Sep 5th, 2012

It seems like we’re getting Wii U box arts on a daily basis now. The latest comes from publisher Namco, who revealed the box art for Tekken Tag Tournament 2. It’s looks pretty standard and on par with the other versions. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will be released later this month on the Xbox 360 and PS3. The first reviews coming out of Japan have been quite positive — Japanese publication Famitsu gave it a near-perfect score (39/40). The game will be a Wii U launch title later this year, probably in November. Until then, you can indulge yourself in the box art below:

Tekken Wii U
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  • link 5

    Cool love tekken games

  • Death

    This game actually looks pretty epic XD
    I loved tatsunoko vs. capcom and super smash bros brawl on wii. These two are why I like fighting games. That and street fighter IV

  • PolarsPass

    This box art looks amazing, can’t wait to get my hands on this game.

    • BluChuChu

      Its very good box art indeed. I see that the cover designers have taken notice of how well black, white, and blue work on the Wii U covers, as several designs for other games use the same color schemes.

  • ChowFlap

    Off the chain son

  • Garzard

    3 edgy 5 me

    • chris

      I see what you did there

  • nintedward

    famitsu magazine = 39/40 for 360/ps3 review. the wiiu has added features.
    so its definately a title to look out for.

  • SuperShyGuy

    First Tekken game for a Nintendo home console!

  • chichiug

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    • nintedward

      sorry. between work and facebook i am on the internet a lot.

      and also i have a horrible horrible obsession with wiiu news.

      i have been obsessed with nintendo since the snes. and it will never change .

    • nintedward

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      • I WANT THE F***IN WII U NOW!

        haha i really want the bloody wii u day 1 too! hopefully ill gather up the money in time, i have 2-3 months so its not long but i can do it hopefully 😀

        anyone wanna mention how to make some quick dosh?

        • dobby

          Paper round? Local bar or pub collecting glasses? Chores for family maybe, if worse comes to worse you could sell a kidney but only as a last resort XD

          • I WANT THE F***IN WII U NOW!

            how much would i get? xD

        • Macarony64

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      • dobby

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        • nintedward

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      • iHATEpachter

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    • dojo

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  • Josh

    I never played a single Tekken game but this sure looks interesting.

    • Starfoxguy

      U r gonna love it!!

    • confUcius

      There’s this mode called “Fight Labs” where beginners can learn to become pros. Also, the first Wii U fightstick is being made by Mad Catz. 😀

  • TheUNation

    It’s about time that Namco-Bandai releases a Tekken title on the Nintendo console for almost a decade!


    I did like playing previous Tekken games and they had a realistic fighting, from dodging and blocking, and counters.

    Even though My Fighting Game Fav’s has been listed like this 1) Street Fighter series, 2) listed below, 3) Mortal Kombat series, 4) SSBB series, 5) Tekken series, 6) Clay Fighter series.

    I will buy this game for WiiU because it is the 1st fighting game to it and probably will be a great addition to the Tekken series.


    I don’t care if Rare made it, buy the rights if need be and do it, that would make so many Nintendo fans so freaking happy imo…

    • LibertyZero

      You played Virtua Fighter?

  • Melk


    …identical to the 360 and PS3 version…

    • JumpMan

      but it hat the Wii U logo! :3

  • alex

    love taken on ps3 i will buy this one in wii u if have good online…let see what is under namco hat for nintendo console

    • JumpMan

      *Tekken… sorry! Grammar Nazi!

  • Metroidvania

    Love that Wii U Daily posts all these covers, or I might have missed them! I love how vibrant the covers are! Big Tekken fan so I have to get this! Heres hoping Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 makes in on to the Wii U somehow!

  • Starfoxguy

    One of the best box arts I have seen for Wii U.

  • WaveRacer

    I find Tekken and DoA to be more competitive and actually require skill.

    When I play SF it feels like I’m just mashing random buttons.

  • Macaro

    I love figthing games but if tecmo release dod on wiiu i will not get tekken

  • Lusunup

    This is the best tekken series tag tournment Ive been waiting for this sequel for almost 9 years And best of all It on A nintendo system!My dreams have came true I love you namco,I fucking mean it.

  • retlaw

    I hope (pachert) is a playable character…that way everyone can kick his ass.

    • JumpMan

      OH MY LORDY! sorry, i have -8000% respect for him but… Pachter. there. i said it.



  • MujuraNoKamen

    Once again, I’m sorry to complain, but why the Yellow strip? it just doesn’t go with the box-art (except on Rayman Legends, there it was fine) On this one it that blue thing on the right hand side would have blended perfectly with the Blue Wii U banner, but instead it was broken up by the Yellow strip which is a horrible combined with the striking Cyan banner. Why oh WHY!!!!

  • Icanseeu

    The PS3 version supports 3D televisions. Does the WiiU version do this? And also does any other games in the WiiU?

  • RSBzero

    Pretty cool art, one of the best so far

  • theBALLANCEDopinion

    Look at all the comments that have one thumb down. Its almost as if there is some troll systematically voting EVERYONE’S comments down.

    • u mad bro

      that annoying troll thumbed you down also

  • Douchuumen

    Sorry to be “that guy”, and I doubt this will be a problem. But there is a distinct lack of a Nintendo Network symbol? Don’t tell me this won’t have online modes?
    You know what, I must be wrong. It must have them, this must be some sort of mistake.

  • Rob

    Ok, just a funny thought, remember when link was in soul caliber for the gamecube? What if they put captain falcon in the Wii U version of tekken? At least it would fit, even if it’s very unlikely.