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Tekken Wii U
Almost all developers are fully on board with the Wii U GamePad tablet controller, but there is one Wii U developer who’s not that supportive of the new technology. Tekken developer Namco believes that the controller is distracting when it comes to fighting games, particularly its new Tekken Tag Tournament 2 title. It’s unclear if Namco shares this belief when it comes to the upcoming Super Smash Bros Wii U — a fighting game they are co-developing with Nintendo.

“Looking at the small screen and the big screen at the same time is pretty distracting for a fighting game,” said Tekken lead developer Katsuhiro Harada in a recent interview with Eurogamer. He added, “We’re thinking of making it useful as a way of having shortcuts”. He pointed out that Tekken on the Wii U will still use the GamePad controller, but not in any meaningful way. Examples of use would include “progressing through the game easier”, and simply playing on the tablet alone. Tekken Tag Tornament 2 will be released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in September, while the Wii U version will hit the stores later this year.

Considering that fighting games are generally very fast paced and require quick reflexes, Harada might have a point that players could be distracted by the small screen. What do you think? Would the tablet screen confuse you when playing fighting games on the Wii U? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

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  • Draco Breach

    I really think it’s all in the approach to the fighting game. Sadly in this case, I don’t think Bandai-Namco is being very creative.

    At the same time, it may be too early to introduce GamePad gameplay to a genre where developers don’t yet feel comfortable with the technology. It is by far better to just use the Pro Controller than shoehorn GamePad functionality in.

    I just hope Bandai-Namco actually brings me a Tales of [x] game to the Wii U. Maybe bring Xillia as a muliplat. Me lurves me Tales of [x] games, and I’m still mad about the whole abandoning Tales of Graces on the Wii.


    • pach

      Tales series died years ago because of that, they lack of creativity. If they can’t come up with something creative for the Wii U tablet controller, then they should just use the pro controller and shut up.

      • Draco Breach

        I don’t know that Tales of [x] has actually died. While Tales of Phantasia (SNES) and Tales of Symphonia (NGC) are my favorites respectively, I have enjoyed Tales of Vesparia and Tales of Graces f. My least favorite was Tales of Legendia, but they made up for that with Tales of the Abyss.

        Though I do agree that Namco needs to, effectively, “shut up” and deal with it. They have three control configurations to use, and Nintendo has told developers to do as they please.

  • Simen

    In a game like this, I have to agree. In all Tekken games I have enjoyed mostly playing on the highest or second-highest difficulty, and this does require you to pay attention to the fight during the entire round. It wouldn’t confuse me to have it, I just wouldn’t want to shift my attention from one screen to another in the middle of a fight.

    I don’t know what uses the screen could have other than playing the game on it rather than the TV, but in my own opinion, it would really have to be something you can do without needing to look down on it. I fail to see what exactly it could do in that case, but I might be surprised.

    • Marq

      Simple: have the move list on the small screen in between rounds and loading screens. That way, while your or your opponent’s character is gloating between rounds or you’re waiting for the next fight to load, you can quickly go over your moves and combos. I haven’t played a Tekken since 3 and TTT, but I imagine it hasn’t changed that much.

  • Firebro

    Honestly it could but when do you ever look down on your controller for fast paced action games anyway? lol

    • Gary Moscheles

      this distraction thing is such a stupid complaint…

      the solution is: don’t have anything on the screen.

      who says that every Wii U game HAS to use the controller’s screen?

      • Marq

        Like I said in my comment above, having a move list on the small screen between rounds and on loading screens would be nice. It would keep me engaged into something at all times, and I won’t have to break from the action while trying to learn a new character’s moves.

        • Gary Moscheles

          that could easily work! the only way it would be a distraction is if you held the controller in front of your face

  • Jewelarchon

    I’m pretty sure that’s why Nintendo said they would leave it to the developers to experiment with the system. I not only think it’s being lazy on their part, but I also feel it’s irresponsible to make statements like this before they launch titles. It makes the statements all too generalized…even when not pertaining to a “fighting game”.

  • Garzard

    “Gamepad is distracting”
    The don’t use it…?

    • mac

      omg thank you thats exacally what i said when i seen this article. don’t use it if you think it is distracting just use the pro controller and be happy

  • markw1982

    if i bought tekken for wii u i would use the pro controller

  • DerikGotro64

    Maybe the screen on the gamepad could have the health bars or quick combo touch buttons. Weither namco decides to use the screen or not, I’m sure their fighting games will be top notch. Like nintendo said, they Don’t HAVE to use the screen.

  • Hi8us

    The fighting game genre in particular doesn’t benefit from a second screen just like it doesn’t in Super Street fighter 4 or DOA dimensions on 3DS. Maybe during character customization like they showed in early Tekken videos for Wii U but nothing serious like in the middle of a match where staying focused on the action is most important.

  • Rasta

    This is one of those game where its ok to use the pro controller going into the idea of geting the wii u i bet we all thought of what we would use the pro controller for like on Fifa or Madden so IDK what this guy says i know what ima do!! BBBBBBBBRRRRRRUUUUUPPP

  • Master Daddy Sir

    Am I the only one out there who thinks that NINTENDO is putting to much emphasis on there controller once again? Sure I love the innovations of Nintendo but the tablet controller is at this point taxing the ability to make next generation games. Don’t get me wrong I expect to see great games of all types on the WII U system but if I wish to play as a single player why can’t that give a boost to the system?

    • Draco Breach

      Nintendo has to put emphasis on the GamePad. It’s a new controller, so it’s capabilities have to be almost preached about. However, Nintendo has stated very clearly that developers have final say in what control scheme they use. Nintendo isn’t trying to stifle creativity by subjecting GamePad requirements. They’ve merely created a new control mechanism to facilitate industry growth.

      At this early stage, there are some developers ready to bend out of shape to try to make the GamePad work. I think Namco is among the first to realize such an approach may backfire, feel like the feature was shoehorned on. Personally, I wonder if a little creativity might solve the “it doesn’t seem to fit” dilemma. However, nobody is forcing anybody to force a feature into a game.

    • Daemonrunner

      I am sure Nintendo still has of an expectation that the Gamepad should be considered. They did have to cut some corners in order to have this Gamepad, so Nintendo is still going to nudge developers in that direction.

      I love that Nintendo is taking a very developer-centric approach with giving them multiple options, but if they take this strong approach that “you don’t need to use the Gamepad at all,” then the Gamepad would slowly get ignored by third-parties and the Wii U will become just another system in the mix.

      Still, if the Gamepad doesn’t fit, don’t use it. I would hate to see games just toss in the functionality for the sake of it being there. If the only use of the Gamepad is to allow someone to play the game off the screen, so be it – keep it turned off until explicitly “pushed” to the Gamepad to free up assets for single-screen gaming.

      Asymmetric gameplay and not having to pause the game to utilize certain assets are where the tablet seems to work best. People complain that they would have to take their eyes off the screen in order to use the tablet, but I think that is the point. We used “pausing the game” as a crutch for way too long:

      “I can’t pause the game in the middle of this fight and change weapons? That is stupid!”

      To me, that is easy mode. How about upping the tension and forcing the player to find a safe opening during a fight instead? That’s immersion to me.

      On the flip side it can make things easier too. Alien: Colonial Marines has the motion scanner and map right there at all times, no need to switch off your weapon to look at it, just a quick glance down at the screen.

      For a fighting game, it just makes zero sense to use the tablet – unless there are HUGE buttons on the screen that simply act as special move macros that can be setup and memorized pre-fight and tapped with a thumb with ease.

  • Paul

    thats what the pro controller is for dumb ass

  • Shankovich

    Eh, the tablet isn’t good for every genre; pro controller for fighting games. You need to have your hands closer together, etc. I guess the tablet could be used as a display for moves to use, but then it’ll just be uncomfortable to play with I think.

  • Jonas

    they shall just use the WiiU Classic controller then. I keep asking myself, which controller will be used in the end because there very many controllers compatible for WiiU if you add all the wii stuff.

  • Miguel

    Just like the playstation move, you don’t HAVE to use the gamepad for every game. I think everyone is getting hung up on HAVING to used the gamepad for every single thing. It’s fine not to, especially when the system hasn’t even dropped yet.

    Chillax people!

  • deSSy2724

    Not all is good in Wii U version…. agree with you, but batman face does look better in PS3.

    Well, Xbox 360 tech is more compared to Wii U tech for more reason:

    1. Both uses ATI graphics (we know, Xbox 360 GPU is not HD based Radeon chip, its x1800 – x1900…).

    And we know Wii U is using some HD Radeon based chip (u can find it on Wii U E3 official site)…. we indeed dont know exactly which, but even this means its more powerful than Xbox 360.

    BTW noticed AMD instead of ATI on the official Nintendo E3 site, “Tech Spec” part? what does/can this mean? ATI vas REBRANDED to AMD with hd6xxx series…. does this mean, the Wii U GPU is based on hd6xxx – hd7xxx GPU?

    2. Similar IBM arhitecture and it means… leaks are saying Power6 or Power7 based CPUs (both can, for xbox 360 developers be the better choise). Ofcourse Xbox 360 uses a much older one with 3 cores, Wii U will probably use 3 or 4 cores (many rumors), but we cant compare 2005 CPU vs 2007/08/09+ CPU. Dual Sandy Bridge processors are MUUUUUCH stronger than core 2 duo/quad chips even with less clock speed, less cores etc.

    And the last, its stated on the official E3 Nintendo site that Wii U is based on IBM Power CPU (NOT PowerPC)…. could this mean that the final processor is based on Power6 or Power7 CPU? Back in past, GC was stated that its based on IBM PowerPC CPU (not Power IBM CPU).


    Even if this is the exactly same hardver than PS3/Xbox360…. there is no logic that Batmans face is looking worse on Wii U because of bad hardware…. anyway, it really seems to be much stronger than current gen consoles.

    • gPadWatcher

      Fail much, graphics ho?

    • Parker

      Why dont you wait the game is finished first?
      Arkham City, Zombiu and other Wii U games are still in development.

    • pach

      “Not all is good in Wii U version…. agree with you, but batman face does look better in PS3.”
      Just one line and your comment is flooded with down votes. Even when the rest of it makes completely sense.
      People are only comparing clock speeds and core numbers, ignoring what matters, architecture.

      • Paul

        if you are only interested in the graphics then you must be a fanboy as its more about gameplay and multiplayer experience

        go wait for a playstation 4 or xbox 720

      • Marmor

        maybe the comment got down voted because he posted it in several threads with no connection to the actual article?

    • Frankensavior

      Im dumbfounded by the thumbs down on your comment. Just because people are too stupid to read your entire thing. Some people see one tad bit of criticism and loose it. The Batman thing is simple. They’ve confirmed that videos shown thus far weren’t fully optimized for the Wii U, and will look better in the final version released on the console. As for the rest of your comment. It makes complete sense, and people that are down voting you are idiots.

  • Enigma

    Then use the Pro Controller, everyone seems to be high on that thing

  • Xxodya

    I think most of these companies are either anti nintendo or just spewing lame excuses for innovation,yes innovation. Pro controller if you have 2 hands etc,but lets practice empathy here namco,what about those poor incapacitated, amputated ,or just incapable of…ppl who want to play so desperately?
    I would never use zangief(2x 360 degree motion characters) in ssf4 because his Ultimate is difficult for me, yet I enjoy his char type on 3ds like there is no tomorrow.

    ps I do have 2 hands and ten fingers…

  • Butts

    I think that the good players will use the pro controller and not have to worry about silly things like this. . .

  • Death

    I agree, two screens would be pretty distracting in a fast-paced fighting game like Tekken. That’s why, at launch, I will also grab a pro controller along with my brand new Wii U.

  • Ziul

    Tekken is realy a hard game you can put 2 screens. But is just a case o imagine new possibilities. Smash Bros you have the problem with much players on the screen, you can put a second camera more close from you char. And this camera shows on the pad. When you are falling from the platform. Normally you don’t lose exactly when you disappear from the screen. You could appear on the tap on this.

    Classical’s Tekken don’t have space to the pad exactly ’cause they were not made to work with it. If it will be just a port, just use the pro controller, but if they want to use a new tool, they need to create new ways to the game. The pad isn’t just to put HUDs on it, it’s to improve the game!

    • Paul

      what about fighting combos on the tablet screen

  • trainerblk

    I i can’t wait to play this regardless tekken is one of a few games that didn’t sell out & tekken on a nintendo home console NOW YOU PLAYING WITH POWER

  • brandon

    If they want to use gamepad just use the screen to put combo buttons on the right side lined article so easy to hit and no where they r so u don’t have to look at it once u learn its positioning. If I can learn to play rockband on expert I learn that 🙂

  • Elcaras1

    Well guys im a big tekken fan and totally kick ass on it love my 3ds prime edition and love extra buttons the touch screen offers. But the posibilities are limitless I coul see my selfs using the youch pad to interact with other ayers while waiting my turn. If is multiplayer two vs two while u not been tagged doinf faces to the other guys or posting in mee verse where owning this guys. I mean I could go on. But to play once u costumise ur buttons no need to look at a screen. Who agrees with me who wants to chalenge me on prime edition?

  • ConCity Soldier

    I never expected every game to use the screen. Its obvious that fighting games should take advantage of the Wii U Pro Controller.

  • Adders

    I think 2 screens would be great but not for the fight scenes , maybe for editing your character or the story mode… No one said that you have to have 2 different screens all the time, There are times when one is just perfect…

  • Daemonrunner

    I compare utilizing the Gamepad to driving a car. One has to take their eyes off the road for a split second in order to monitor mirrors and dashboard gauges. At moments when it is safe to do so, one can make adjustments as needed (or at least, one is supposed to at safe times, but we all know that doesn’t happen).

    Developers should think about that model. Certain games/situations won’t allow anytime to check the screen (think of it as driving in a crowded city constantly or moving through a winding road), so it’s best to just not use the Gamepad at all (keep eyes on the road at all times). While other games/situations will allow times to quickly check maps or radar and flip through menu’s to setup your situation (normal driving conditions) or one must find a way to do so (pulling into a rest area).

    For those not old enough to drive, this will be great practice!

  • Solphins

    Honestly, I didn’t pan on using the Game-Pad or new controller for this game. The Classic controller is made for this game. Fighting games need the D-Pad and Buttons, so anyway to get the joy-sticks out the way the better.

    When they say they have no plans on using the Game-Pad, but then say they will allow you to just play the game on the Game-Pad, that is exactly what it was made for. I would be able to play Tekken a lot more if I am able to play off the big screen and put it in my hand.

  • Majin

    Screw Tekken.

    Give me Tobal 3!

  • Alex

    thants one thing im scared of im terrible at multitasking so how will i be able to pay attention to the tv and the controller

  • Alex

    if people find the controller distracting why dont you just let them use the game pad pro

  • 3dsguy

    i,ve got couple of ideas first one online multiplayer could give u the option to video chat on controller while fighting but players have the coice to accept it or not before the match and matchmaking that puts u on with people of similar age group and parental controls would disable it for parents with young ones.secondly it could on single player show match stats for u to peep at when want or in between rounds or a move list cause if play online and cannot remember ur moves u cant pause to have a quick look.i think wot they put on the controller screen will work aslong as u dont have to look at it to play tekken jus things like vid chat u dont have to look down but can if choose to laugh at ur friend wen do a nice move or see there face wen u beat them and can still hear them without lokking down so there u go. i want money if this idea goes through thank u.

  • 3dsguy

    my comments take ages to moderate

  • 3dsguy

    jus thought of another they could have a tekken minigame mode where use the the touch screen and gyro like mortal kombat vita and make so only uses the controller screen there are plenty of ideas they r jus thinking of ones while trying to fight in tekken there plenty of other ways to use it.

  • King of Red Lions

    I guess they have a point there. If you look away for a second in a fighting game your screwed.

  • uPad

    Use the pro controller for fighting games?

    Fucking idiots.

  • kirbymon123

    they should have the screen have things that are easy to memorize, for example, if your going to use an item, there is a button on the screen that you tap to use the item. The button would always be in the same place, so you would quickly memorize its location and wouldn´t have to look down to tap it



  • GalaxyWaffles

    Solution 1: Put the moves&combo list on Gamepad after rounds and during loading screens

    Solution 2: Don’t have anything on the bottom screen period

    Solution 3: Don’t use Gamepad

    Solution 4: Have the tournament match-up on the gamepad

    Solution 5: Suck it up and Shut up. Nintendo told developers to do as they please

  • Crapcake

    Put the move combos on the touchscreen

  • Zero

    I guess you could slash the game pad in certain ways to attack or perform combos. If they do something like this, you don’t really have to look at the screen, just swipe it.