Apr 30th, 2013


UK development team, Nyamyam, has confirmed that their upcoming game in development for iPad called “Tengami,” will also make it to Wii U. This is what the team had to say in a recent public statement:

“Last year we asked on Twitter whether you would like to see Tengami on the Wii U. The response was so overwhelmingly positive that we began the process of bringing Tengami on the Wii U to life. It is with great pleasure that I can finally announce Nyamyam is now an authorized Nintendo developer. On top of that Wii U dev kits arrived this morning and we are thrilled to be starting development soon.

Our sincerest gratitude goes out to everyone who encouraged us to pursue Tengami on the Wii U. It is because of your support that Tengami is coming to the Wii U. Thank you!”

Seems like the fans have clearly spoken and another potentially great title is headed Wii U’s way! Here’s a brief description and video of the game:

“In Tengami you explore a beautifully paper crafted pop-up world, with an art style inspired by traditional Japanese arts and crafts. Tengami is an adventure game, full of wonder and mystery, set in Japan of ancient dark fairy tales.”

Nyamyam was formed by employees from the former development studio “Rare,” before the Microsoft buyout. Personally, I’m glad to see another small development studio on board with Wii U, and I don’t mean that in a bad way. I think Wii U’s unpopularity with mainstream development studios may be a blessing in disguise as this makes way for great titles and places the spotlight on deserving development teams. Wii U may just be the console that indie developers and smaller studios flock to…at least this is what seems to be happening. Anyway, what are your thoughts? Looking forward to Tengami? Let us know below!


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  • DK_Hadouken

    I’ve been seeing how more Indie Developers are coming to the Wii U and I do feel this is the console that will make these Indie Developers into Powerhouses. These Developers are outshining Big Name Developers and with Nintendo’s push with software like Unity it can makes even more possibilities happen.

    The Wii U may be hurting right now. But come fall when the new Xbox and PS4 are released we will be enjoying a much smoother Wii U with a bigger library, while the Xbox and PS4 will have to go through the same hurdles, fixes and droughts that all new Next-Gen consoles must go through.

    I personally can not wait!

    • Agreed. Time is what all new consoles need before they hit their stride. Wii U’s software library will be nothing to scoff at by the end of this year. I think impatience has led the industry and some of the gaming community to arrive to a premature verdict concerning Wii U. Things are definitely about to get interesting. Can’t wait for Wind Waker HD and Mario Kart πŸ™‚

  • Super Buu

    Yet another game coming to Wii U’s eShop and people still say it has ”no games”.

    • DK_Hadouken

      Some people tend to think they know what they’re talking about, like when a Football player fails to catch a ball that clearly looks like he has it and they say how they could have done it better.

      It is plainly clear that the Wii U is going through what the 3DS went through, and look at it now.

    • Adrian

      I have yet to play an Indy game. Maybe one day.

    • Jack5221

      When people complain that theres “No games” They’re referring to the big titles like Zelda, Mario kart etc. Dont get me wrong, I love all these eShop games, but I would like Zelda and Mario Kart some time soon πŸ™‚

  • Ducked

    People complained that the Wii didn’t have enough indie games.
    Nintendo delivers on the Wii U.

  • ZeldaFan83

    I think Nintendo did a great job in getting a lot of Indie support and making the Wii U very Indie friendly, but I also think they were able to use that great support to provide gamers with quality Indie games while there are no AAA games or really any good game releases from first party or third party developers on the Wii U since launch and there won’t be any until Summer or so.

    • jay

      They’ll never be a “AAA game” from indies because that term is loosely defined by t3h h@rdc0rez as a big budget game with violence and something corny like achievements.

      Amazing games like World of Goo or Lost Winds will never be called “AAA” by IGNorant gaming media.

      …. But who cares?!! lol

      • ZeldaFan83

        Yeah that’s true but I think that if you love and enjoy a game like World of Goo (awesome game by the way) which may not be a super long game with Next-Gen graphics then it can still be a AAA game to you. I love the original Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros., Metroid, etc. Now they were’nt insanely long games with a ton of replay value or amazing graphics but when I played them as a kid they were AAA games to me and the replay value of those games was playing them over and over and still enjoying them the 75th time you played them as much as the first time you had played those games.

        I don’t care what Gaming Media considers top of the line (AAA games). If you consider a Indie game amazing and fun then it’s AAA to gamers πŸ™‚

  • Nintendofreak

    i thought it was something to do with okami ;(

  • MasterPpv

    Wait, these people are devs from the OLD Rare? HOLY SHIZBALLS.

    People, watch out. This is something special.

    • jay

      My reaction exactly!!

  • david jarman

    Makes me proud to be a wiiu owner. Welcome ex-rare employees, welcome home.

  • I know me and alot of my friends would like to see other farming games come to the game consoles..wii u would be the perfect place..farming games other then harvest moon…also some more hidden objects games that are more intense and interesting…:)

    • jay

      “thats not H@rdc0re!! Needs the blood the guns!!”

      “You’re a virgin casual baby games!!”

      Yeah be prepared to hear that and a ton of other immature comments for being casual. Nice to see other casuals online.

      I myself am excited for Wii Fit U and WHERE THE HECK IS WII SPORTS!?!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    Good Games Coming on WiiU πŸ˜€

  • Pedro Natera

    Too many indie games there better be a shit load of wii u games this holiday season

  • Adam Morales

    Can’t help but think this would look AMAZING on the 3DS, but I’ll welcome anything to me Wii U!

  • fireheartis1

    This game looks awesome it may just be a day one purchase for me.

  • discuss

    As an Ipas owner I must say I’ve never seen an ipad game console worthy. I highly doubt this game will change that. The video gives a boring impression.

  • jay

    “Nyamyam was formed by employees from the former development studio β€œRare,” before the Microsoft buyout.”

    Insta BUY.