’s “maybe” doesn’t really say a lot though so I’m not expecting big changes there. Still I’m open…

    • harkeness

      No pacing. Pacing implies a very scripted experience, that is the game pushes you along so that the story becomes the main focus. Not only that but you can’t really force pacing in an open world game, it is antithetical to it.

      • Rinslowe

        Every game even open world RPG’s etc.. Have pacing. By the use of the word “well” paced in this example I was referring to “the existence of pace” intelligently included into the experience, considering the open world aspect “as far as possible”. And nothing more.
        But thank’s for your opinion.
        Even open world games that lack any pacing (not necessarily implying scripted experiences) are left feeling tedious and lacking in direction. Pacing in this respect implies the balancing of goals and quests which arise in frequency enough to create the sense of a clear direction in story and narrative.
        Your understanding can be applied to some, but not all popular game designs.
        If you want to debate what is game design and how pacing fits into that. Please kindly refer to the internet. Where there any many sources that can help to broaden your horizons.

        • harkeness

          Pacing is up to the player more than anything and that’s how it should be. Given that they want to go with a non-linear approach, pacing forced by the developers becomes an even bigger problem. Like I said I’d rather the pacing of the game be up to the player themselves. If you feel bored in open world games it’s either because you’ve seen all or most of what the game has to offer, the content that the developers included isn’t interesting enough, or it’s the player’s own shortcomings.

          • Rinslowe

            Mostly in an open world game, pacing is one of the more demanding challenges yes. Which is why I would like to see the pace of an open world Zelda still retain as much structure and direction as is possible given the open world nature of Zelda U’s apparent design.
            Too open and you risk the player losing interest. To convoluted or “scripted” and you face the player becoming frustrated in the apparent freedom but obvious lack thereof…
            I would like to see a well paced Zelda as far as is possible within the open world they are creating. But that doesn’t necessarily imply it has to be forced…
            Many games have tried their variations on this approach.

  • I agree on the isolation-issue but I could totally live with that in Zelda. In Metroid, it would REALLY destroy the game for me, because that game is just totally depending on that feeling of isolation.
    They announced a Coop Mode for Sonic Boom, that would let one player play on the gamepad and the other one on the TV screen. Now that’s the only Multiplayermode I’d LOVE (LOVE….WITH L, O, V and E! ! ! ! !! ) to see in Zelda although I’m not sure if the WiiU could handle that technically (wondering how this should work with Sonic Boom as this game already looks quite amazing visually)

    But just imagine playing a dungeon in 2player coop and one player would do stuff on the second floor while you’re fighting through the first floor to meet each other again later on? I’d totally ditch that isolation-thing for this gameplay dynamic. What I don’t wanna see is some forced multiplayer mode that just hasn’t anything to do with the actual game. Because in these cases it ALWAYS just feels like they should have saved the ressources from the MP-development for a better SP experience. Always. Or maybe always except with GTAV. GTAVs SP was so huge, I couldn’t have asked for more.

    • Rinslowe

      Hmm. Yes for Metroid I couldn’t agree more. That’s not to imply a form of online multiplayer wouldn’t be appealing. I think there are many scenarios that could work well for Metroid there. But for the campaign I’ve always enjoyed a more singular experience.

      • Dark Link

        That Metroid Prime 2 multiplayer was fun but it was “lacking” so to say. Much potential, just not taken seriously.

        • Rinslowe

          Yeah, I never really got into that, that much at all. It was a time where most my friends had made the transition to PC mostly and Playstation. Now though in that vein I think there is much potential to expand on a fully fledged Metroid multiplayer..

          • As John said in the video, it’s Nintendo. If it would hurt the game, they wouldn’t do it, if they found a way to create something that adds something to the experience, they might try it out. If they would create some superobvious multiplayermode, they would have done that 10yrs ago.
            They only tried that out once with Four Swords, which turned out to actually be a great partygame. Maybe a bad Zelda game though but in that case, I didn’t care too much πŸ™‚

          • Dark Link

            There is. Prime Hunters was a great example. When it first came out, I use to go to McDonalds every Monday morning and get breakfast and play Metroid Prime Hunters online. Sometimes for so long that I would forget I was still in McDonalds. Hoping they announce Prime Hunter 2! πŸ™‚

        • the Echoes-MP is the perfect example of a mp-mode eating away precious development time from the SP campaign.

          The main problem with MP modes like these is, that you don’t have friends visiting you who really know how to play Metroid Prime at all. And only the ones who do would’ve had fun playing that multiplayer. As long as a game’s controls aren’t as self-explaining as they are in Mario 3D World or Mario Kart 8, it NEVER works out to force some multiplayer-mode into a game, at least as long as it isn’t online. Pikmin was already on the edge, but as it was only a 2player mode, chances were higher that you could explain those controls to one friend or find one who may know that game. but echoes … ridiculous. And the sad thing about echoes was, that if you managed to find someone who wanted to play it, it was actually not so bad, considering that MP doesn’t really have controls made for that purpose. I’d like to see a Metroid-MP that’s playable with Wiimotion+ though. They could just create some arenas with the corruption engine, make it HD and throw it into the eShop as free to play. I just like corruption’s wiimote-gameplay, so great for more fast paced action than previous prime-games.

          • Dark Link

            Understandable. I have the Metroid Prime Trilogy(as that is how I started playing Prime 2 again recently) and it works so much better than the GC version. If you haven’t tried the Trilogy yet for the other Prime games, you will not be disappointed when you do.

          • agreed, and I totally HATE the fact, that First Person games went back to analog-stick controls with the WiiU. They really were onto something with the Wii that might just have needed further optimization.

      • Even for its singleplayer campaign there was always far too much going on with other characters for my taste. There were a few metroid-games with barely any sign of any other intelligent life than samus. Super Metroid for example was just filled with hostile, strange creatures and you were all alone among them. I loved that especially because there at some point you met these strange friendly creatures which helped you discover … I believe the wall jump or something like that. As they weren’t real characters I wouldn’t give them too much credit but to find something friendly after dozens of hours of playing into that game felt just very good. Later they totally filled these games up with other lifeforms, characters and whatever.
        So if they ever would decide to include some kind of multiplayer into Metroid, then it should be something like Journey. There’s actually a name for this. I just mean that there’s only one other player here and then joining and leaving naturally and continuing to play his/her own game. something like that. Could also work with Zelda, although I’d totally prefer that Sonic-Boom Coop there as for me, Zelda isn’t as focused on that isolation-aspect as Metroid is. In Wind Waker you also had to go through dungeons with another NPC which might have been a little annoying but didn’t really destroy that whole Zelda-dungeon-feeling (for me). I’m just a faaaaar bigger fan of properly solved Coop modes instead of the 100th multiplayer battle-arena. But I also loved Resident Evil 5 for it’s amazing coop gameplay, so maybe I’m the only one πŸ™‚

        • Rinslowe

          Hmmm. Journey….

          Yeah, I would totally be open to that.

    • Andrew W Garttmeyer

      That is actually a really cool idea, two players fighting through a dungeon, waiting for the other to step on a block to further a puzzle they are on downstairs. A Link from the future comes back in time to help the old Link?

      • Suraj Alexander

        Or an enthusiastic side kick or zelda herself

        • mralloverit

          I was reading thru the article and the comments, and it just hit me. Have you had the chance to pick up Wind Waker HD yet?

          • Suraj Alexander

            yh its amazing

          • mralloverit

            Awesome. At first I started to wonder if the code I sent was copied down correctly. Then we got insanely busy at work and I forgot about it. Good to hear that it worked out. Even better to hear that you’re enjoying it.

      • hehe and if young link gets hurt, old link suddenly has a scar on that spot πŸ˜›
        Although, logically speaking, this would also mean that if old link dies, young link could continue playing but not vice versa …

  • By the way, he’s never really referring to the Zelda WiiU we saw at E3. There could still be coming a Four Swords on eshop or something like that. I’d buy it.

    • C4

      Yeah. I think maybe it even would be better as a seperate game with Coop
      and Arena fights half a year or ~ one year after the release of the other game, but using the same world and lore.

    • Fred

      4 swords adventures was a great Zelda game on GameCube. If they did an HD remake of that I’d be ecstatic!

  • Ony

    I upvote this because the video featured Metroid Prime.


  • Nathan C.

    Nintendo needs to understand not everyone is sold on multiplayer experiences. Take Super Mario 3D World for instance. While I really enjoyed that game, the multiplayer gimmick was useless since no one would play with me. That’s why Nintendo really needs to take one step forward and expand their multiplayer games to online.

    • Fierce-Deity Link

      lol.. so it was useless cause no one would play with you? it’s not useless just cause you got screwed xD…super mario 3d world was awesome.. a couple of buddies and I managed to collect all the stars, and stamps and cooperated when we needed to.. and fucked around the rest of the time.. it was great to have that in a 3d environment.. it’s safe to say people enjoyed the multiplayer..

      • Nathan C.

        Let me repeat myself. “Nintendo needs to understand NOT EVERYONE is sold on multiplayer experiences.” Look, I’m only saying that local multiplayer is useless to those who can’t take advantage of it. Super Mario 3D World is a great game, but you can’t deny that online multiplayer could’ve added TONS of replay value to it.

        • Dominicruz

          I bought the game but I was playing alone all the time and all of my friend live far or on different countries so I lnow how you feeling

    • you can say that about every.single.feature. of a game.
      not everyone is sold to online modes (like me)
      not everyone is sold to mature games
      not everyone is sold to kiddygames.

      SM3DWorld was did for me, what Mario Kart did in the 90ies in terms of multiplayer. it’s just the ultimate 4player coop jump’n run and I LOVE Nintendo for going down that path. I don’t care about Smash Bros, but I would never complain about it being developed.
      If there’s one strength Nintendo still has, than it’s the ability to create superintuitive local multiplayer experiences, letting people take the joypad and initially know how it works. If you want to play online, check out the consoles of Sony or Microsoft, they are practicing this for the past decade.

      Nintendo wasn’t a fan of usual Online-modes for a very, very long time, because it would isolate the players in front of the srceen. Nintendo is still living their picture of some 1980ies-kiddos, sitting in front of a TV and having fun, treating a videogame as something like a digital version of a boardgame.
      Online games just are something different and they aren’t something you’d buy a Nintendo console for. I know, they also did quite some decent online games in the past, especially on their handhelds, but in general it’s just not their policy. at least not with home consoles.
      In a game like Mario Kart 8, they are kinda forced to create an online mode, because it’s something superobvious in a franchise like this one, as it is for Smash Bros. But even in Mario Kart, they’ve included the option to play with 2 Players locally versus Online players, to preserve at least a little bit of that local aspect.

  • Jason

    As long as it’s not like NSMBU, I’m okay with it.

  • vexedpython

    i just hope that if they do this it will have split-screen free local multiplayer with one using gamepad as screen and other getting tv. I have played multiple wii u games that do this but for some reason N still makes it spilt screen in their own games.(Mario kart is great but me and my wife would play it a lot more if it wasent for the spilt-screen.) if warriors orochi can do it I don’t see why big budget N games cant.. as for it breaking the feel I think that most games are funnier with local multiplayer. even single player games me and my wife take turns playing while we are playing through them. however online multiplayer can really destroy some games

  • CΓ©dric Theys

    There is always someone with a Doctor Who name or profile picture πŸ™‚

    • CΓ©dric Theys


      • LevenThumps

        Every site needs one πŸ™‚

  • Ducked

    Maybe the character they showed at E3 wasn’t Link, and was just one of the playable characters.

  • Sdudyoy

    I’m really not sure what I think on a multiplayer Zelda, I guess if it’s optinal than I wouldn’t mind.

  • Carlos Webster

    Good Idea.

  • harkeness

    Didn’t aonuma say that the multiplayer aspect wouldn’t be actual multiplayer but just like wind waker’s bottle thing?

  • Spoon

    An online co-op could be awesome. But as much as I would want that, I wouldn’t want a diluted single player mode.

  • Pablo LavΓ­n

    When I saw the name ”Hyrule Warriors” and the first design of its Link, I tought It was a MMO, with personalization and everything.

  • jjbredesen

    I agree with you, and i do trust Nintendo, I was actually hoping for Multiplayer in skyward sword, a separate arena mode, where 2 players fight each other in a arena and the one who has the most skill will win. 1 on 1 motion control combat would be really cool.

    Not sure if it would be good to have it in the main campaign, but as a separate thing it would be awesome.

    • harkeness

      My initial reaction to this statement is this

      • jjbredesen

        Um…okey then πŸ˜€ Have a nice day sir πŸ˜‰

  • TomDobo

    MMORPG would be awesome (yes I know it’s and RPG title). But I could settle with co-op

  • InterTreble

    Zelda MMORPG? Mmm… perhaps a good idea, but please, don’t call it Zelda.

  • Justinr

    As long as its not too intrusive and I have faith that nintendo won’t ruin their flagship with it.

  • Dark Link

    I think if they are going to do a multiplayer kind of aspect to this new Zelda, they need to make optional dungeons for it. As much “fun” as it sounds having someone help you through a dungeon I myself would not want to do it. I want to experience the full dungeon for myself as that is a part of the Zelda experience. But what they should have are optional dungeons or places you can go that you NEED 2+ players to get through it all. Have it in the game, optional but not mandatory.

  • MarkyWiiU

    I would want a local-multiplayer for Wii U. In the game there could be 3 save files for single player and 3 others for Multiplayer. Both modes would have the same story. You could play 1 person in the multiplayer save file but when a friend joins you, they only have to click the A button to hop into the game. The characters would be the four links ( Green, Blue, Red and Purple). Because the game will be more of an ”openworld” and less ”linear” players could make strategies like: Who attacks where and who needs to activate the switch while we fight the bad guys. Puzzles would be more fun to solve with friends. Wouldn’t be awesome!

  • Mike

    Didnt Aonuma mention this during the announcement?

  • Nate

    I hope I get to play as Navi so I can yell, “Hey! Listen!” non-stop while my friend plays as Link.

    Nintendo, make it so.

  • some guy

    If it were something sooort of similar to the online multiplayer in Dark Souls, I’d be elated. Whatever it might be, I’m sure Nintendo can make it work.

  • 8bit

    Sorry, the sole reason I love the Zelda series is because of the lone adventure part of things. I love to close myself in during a weekend and dive into it and honestly, I’ve done that since the very beginning. This formula has worked perfectly since the start of the series.

    Zelda to me is the most rare classic of gems, don’t mess with the golden formula, please.

    It’s art style going in different directions is logical due to advancing hardware technology, we can make worlds more beautiful nowadays, that is something that haven’t effected the gameplay what so ever, remember The Legend Zelda for Nes? Blocky pixels all over the place but the gameplay have remained intact throughout the series. The only true way multiplayer works when implementing it in classic singel player games, is by doing it alΓ‘ GTAV style, just leave the singel player adventure as it has been since it was once created.

  • linxz

    instead of that, let me build and customize a home like in Skyrim. I’d much rather that!

  • Dominicruz

    I believe that if they are trying to add a multiplayer or co-op to this game I think is going to be a hard game because they see how popular is dark souls and skyrim so Nintendo is trying to do the same but better a big open world with co-op and aonuma said that link will get rewards , experience will learn new moves and become strong so he can enter to new areas .I always wanted a friend for link it can be a Goron his best friend can you imagen link with a best friend or maybe zelda , a new sheik or impa who knows or is just a vs mode

  • majora :D

    I’d like to see some kind of PvP action in Zelda. Think of Red Steel, but in third person and done right.

  • steveb944

    P2: “Hey! Listen!”

  • iamserious

    Multiplayer for new Wii U Zelda game? No thank you.