Oct 13th, 2012

Marvel has confirmed that The Amazing Spider-Man is coming to the Wii U in Spring 2013. The game has already been released on several other consoles, but Wii U owners will get something extra for waiting.

The The Amazing Spider-Man Wii U version will include all of the downloadable content that’s been released so far on the other platforms, including DLC such as Oscorp Search and Destroy Pack and the Stan Lee Adventure Pack.

The news was revealed during a Marvel panel at NYCC 2012. The game will use the Wii U GamePad controller to navigate the city, chart a path, look up missions, and more. The game is developed by Beenox and is published by Activision. This is the fifth Wii U game from Activision. Some of the other titles include Call of Duty Black Ops 2 and 007 Legends.

Spider-Man Wii U


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  • Derp

    At least we get all the DLC with it.

    • PACMAN

      just got amazing spiderman on 3ds. is there more downloadable content on other consoles. Because that would make me happy. amazing spiderman 3ds was fun but it was just too short.

  • Likitung

    Likitung used “Me first”.

    • Nintenlord

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    • Yamiryuu Zero

      Likitung hurt itself in it’s confusion.

    • Tobbe

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    • Aggron

      *but it failed* — Aggron used Metal Burst… *but it failed*

    • The Detonator

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    • Wildman

      Likitung FAILED!

      • Captain Potato

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        CRITICAL HIT!!!!!!
        Captain Potato learned “SPUD”!! (Stupid People Usually Dumb)

        • 88MilesPrower

          This comment thread was painful to read.

  • Zero

    Is the picture from the actual game? Hope not, cause it looks horrible.

    • PSWii60

      considering its a direct port, don’t expect to see much visual change from PS3 XBox360 versions.

    • 7upland

      kids these days…. -_-

    • Mike

      You bet it is…just look it up in Google Images…or YouTube…

    • goginho

      lolwut ..you got high standards

    • NightºƒCore

      Now that you mention it, *looks out of window of 35th story apartment*, nope, doesn’t look the same.

    • Alex

      What matters is the fun and entertainment that you play, not the graphics.

  • SteampunkJedi

    It’s great that the Wii U is getting more support. I hope this game uses the GamePad well.

    • NightºƒCore

      I suppose you haven’t read the last paragraph?

      • SteampunkJedi

        If you’re talking about the support, it’s another game, which counts as support for me. If you’re talking about how the GamePad will be used, I meant I hope the GamePad use will enhance the game instead of hindering it.

  • Ledreppe

    Yaaaaawwwwwnnnnnnnn! Can’t say I’m excited about a Spiderman game.

    • Mike

      You should have been for Spiderman 2, since that was a good game. This is just mediocre, and not worth 60$.

      • Maverick-Hunter

        dude I so agree with you, I don’t even like this spiderman nor it’s story line, i’m not paying no 60$ for this. Infact “mediocre” is the only word for it good job sir.

    • Cugno the Swiss

      Yeah, what about porting Watch Dogs or Ni No Kuni? The rest of the world is still waiting for Ni No Kuni on the DS, and since it’s not coming, it would be goot atleast to have a Wii U port of the PS3 one. And what about Tales of Graces? Why was it a Wii exclusive, and when it was ported on PS3 the whole world has got it?
      Heck, let’s settle with Spiderman, it’s always third party support… Meh.

      • NightºƒCore

        Ahh Watch Dogs, Ni No Kuni, Valkyria Chronicles, etc… WHO GIVES A DAMN ABOUT SPIDERMAN.

        • Cugno the Swiss

          Now we’re talking! Who gives a spiderdamn!
          Port Tales of Graces F to the Wii U!

          And call it Tales of Graces F U!!!

          • NightºƒCore

            HELL YEAH!

  • afro ninja

    Looks ok might pick up something else though…

  • Likitung

    “Likitung used Me First, it turned into selfdestruct!”

  • Madmagican

    Alright!! even more proof that 3rd party developers are supporting the Wii U

    • NightºƒCore

      Well, no ones really interested in it really

      • JumpMan

        hey, what about my 5 year old cousins? they’d LOVE this game!

  • BLACK OPS 2?

    cool can’t wai even though i have it for PS3 still Wii U is BETTER

  • Jetty

    Since Nintendo won’t stoop as low as other consoles and block used games, this is why I prefer used games. This will be a worthwhile rent or used purchase if the price is right. Sixty bucks for Spidey isn’t a necessity, for me at least. The detail in this screenshot looks superb though. This would look pretty in action.

  • Chris

    Nice, can’t wait to get it =3

  • Yamiryuu Zero

    I don’t know if this game is worth my time. If I ever come to acquire it, it’ll be in next year or later. For now, I’m more worried about getting other titles!

    • JumpMan

      well, yes, seeing as it comes out in early 2013.

  • Leeroy

    Ironically the movie is made by sony

    • NightºƒCore


    • Maverick-Hunter

      no wonder it sucked

      • brain

        poor baby

  • VC

    Would anyone know, with Virtual Console games on Wii U, can you use the Gamepad, or would I have to get a classic controller or something?

    • NightºƒCore

      How many times are you gonna ask that question =.= I’m pretty sure you can use the Gamepad to play the VC games, but you can’t use the touch screen part.

    • srpg2ishere

      I think you CAN use the GamePad but It’s more likely you’ll have to use the pro controller

      • JumpMan

        well the gamepad has either the most or same amount as the most buttons on it as any other Nintendo controller has had forever… so i’m thinking just use the gamepad.

  • Smokey cheese

    Ok so it includes DLC which is great but if its a lazy port then that would be lame. Just watched the ign review for this when it was first released and while it got an above average score I can’t see the point of getting thisgame if they don’t do something snazzy with the game pad. Ithink Iwill just get Batman instead at least I know that this was already an awesome game before they even added the WiiU’s unique controller into the mix

    Got me thinking actually Ithink they missed a trick here in not doing a batman bundle for the new console.just imagine if they had pulled a double disc delight with Arkham Asylum and City. Why not go totally Batsh!t and do both games plus all three Nolan Blu ray movies. Would have cost fortune though 🙂

  • Mylochek

    I liked the Spiderman 2 game but nothing much else i the Spiderman world of games. This one will probably be just a renter or picked up as a pre-owned game. Though I love the fact that 3rd party titles are coming to the Wii U. It’s great to see third party support.

  • TheImaj

    Looks decent. Not a title I’ll pick up but at least we have more 3rd party support.

  • ThisGuy

    I don’t understand why u would relese a movie game almost a year after the movie was relesed. Can’t say I’m too excited about this game. Ill def pick up codbu2

    • Nintendo is da best

      …the game isn’t based off the movie. its a sequel to the movie in a video game format.

      • JumpMan

        even more of a reason to release it almost a year later :3

  • CandCmen

    Nice! I’m getting this. 😀

  • Brandon K.

    Wow, this game looks pretty awesome. But I’ll get it on PS3 rather than the Wii U.

  • Maverick-Hunter

    I guess developers have to practice using the game pad to make better games 🙂 I personally can careless about this title i’m not even touching it >.>

    • TehUltimate

      Uhhhh…… who cares….?

  • srpg2ishere

    Sweet. I was gonna get the gaame for my wii but apparently its coming to wii u. Guess I’d better save up my money.

    • The Detonator

      your getting a wii u just to play this game… -.-

  • YAK(youraveragekid)

    Am I the only one excited for this game? I luv dat free roam.
    This weekend i was going to watch amazing Spider-Man walkthrough because I thought I’d never get it. Damn lucky this news surfaced today.
    Ps. I luv dat free roam

  • DJ

    This is what I’ve been waiting for

  • smallNdeadly

    Rather have dead pool

  • N1nt3nd0L0v3rbo1

    Im guessin you all are talking about ps1 spiderman 1 & 2 ….all else suck. Just have to say …Marioparty 10 !…Marikart U …. Mario Strikers U …Mario Tennis U …+ Something like golden eye wii …for Wii U for local multiplayer shooter 🙂


    It has the rhino challenge with the classic suit DLC? I’m looking forward to it. My 360 and Ps3 game purchases (except PC) have slowed exponentially as I want to play them on WII-U instead.

  • Tobey Maguire

    Spider-Man 3 is the best movie 😀

    • SonicWarrior

      Good one Tobey… XD

    • EmilyAhn Wu

      Spider man’s live action movies are terrible, the amazing spiderman however did better at catching the characteristics

  • KalebTaylorX


    • SonicWarrior

      Why did you ever even comment here if you didn’t want to hear about it….?