Jul 10th, 2012

Wii U CPUThe Wii U CPU clock speed is “kinda low”, according to Namco’s Katsuhiro Harada. In a recent interview, Harada said that the graphical power of the Wii U isn’t an issue, but on the CPU side, he said the clock speed was low because Nintendo is trying to keep power consumption low.

“As far as the CPU goes, the clock is kinda low”, Harada said in an interview with DigitalSpy, adding “Nintendo is trying to keep power consumption down so we have to come up with creative ways to get around that”. The most recent Wii U system specs rumors indicate that the Wii U CPU has three cores running at around 3 GHz, with a total of 3 MB of L2 cache.

Harada made a comparison to the PlayStation 3 processor, saying that it was initially difficult to develop for, but once developers made use of the different cores, it was quite powerful. However, the Wii U CPU is a different issue, he said. Recently, Harada made comments regarding the upcoming Tekken Tag Tournament on the Wii U, saying the Wii U GamePad controller was “distracting” when it comes to fighting games. Namco is not only developing the upcoming Tekken title for the Wii U, but is also working with Nintendo on the upcoming Super Smash Bros U fighting game.

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  • Garzard

    What is it Namco: do you support the Wii U, or do you hate it?

    • Matthewmc685

      I would not bash them to much because thay are showing a LOT of support in helping to make the new Super Smash Bros game from scratch! I don’t think the Wii U will too bad with it because I have trust in Nintendo.

      Nintendo = Awesome!

    • pach

      1: Namco support for Wii was bad.
      2: Namco used wii/xbox owners as beta testers for their “ps3 perfect versions”.
      3: Namco starts complaining about Wii U’s controller and cpu.

      If they sold their asses to sony they should at least make it official.

      • Draco Breach

        Read another part of the statement. They also complained about Sony’s Cell.

        There’s always more to developers words than meets the eyes. It’s good to read between the lines, but it’s important to keep things in perspective to. There has to be trust to hand an IP to a third rather than first or second party.

        I don’t know that saying the clock is a little low is actually a complaint, nor would I write the “GamePad doesn’t fit” off as a complaint either. Critiques, maybe. It’s also probably a bit of perspective, pointing to rumors of SDKs being underclocked.

        I really have to wait and see what Bandai-Namco officially announces for the Wii U. The Tekken Tag Team 2 is a nice start, and a strong alliance for Smash Bros. Wii/3DS is actually flattering – think of the trust required.

      • Xen

        btw im kinda agree with namco cause they said some weakness in the wiiU why? i know its kinda negative sentence but imagine after they said about this maybe WiiU gonna do some revision on their hardware so it’ll be more efficient and critical.. also can u think for the future games for 2years – 3years it’ll be heavy as well also i dont want the past is happen again in the future like the wii console only can stand for 2 years or 3 years then gone. so the best step i think is do some revision instead and search which part is more efecient and effective for the future.. hopefully nintendo can stayed for really a long long time and not make all of the fan unsatisfied

      • joe

        Yah, no kidding. If you don’t like the system, or you don’t have the “know-how” to make a game for it, shut up and go elsewhere….you got a thumbs up for this one.

      • He’s the red spy!!

        What if…Namco is working on Smash U as a SPY!!!

    • WiiUPlayWithMe:P

      Out of every comment I’ve read, I’m actually really surprised yours doesn’t have any dislikes from Namco lovers. But honestly, they clearly like the system. They’re making tekken and the new smash bros for it. If they have a good enough relationship with Nintendo to make the next smash bros, of course they like the system. They clearly are getting along with Nintendo. The thing is, fighters are constant action, so a second screen really is distracting. I don’t want anything important on that second screen, cause how would I be able to keep track of my character and that screen at the same time. It honestly makes a lot of sense what they’re saying. And if they say it has a lower CPU speed, then all that does is disprove the most recent rumors. That may be good news though, cause if they held back a little on that, they may be able to put more into the cache, and that could be really useful. They may end up having L3 cache after all, and with multiple cores and threading, that can go a long way. So it may be a little slower. With modern architecture and all that cache, it doesn’t need as much. Don’t get upset with Namco just for giving out information. We should be happy with them for sharing this, cause now we know more

  • brandon

    Uh oh…not good. U need the CPU to hang with the next gen! Don’t get me wrong still gonna get to hold me over till the bad boys come out. And zombiu.

  • Envy

    This is making me nervous about what they’ll do to Super Smash Bros. U.

    • joe

      I thought the same thing. I think Nintendo is maybe subbing Namco out for “help” in certain areas…I can’t imagine Nintendo handing over the game itself to someone else. Not to mention, Nin won’t release a game as important and as “classic” as Smash without it being good.

  • Slipsevenfold

    I hope Namco won’t ruin Smash Bros…

  • Wii Uoops!

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl CPUs were kinda idiots. They’d run back and forth and block when you weren’t even doing anything. Go ahead and see how long you can survive on Brawl with a Level 9 CPU without even touching the remote.

    • Steventelation

      not the same CPU……………….

    • James

      He’s talking about the chip used in the Wii U, not the computer controlled characters from brawl. XD

  • 3dsguy

    Well they need to tell nintendo and they need to sort otherwise wii u will never here the end of it from critics i wish nintendo would just up the price a little to put the stuff we want or we will get left behind i bet the next x box an ps are expensive but people will buy them. Nintendo just need to bump up the price by £50 and beef it up more i would be happy to spend that extra for greatness

    • WiiUPlayWithMe:P

      Seriously, I’ll give up one game to let the system really own. 50 bucks for a step up, I’ll take it. The console will still be chump change compared to a gaming pc, so please. The 3ds came out at $250, so I expect the Wii u to be at least $300 – $350, following their pricing trends, but I’d throw out an extra 50 for a powerful system that’ll definitely be able to run all next gen console engines, and have fewer questioners

  • Rocho

    And they even let that All star PS3 rip off get one if their caracters in! I might say Namco likes Playstation a little bit more and that js no good! Obviously I think Namco should be a no go for Smash Bros or at least stop talikg trash about nintendo! This really seems fishy to me and all the his comments have appeares recently with a diferent attitude than the one on the 2011 E3

    • WiiUPlayWithMe:P

      Yeah, but think about the attitudes of the games. Smash bros is a fun beat em up, and all stars gets points from kills. I mean, they already have kratos in that game. It’s not as family friendly. Besides, those guys already have their own fighting game. I rather have more creative characters in. Sure one or 2 tekkens may work, but those characters are more pseudo realistic characters. I rather use the character space for something like RPG characters or anime characters or other stuff that doesn’t so strongly rely on straight forward, violent fighting. This means they aren’t fully changing the direction of smash bros into a tekken clone. Let’s just try to understand this

      • ROCHO

        well I agree with you with the diference in characters, but I never said they are changing the direction of smash bros into tekken clone!

        what I was saying its that Namco seems more like a double agent between Sony and Nintendo, but I just hope none of then gets stabbed in the back by this company… that my friend would be terrible for the gaming company!

  • Jadnice

    Rumor this… rumor that… developer say this… developer say that. Once the retail version hits the stores this fall, the world will know the Wii U real specs as someone will strip it down and tell use what is really under the hood.

  • Adam Fox

    3ghz tri-core is low speed?? Namco is stupid and/or biased. It’s slightly lower Than the 360 CPU but its got more RAM and GPU to make up for it. Namco can take their Tekken and shove it for all I care.

    • pach

      IT is way more powerful than x360’s cpu. New architecture.

  • AZHood

    Clock Speed is not the only thing for a processor. Even if the Wii U has a lower clock speed it is capable of delivering much more potential than current hardware, but devs needs to understand how the CPU works first, just like the PS3 situation back in the days. Nothing to worry yet.

    Sometimes a higher clock speed is even worse than lower clock speed because of consumption and performance. Doesn’t happen always, but there are examples out there.

  • Ben

    To avoid to much power consumption, so they could make it bigger with a software update if needed right?

  • Marmor

    I love how silent the Wii runs and that it just needs 20watt max while the other current gen consoles need 6-8 times the power (1 even in idle mode) and are very loud.
    Someone remembers the annoyance of the first xbox360? cpu cooler starting/stopping etc. At least the PS3 is constantly loud, hrhr.

    Seriously, imagine how loud, hot and powerconsuming next gen will be if they want to make “powerhouses”. Current high end PC gfx cards alone need 240-400 watt…

  • josh

    Honestly, I could give a shit less about tekken. No other developers have this much trouble. Ubisoft, ea, all of a sudden they have issues. Either there dumbasses and pissed becouse they can’t figure it out, or Wii u daily has to make up a story to keep us entertained. Either way I’m not ever playing tekken on Wii u so I could care less.

    • mac

      Lol I didn’t want to do this but you said, “I could give a shit less about Tekken.” So that means you at least have a tiny shit left for Tekken so you should have said, “I couldn’t give a shit less about Tekken.” Same with the, “I could care less.” That is implying that you care just a tiny bit about Tekken. So you should have said, “I couldn’t care less.” Sorry, but now your whole comment is a contradiction. Sorry but I had to do that. It would have bugged me if I didn’t inform you of your mistake.

  • Daemonrunner

    Hmm…not sure what to say on this one. I mean this guy has been saying a lot of rash things as of late. I think his honesty is a little…brutal.

    Here is what I have to say – the Wii U CPU is a little bit of a different beast than what developers are used to. So the clock speed is a little lower than the competition, but the CPU also shows its true colors when programmed around multiple threads.

    I think he’s a little off saying that things are as simple compared to the PS3’s CPU. I think once developers know how to tap into the CPU’s full potential, then the multi-threading capabilities will more than compensate for the lower clock speed.

    Here are some features of the Power7 CPU explained.

    Symmetric Multiprocessor System:

    More precisely a SMP is a tightly coupled multiprocessor system with a pool of homogeneous processors running independently, each processor executing different programs and working on different data and with capability of sharing common resources (memory, I/O device, interrupt system, etc) and connected using a system bus or a crossbar.

    Simultaneous multithreading:

    Simultaneous multithreading (SMT) is one of the two main implementations of multithreading, the other form being temporal multithreading. In temporal multithreading, only one thread of instructions can execute in any given pipeline stage at a time. In simultaneous multithreading, instructions from more than one thread can be executing in any given pipeline stage at a time. SMT is about hiding memory latency, increasing efficiency, and increasing throughput of computations per amount of hardware used.

    All information came from Wikipedia

    • Daemonrunner

      I am an honest guy and I can say that my argument doesn’t stand against the competition.

      SMT has been utilized on both the Xbox 360 and the PS3.

      Now, the Xbox 360 only has 2 SMT threads per core while the Wii U CPU should have 4 threads per core (assuming this custom CPU based off the Power7 architecture is close to the real Power7).

      The PS3 is a little harder to understand because it has the PPE which is a SMT capable processor, but is used to regulate the SPE.

      I should have done my research first.

      Still, CPU’s (and even GPU’s) are moving to a more “more with less” approach, so there are probably still some things about the Wii U CPU that makes it a different beast than simply relying on raw CPU clock speeds.

  • Gerald Mason

    Seems to me like they’re looking for things to complain over.
    In all reality, they could work with this CPU and make the best of it, same applies to the controller. Instead they opt to complain at every twist and turn.

  • uPad

    This is all based on UNDERCLOCKED DEV KITS.

    How stupid are they?

  • Albinopig

    Realistic complaint, but nothing that can’t be fixed or worked around.

  • umm..

    You do realize he’s talking about the Computer Proccessing Unit and not the bots that sub in multiplayer fighting games right?

    • Albinopig

      I realise

  • jat

    If namco fuc!*s up Smash Bros… I am going to kill each and every namco employee -.-

  • marello

    Time will tell how will this end up for Smash Bros. But sadly I can’t think how Nintendo could solve this. Don’t get me wrong I know they have brilliant engineers (Gamecube still is electronical masterpiece) but more power consumption = more heat = different housing design. Hopefully Ninny at some point predicted this and they still can squeeze some power out of Wii U (keeps fingers crossed)

  • mac

    wow it seems namco is the only developer that is having problems with the wii u if u dont like the CPU slow DONT PUT IT ON THE WII U. god its not hard u dont HAVE to have your game on the wii u. at this point in time im scared for super smash bros. U

  • Man

    Dont worry namco will not mess up Smash Nintendo would never let that happen. Lets not panic i think when Nintendo comes out the a Bad A** first title with awesome graphics everyone is going to know how this things works and every thing will be fine for this Gen and the next this isnt even a pot hole in the road when i get my hands on the Wii U ill let you know if a game was good or bad in a way, until then I dont give a crap what they say.

  • Eddy120876

    After seen and playing Ninja Guiden first hand here in NYC,all I can say to this nice Namco dev is: shut up you idiot ,work around the issue just like you did with your precious ps3 since you know that talking won’t do the job”. Ok end rant maybe not rant mode on again. Seriously this fools keep talking about CPU this CPU that but when other companies can pull the feat all I can say is are you just Lazy or stupid. which is it.

  • john

    Funny i don’t hear crytek or EA complaining about the power 7 cpu in the console, And last i checked shooters are more demanding of the CPU than fighters, i wonder how much money sony and microsoft are spending for negative WII U news, they sure as hell cant bribe EA or crytek but everyone knows namco pockets are empty.

  • a man above all others

    because as iv already told you people its a broadway tri core at 45nm based on the same tech as POWERPC 476FP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wakey wakey

    it was stated by wiiboy101 at wii u go.com like 2 years ago that the broadway family lives on and is now SYSTEM ON CHIP READY AND 128 BIT BUS

    its 3x broadway core next gen 45nm powerpc 32bit with the broadway cpu design and and dual 32 bit 2x sims engine and gamecentric upgrades and peak 4to1 data compression with a custom level 2 catch of 3MB


    its a 3x core broadway at 45nm plus a ARM WORK CPU (just like wii had one) and a dedicated DSP SOUND PROCESSOR

    3 x broadway cpu cores have 15 execution units 5 per core xenon has 1 executution unit per core 3 vs 15 hhhmmmmmmmmm

    wiiu cpu has 3 mb catch xenon has 1mb running at half cpu speed x360 has no arm co cpu and no dedicated sound processor wiiu will have both

    power 7 put it to bed its broadway 2 3xcore likely clock 1.6ghz to 2.0ghz


    • SanPharaoh


    • Wildman

      IBM stated that the Wii U’s CPU is based off of the same technology found in Watson -an IBM Power7 based supercomputer-




      • a man above all others



        ubisoft stated the cpu is like wii but multi core OVER A YEAR AGO the tekkon dev guy said low clock speed and its been stated over and over less threads than a x360 xenon


  • Majin

    3GHZ is slow? Eh. No it isn’t.

    The thing is, the games that are ported over from other consoles are CPU Heavy, as the GPU was already being used to the max, so the CPU was used to help add more eye-candy. With the WIIU, the GPU is much better, so if the CPU’s load is how it should be (CPU for CPU stuff.), and the GPU is taking it’s rightful share of the work, it’ll be fine.

    We’ve got a case of the same stuff from the 3GHZ Pentium IV to the 2GHZ Pentium D CPUs. Unintelligable garble.

  • David Brent

    I’m far from obsessed with graphics, but if the CPU isnt up to date with the first generation quad core intels (which have been around for years) – i think they should have waited longer with the new console. The upgrade wont appeal to anyone who owns a 360 or a PS3. Especially when they havent announced a single game that gets people excited. If the best selling ones (mario, zelda etc.) are planed after a year or so, the new generation of XBOX and PS might be out.

    I’m starting to believe that nintendos compromising with hardware might not be such a briliant tactic this time.

    • Envy

      Super Smash Bros. U was announced.

      • David Brent

        But they also said it was far from being released yet, right?

        I just hope it wont be the same situation as with the wii, where you only have few of the big franchises to look forward to after a year. The wii the last year, apart from nintendos own series have been pretty much a dump for trash.

        My prediction, if the new gen ps360 is released after a year, the wii u will be just as “casual” as the wii have been. Core gamers will be disappointed. And even if they said the wii would be aimed more at the core gamers, I think it was far from a top priority, considering how well the casual wii sold.

  • Hi8us

    It’s a valid argument if it’s coming from a direct developer. Hopefully nintendo will decide to kick up the clock speed slightly because if it’s an issue now on a multiplatform game, it will definitely be an issue later aswell.

  • Raul

    How does this affect the game? A quick to the point explanation please would be nice…

  • AwayToHit

    i dont believe it one bit.

  • SanPharaoh

    As far as the controller being a distraction: Design the game around the Pro Controller. Problem solved.

    As far as CPU: In his statement he gave several indications that he would be able to solve this “issue” and may have already found ways around it…so then I sincerely believe he may have been misquoted, which happens often when a journalist is trying to get page hits and create a commotion.

    In my opinion, the Wii U will be a great system. I will resist the temptation to compare it to the PS4, and the XBOX 720 as they are both mere rumors at present, and the Wii U will be on shelves in a few more months.


    • Draco Breach

      Right. He commented that it was a technology to get used to. Besides being misquoted, he could also be mistranslated.

      Mind, there are times Nintendo has clarify something Miyamoto said. We emphasize things differently in English than they do in Japanese.

  • Wildman

    Clock speed really shouldn’t matter if the CPU is based off of the new Power7 architecture.

  • joe

    This guy from Namco sounds like a boxer who is coming up with all kinds of excuses on why he either lost the title fight, or will lose the fight…

  • The_Lump

    Clock speed isn’t as important as its once was. You could get Pentium 4s to go past 4.0GHz but I’m pretty sure my i5 2500k at 3.0Ghz would be a wee bit better, no?

    Its all about features/architecture for the next generation. If anyone is imagining Sony & MS’s efforts to sport 4.0GHz + processors, they’d be wrong.

  • Slacker

    now wait a second it is a Power7 cpu acording to IBM thay did say that it was dased on watson teck but this daus not mean it has to be a 4cor or maby it is all i hear is it is slow that don’t say to me it is weak could be a 2.5htz slow lowest speed power7 by the way it that virgin of the power7 Cpu all so gets 4freds per second per core at the weakest virgin Lcash1 Lcash2 Lcash3 its stronger than anything out there wright now but whom knows

  • Eddy120876

    hey Mr Tekken Developer read this and apology

    “Shin’en Multimedia: ‘Wii U Is Very Easy To Develop For & Doesn’t Have Many Limitations’

    Sounds to me like Namco should change is name to LazyCo

  • WiiuFanboy

    When I read the title I accually thought it was about Clocks… LoL,
    but i mean Namco is supporting so many Wii U prodjects (Well atleast the main one) and they say this? I wouldn’t be suprised if Tekken 4 or 5 didn’t end up on the Wii U

  • Truth

    Won’t be getting Tekken Douche Tag until it hits the bargain bin or I receive it as a present. Wondered why in the past Nintendo didn’t want namco bandai involvement. Oh! Since Tekken 2 the game has sucked period. These guys and the goofs that make GTA 5 won’t be seeing release date money from me, try two year garbage bin buys of their games.

  • jesus spoke to mii

    like iv told you people a million times over already wiiu cpu is…

    tri core broadway version 2 45nm with 128 bit bus 3mb custom level 2 catch its 3 broadway type cpus at around 1.6ghz maybe 2.0ghz plus write gather graphics burst pipes per core and 5 execution units per core 4to1 data compression

    peak bandwidth gekko cpu internal 15gb ish broadway cpu 22gb ish EACH WIIU CORE IF 1.6GHZ 100 ish GB per core its about 15x wii’s cpu

    its 32bit out of order powerpc POWER7 IS MADE UP CRAP…

  • a man above all others

    3mb catch 12 x wii

    gekko 15GB intenal bandwidth broadway 22gb internal bandwidth a wiiu core at 1.6ghz (low clcock speeed tekkon guy) with 128 bit bus gives us 100gb intenal bandwidth x 3 cores is 300 gb bandwidth internal to the 3 cores

    3mb catch is 12 x wii 300gb internal bandwith is almost 15 x wii also the catch is edram and higher clocked than wii so its a huge boost

    powerpc at 45nm is 5 instructions per clock efficient broadway was 2 and gekko was 1

    3 cores at say 1.6ghz 5 instructions per clock vs 1 core at 729mhz and 2 instructions per clock STARTING TO SEE THE PICTURE

    3x core broadway version 2 at say 1.6ghz is easy 15 x the wii cpu

    power 7 my bum cheek

  • Snake


  • Lazyboy88

    I think it’s lame that they already are complaining about the gamepad when they have been given a choice, every developer could freely choose between the gamepad, wii u remote plus or the pro controller, personally i believe that the gamepad isn’t suited for fighting games, but they are still given the choice to choose something else, so they really don’t have a reason to complain.

    But then again i can understand that they are experimenting with the new gamepad to see if it’s something that they can use for fighting, but i still don’t see any reason to complain, IMO..