Jan 25th, 2013

Next month, the hit PC game Terraria will debut on both PSN and Xbox Live. The game port is being headed up by 505 Games, the team contracted by the original developer, Re-Logic in order to bring the mining and exploration game to the living room. It’s a great game that people really should experience, but I can’t help but feel it would feel more at home on the Wii U than the previous two consoles mentioned.

The console port for Terraria was well underway before the announcement and debut of the Wii U, so it’s understandable why 505 Games didn’t target the Wii U as a release console. However, given the nature of the game and how well Nintendo has been about receiving indie developers into the eShop, I feel as though the best console version of Terraria could be released on the Wii U.

The control scheme for the game had to be completely modified to accept controller input, as originally it was a mouse and keyboard based game. The game has extensive inventory management as well, which is something the Wii U currently does better than the other two consoles. Off-TV play is also very enticing, as the pixel-style graphics lend themselves well to the smaller screen of the Wii U gamepad.

So the question here is, after watching the above trailer, is Terraria something you would like to see on the Wii U? Perhaps if enough interest is drummed up, 505 Games could go to work with Nintendo to bringing this awesome exploration game to the Wii U.

[via GameFans]

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  • Ultranist

    I already have it on PC

  • Luiz

    The touchscreen controller it’s a sufficiently reasonable motive to bring this game to Wii U. The DS would be a even better plataform than PS3 and X360.

  • I would seriously consider a purchase on Wii U.

  • I agree that this would be great on Wii U, but you didn’t provide any way for us to start a campaign, or even how to contact 505 Games.  This seems less like a news story or a call to action and more like daydreaming.  No offense, I just expected a link to a petition or something at the very least 🙂 I went to their site, clicked contact, and sent a message linking to this story. Their website is http://www.505games.com/us/contact.aspx

  • Devilus

    Would much rather have minecraft.

    • Ultranist

      minecraft without mods is nothing

      • Jonas

         the full minecraft version which is only available for pc and mac is actually a lot of fun. I play it for 2 weeks or so and then let it rest for some time again until i play it again. But i have to say only multiplayer is fun in minecraft

        • Vakua Dorn

          Sadly, microsoft owns the console rights to it.

      • Letha1Rage

        Without mods it is still very fun. I enjoy minecraft on the xbox very much the only thing that is constantly nagging at me is the fact that it is limited to 8 people which limits the things you can do.

    • Stephen Baxendale

      I think terraria fits into the retro theme of nintendo, and I had more fun with it.

    • Jeffery02

       I’d rather have both

    • bizzy gie

      What’s minecraft? Please provide detail.

      • AKT4

        Google it. You’ve somehow managed to miss one of the biggest things in gaming for the last few years. I don’t play it myself, but can’t stop hearing about it everywhere, including real life. 
        (No offense meant, but just go google it now.)

        • bizzy gie

          Ah I see. Just to make sure I have the correct information on this program here’s a sum up (correct me if I’m wrong): “My grandma is dying of heart cancer, but if my place gets 9 views, she’ll survive.” Is that Minecraft?

  • Not interested…

  • Matt Lambourne

    Personally no, I’m not really interested in these indie games, but it’s good for the Wii U to have an extensive library.

  • AAAkabob

    I would buy it, looks like a 15-20 dollar game to me…how much is it on pc?

    EDIT: It is $10 on pc too bad I have Macbook air, if it were $15 on Wii U I would definitely buy.

  • Jonas

    yes i would

  • You know, I own it on PC. But I would probably prefer it on the Wii U (same with Minecraft, but we’ll never see that).

  • Quan ManChu

    I own it on PC, but would buy it on Wii U if it gets voicechat and local/online coop and gamepad play. If these conditions are met… it would be a day one purchase.

  • Andre’ D’Arcy

    Holy crap! This was actually the first PC game I bought, I got it right when it was released and its awesome. They have to bring it to WiiU, its the on most suitable for it anyway

  • If minecraft was on the wiiU i think this would be much better. for example using the wiiU gamepad as a camera like where your going or something…

    • X3Charlie

      In a lot of ways Nintendo’s systems are the best in terms of control schemes because of the variety they offer.

  • I personally would love to see Terraria on the eShop, loved the PC version. I bet it would be better on the Wii U!!

  • Yeah AS LONG as it has online. Yes it would be an insta-buy for me.

  • fireheartis1

    This game would be perfect on the Wii U’s eShop.  I can’t beleive they are not releasing it for Wii U.  I would perchase it for sure.  Let’s get a potition started so we can see this game on the awesome Wii U.

  • yugatsuj

    I want minecraft and terraria ….NAOH!!!!!

  • Seiya Quaid

    I NEED TERRARIA ON THE WII U! I NEED THE NEW CONTENT! I freaking need this. I don’t have a PS3 or Xbox and can’t afford one since I bought the Wii U before this was announced. I would SO buy this if it acme out for the Wii U or Nintendo 3DS. Terraria is one of my favorite games, and when I found out that it was coming out with new content, but only for PS3 and Xbox, and not even the original PC version, I was disappointed. We need this for the Wii U. It would gain so much more money, since the Wii U has many fans. I really hope 505 games considers it.

  • NintendoNoob

    I want Terraria!!!!!!

  • Gabe Hoffman

    Why would they not make Terraria for Wii U that’s insane! I think somebody should get a petition together

  • yeah terraria and mincraft would be perfect for wii u

  • yes

  • Looks old-school epic.  Yes, I think I’d buy this on the Wii U.  Might work well on the 3DS too….

  • Mackenzie Smith

    I Would Love Terraria on Wii U

  • DemonRoach

    If it was like 5$ maybe.

  • Juan P Ferreira

    I would buy it no matter what.

  • To answer your question quickly… Yes.

  • Nicholas Satterfield

    There needs to be terraria for Wii U. I would love Minecraft too but it’s a lost cause. Microsoft bought rights to minecraft. So terraria would help make up for the loss maybe. I also posted this from my wii u 🙂