Sep 2nd, 2014

Japan received the first update to Hyrule Warriors today, which added a new mode of gameplay and the familiar 8-bit sword and shield of the original Legend of Zelda game as options in the game. The add-on content was provided for free in Japan and according to the latest tweet from Nintendo of Europe, it will be available at launch on September 19.

Since the North American version of the game is launching on September 26, it’s likely the additional content will be available there, as well. Are you still excited for the game? Despite the game performing decently on its first week of sales in Japan, sales have now dipped considerably. Dynasty Warriors has never been hugely popular here in the United States and many people expected better performance from the game in Japan.

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  • Prid

    Seeing how Hyrule Warriors is rising up in the Amazon’s Video Game Best Sellers list (currently in 19th place – US, and 28th in UK), it seems like the game will be performing extremely well outside of Japan 🙂

  • Merry_Blind

    I’m getting it. It looks great. I just hope the harder difficulty levels are more interesting than the passive enemies we saw in the trailers. And I hope there isn’t too many slowdowns since it’s 30fps. I was expecting 60fps to be honest.

    Edit: It seems there are conflicting infos on the actual framerate of the game, there are definitely dips in the framerate, but many people seem to say it’s just a very fluctuating 60fps. So, not a ‘solid’ 60fps, probably anywhere between 30 and 60. However, the developers said they want to support the game with many updates and a big expansion. So hopefully they’ll iron out the bugs and performance instability over time!

    Oh and hopefully they’ll somehow add Skull Kid in the game at some point!

    • Mayoo

      On the FPS, I will deal with that. It’s better to have 30~60fps than that stupid “freeze” when you kill an enemy in the recent Zelda games.

      • Merry_Blind

        Well I’ll be happy if it does run near 60fps on average since I thought it was 30fps after all.

        As for that ‘freeze’ you mentioned… it’s in Wind Waker HD right? If so, that doesn’t bother me at all. It’s an intended effect and I think it works well.

  • J_Joestar

    the main thing about DW games is that it is typically less about “using a single guy to take down hundreds of enemies” and more “using *insert famous character* to take down hundreds of enemies”.
    So hopefully the fact that LoZ is more popular outside of Japan will help international sales.

  • masterjedi

    I love how many people are saying that sword is a mine craft thing. Ah the ignorance of youth.

  • Ultrasyd

    Not a fan of Dinasty Warrior at all, but I’ll take it because my Wii U is asking for a new game and it’s Zelda : )

  • C.S. Bailey

    I’ll be buying it on release, hoping to make this the new family game. That means it will be the physical copy so my kid can play it in the room when I want to play something else.

  • anthony optimo

    I played dynasty warriors once, it was trash.

  • Ben English

    It’s dangerous to go alone! 😀

  • shoeses47

    I wonder if this will be like the Wonderful 101, where people say they’re gonna buy it, but it does horribly sales wise…