Dec 20th, 2012

Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry has another set of comparison videos between the Wii U version of Tekken tag Tournament 2, and the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. As per usual, they have an in-depth technical analysis of the three version of the game, which you can find here. They conclude that while the Wii U version has a lot of extras (including Nintendo-themed costumes), the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions offer “slightly better visuals” and more stable online gameplay. Honestly, as the videos show below, it’s hard to see any difference between the three versions.

Be sure to check out the previous comparison videos, which included Ninja Gaiden 3.

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  • Huzefa Javed

    They look the same 🙂

  • In the first two video’s I notice differences, seems like in the arenas the ps360 look better, mainly the background (fish jumping behind the flag carrier and bartender at the cafe scene etc) both are missing on the wiiu version, yet the wiiu version seems to be better during close Ups of the fighters, the color seems more natural on the wiiu then on ps360.

    Other then that very little difference, but honestly I’m getting a bit tired of the comparisons all the time, it’s all over the web, comparison videos of ps360 to wiiu, yet all games being compared are “ports” and I doubt anyone really minds which version looks better or not (especially on such minor differences as this title), atleast PS3/XBox360/WiiU owners can play the same games using mostly the same controls as well, so people can play against eachother with friends let’s say I have a WiiU and my friend has a ps3 and another has a xb360 we all have the game on all 3 consoles and we can still play against eachother on different consoles, that’s all that matters tbh.

    Edit: As for the third video it’s running pretty steady on 60fps. Seen only two larger fps-drops to 56-58fps. The line in the bottom drops a few more times to 59 but that’s negligible. So on that part it’s very good no need to complain about that (compared to AC3 and Batman Armored edition)

    Overall satisfaction on this title: 77/100

    • Genesect4ssb4

      someone who agrees with me! finally, these ports dont use much of the Wii U anyway, they are ports. We will not see true Wii U potential until the big titles come out in Holiday 2013 and 2014

      •  I am sure the next Zelda and Metroid will show off what the Wii U can do. 

  • darkstar18

    my laptop has an HDMI port in it does than mean that i can play the wii U on it? if so can someone plzz tell me how 

    • drew42o

      No, that HDMI port is to hook your laptop to your HD TV.

    • Yannis Mi

       no cause this port exports video and sound to other devices, it cant be used to import v&s (hdmi)

    •  Output only dude

  • audie bowler

    this kind of thing is just beyond help its not a tech comparason at all its a pathetic video of a cheaply ported all ready out existing game its irelivent,to anything in the real world and has no bearing on wiiu abilitys

    someone needs to grow up

    • Nintedward-3DS-WiiU

      Well said Audie 🙂 .  A rushed port is a rushed port – End of discussion. Please guys , don’t let any of this BS bother you.

      A- CoD on Wiiu look totaly better than the ps3 version. Cod on ps3 is 800×720 with muddy textures and no detail – and that’s a 7 year optimised console.
      Wiiu version is 880×720 with all the detail akin to the xbox 360 version. 

      Do you think Activision deliberately made the ps3 version with their Huge instaled base the worst looking version deliberately ? 
      And why does the 360 version look better than the ps3 version if games like Uncharted 3 on ps3 totaly trump all the graphics on 360 ? 

      Because people have their dik in the 360’s butt , simple…. 

      Again , Why does Trine 2 look dramatically better on wiiu than it does on other consoles ? And the developer even said it would need scaling down to run on 360 and ps3. 

      What we can take from this is , Multiplats are not a Benchmark of a systems performance , Exclusives are or , Multiplats that show a dedicated amount of effort. 

      They will try put the 360 code on wiiu , and it doesn’t work that way. Cus wiiu is GPU based Architecture. 

      When Zelda Wiiu , Smash Bros , Bayonetta 2 , Pikmin 3 , Wonderfull 101 , Rayman Legends etc arrive – we will have a better understanding of the wiiu’s capabilitites. Because none of us really understand specs , none of us . Just the developers do…

      Edit- I have tekken tag 2 on wiiu , and not only does it look THE SAME as the other console versions , But the online runs beautifully aswell. all the extra content , in particular , tekken ball mean this is definitely the definitive version!

      • xdlugia

        Xbox 360 has a better CPU than the PS3, and also has twice the RAM available.

        • Nintedward-3DS-WiiU

          No , the ps3’s Cell broadband is superior in overall performance. The xbox 360’s tri core is really easy to develop for compared to Cell broadband which has 8 SPU’s .  

          Disc size is also a factor which makes Sony’s exclusives look better. Without dual layer 50GB discs , there would be no Killzone or Uncharted.

          The wiiu has the same size discs , so we should see the same advantage of Huge detailed games..

          • xdlugia

            There is some truth in what you’re saying, but it is the PS3’s GPU which is more powerful than the 360’s.
            The GPU does make the graphics while the CPU does pretty much everything else, which is why The Xbox 360 can enter marketplace from any game/application while the PS3 has to boot up PSStore, do your stuff, then exit.

            Also the games load faster on the Xbox 360, even when they are mainly developed for the PS3.

          •  The X1400 Class Radeon in the 360 and the GeForce 7800 Class in the PS3 are actually about the same in terms of performance.  It is true that the Cell processor is superior on paper in Raw power but that does little good if it is difficult to write for and most companies port over their games from one console to another which makes for poor quality.   Both Nintendo and Xbox use the PowerPC series processor lines which I think Sony is going back to because of all the resistance from developers on the Cell processor. 

  • john

    What’s the problem? The Wii-U version definitely looks just as good, maybe even better. Just disregard what they said about the visuals and judge for yourself.

  • Gerald Cunningham

    These people bend over for Sony and SLIGHTLY take it up the poop shoot.

  • nicolascy32

    Again….Another example of how the nintendo’s greed to make a huge profit margin on each console unit sale has led to a seriously flawed console that is inferior to 7 year old technology behind the other consoles.

    Wii u ancient circa 1997 Power 750 processor clocked at a laughable 1.2 Ghz simply cannot cope with any new game…

    Yes Wii u has a much much faster graphics card then the other consoles but you can do so much with only a fast graphics card and without having a decent cpu….

    And about the bullshit i hear about Gpu based architecture….LOL The Gpu is not a hidden mysterie chip on the Wii u Pcb…..Heheheh It is simply the ability that new graphics card have(The ati from 4xxxx upwards and Nvidia from 5xx upwards) to be used also for general commands instead only graphical ones.Yes you can offload the cpu by using the graphics processor but doing so halves the usefull bandwidth by half as you have to constantly communicate with the cpu in the first place.And then you need the Graphics processor for…emmm doing the work it was made for…like executing graphical command….And the r740 (ie 4770) is not anything to write home about….

    Fighting games have to do with controls

    Anything under a rock solid 60 frame per second is a huge failll….

    • Theiz Zzee

      Actually Nintendo isn’t profitting on their consoles yet. Coupled with other sales yes but, not strictly off their consoles. As far as clock speed goes many slower clocked speed CPUs smoke faster CPU’s routinely nowadays. Also, just because a CPU is from the same family does not make it the same. Once you see more games built from the ground up with more time spent on it you will notice a bigger difference in the Wii U version.