The Cave is a Wii U platform game developed by Double Fine Productions and published by SEGA. It’s an adventure game featuring a wide variety of characters, and takes place in an underground cave, hence the name. The Cave Wii U is a digital download title, and will be available on the eShop. The Cave is loosely based on the 1987 game Manic Mansion, and is developer by the same developer: Ron Gilbert. The Cave will be released in early 2013 on the PC, PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U. It’s expected to retail at $20.

The Cave Wii U features

The cave Wii U
The Cave is a classic 2D side scrolling platform game with 3D visuals. It’s set in a cave with a variety of distinct settings, from rocks, to snow, to desert, even a forest level is featured in the game. It features several distinct characters, including a hillbilly, a knight, a scientist, and even a pair of orphans. In addition to the singleplayer campaign, the game will allow up to 3 players to play the game in co-op, either online or locally. The Cave Wii U version will likely include Wii U specific features that take advantage of the tablet controller, however, the developer has yet to reveal any specifics.

The Cave Wii U screenshots

The following screenshots show the distinct art style from the game, a 2D plaformer with 3D graphics.

The Cave Wii U trailer

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