Aug 25th, 2014


Teslagrad has been available for some time on PC now, with the Wii U version finally having been sent to Nintendo for certification. There’s no release date just yet, but the fact that it is in Nintendo’s hands mean the team is waiting for Nintendo to give it the greenlight. So what’s different about the PC and Wii U release?

According to a recent interview with Peter Meldahl of Rain Games, the team took special care to ensure that a host of features we’ve come to expect from GamePad integration exist within Teslagrad. The map and the list of collectibles for the game can all be accessed on the GamePad when you’re playing the game on the TV. Additionally, off-screen play is also supported, but Meldahl made sure to point out that the game feels much better when using the D-Pad and that the team didn’t have to make any graphical concessions in porting the game from PC to Wii U.

If you’re unfamiliar with Teslagrad, be sure and check out this Wii U launch trailer. We’ll update you when Rain Games releases more information about the game, including the date it’s launching on the Nintendo eShop and the price.

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  • ActivesiN

    awesome, can’t wait!

  • Milky Bacons

    Never heard of it, but it looks cool! I’ll have to check it out.

  • FutureFox

    “The map and the list of collectibles for the game can all be accessed on the GamePad” that’s about as far as developers have come when implementing “special feature” with the gamepad.

    • gerb1977

      The off tv play is the special feature most important to me. Being able to sit on my deck and play games while the kids play in the back yard has been awesome.

      I think for 3D visual games though and non platform genres there are a lot of possibilities. Hopefully we will see a few unique gems before its life is over.

      • perpetualentropy

        honestly it changed everything ppl say whats that playschool tablet for…. well i see it for what it is a controller with a nice screen on it.. me and my wife work different shifts so i only see her a couple hours a day and we dont watch the same stuff so to sit on the couch n play mario kart while she watches ”the kardashians” is awsome plus project free tv works on it and that has every episode of everything goodbye netflix hello pftv but you have to change the browser in the settings

    • And it won’t change with games that are actually ports. I’m actually very cool with that. This + off-TV play is quite something to improve a port over other versions. And games making more use of the gamepad have been there and weren’t always doing too good. I’d take a port that focuses on bringing the original experience with slight improvements to the WiiU over a game that feels the need to force gameplay-integration even if it might disrupt that experience.

    • Jake Russo

      I agree with other replies but also understand your frustration. Beyond moving menus over to the gamepad, you’re talking about changing the gameplay quite heavily. Until the Wii U gets a larger player base (which I expect we are getting closer and closer to with this year and the next seeing some cool releases) you won’t see many outside studios utilizing the potential of the gamepad as it means they’ll have to remain exclusive on the Wii U or chop off gameplay elements or hide them in menus on other consoles/PC.

  • Been waiting for this little gem to be released.

  • darkcreap

    Interesting game. I will be tracking it. By the way, with the recent changes in disqus I cannot access the replies to my comments through a link. Does anyone know how to configure it to have this feature back? It is so uncomfortable not having it.

    • Jake Russo

      I think it has to do with how Wii U Daily’s server is not expecting query parameters that disqus adds to the urls.

    • steveb944

      I’ve been having the same issue on here and the sister site. Their sister site fixed it, but it’s still bad here.

  • perpetualentropy

    that game looks fucking awsome tesla all the way edison can blow chodes elephant killing non inventing fuck tesla is one of the greatest men to live and this game just looks great

  • steveb944

    Looks okay. It’s neat powers but price will dictate my purchase.

  • bistricky

    A few weeks back, I learned that the Wii U version of Teslagrad will also be distributed in physical retail.

    If it does, I am getting it …. especially an indie making a game that goes physical retail …. it might turn out to be a valued collector’s item for gamers, in the future, in its retail format.

  • Darius

    damn i want this game

  • Divaitiie!

    Pass for me.

  • Timothy Mercier

    oh look at that… another platformer coming to wii u… that being said, it looks pretty cool!
    Im still holding out for a good RPG!!