Apr 22nd, 2014


Today Tecmo Koei and Nintendo have announced that a brand new installment of Fatal Frame will be coming to the Wii U as an exclusive title. The last game in the series came out on the Wii as Project Zero, though the release was limited to Japan, Europe, and Australia. Sadly no US version was ever planned. Despite this information, it looks like Tecmo Koei is planning to release a new game that will likely coincide with the release of several other pieces of original content, including a live-action film, book and a comic.

As for whether or not this version will be released in the United States, we’re not sure. We’ll probably see more of this at E3, so stay tuned.

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  • abe

    This should be good, I can imagine the gamepad as camera working well

  • SkullScience

    It is the game that was most apparent when the Wii U was announced. If one game said ‘perfect fit’ for the Wii U gamepad it is Fatal Frame. Now let’s just hope the game is worthy. A must buy if it is.

    • darkcreap

      Yes, someone said that. Not that I am very familiar with these games, but I seem to remember that someone said it would be a great fit for the gamepad because the game is about taking photos to ghosts or something like that, right?

  • Lil J Moore

    Survival Horror. Need more. Nintendo needs to go up to Ubisoft and pay them to make a Zombiu 2. That game has a lot of potential.

    • Petri

      I guess if Nintendo funded it, it could be less buggy and more polished?
      Funny though, even at that state, Zombi U was easily in my top 5 favorite survival horror games, if I count only 1 per series.

    • Archiq09

      zombi u 2 will need a little mp and coop 2 players

      • kentray1985

        Yes I strongly agree. Zombiu just looked so good for a zombie game. The landscape was dark and the zombies was scary with no humor

    • Please understand that Nintendo does not pay developers to develop for our systems. If a Zombi U sequel is to be developed that will be up to Ubisoft, but we are very open for the idea.


      • That guy who hates Spike


        You’re not the real Reggie. You’re a phoney


      • ZeldaFan83

        Haha YES they do. Look at Bayonetta 2, Lego City, Wonderful 101, etc. All games published by Nintendo which is Nintendo paying those developers to make a game for their console. They came to Platinum Games and said we will pay you to put Bayonetta 2 on our console exclusively.

        Why do these morons pretend to be real people when they are clearly fake and not even do their homework.

    • kentray1985

      Yeah Nintendo really do need to call up ubosoft and tell them the fans want a zombiu too and this time give it online multiplayer so it can actually feel like were leaving messages for friends. They can give it different stories for different characters and have it where were not playing together but we cross eachothers paths and leave eachother clues to get pass puzzles or challenges. I also like the multiplayer on zombiu one but it needed to be online so me and my friends can play together. Local mp is great but why no option to invite a friend!

    • Rinslowe


    • Ducked

      Nintendo should just buy ubisoft. Do what Disney does and buy companies.

      • Commander Raichu

        ac5 wi u exclusive

        • Ducked

          And Watch Dogs, and Rayman, and more ZombiU 🙂

  • jjbredesen

    It looks awesome really want a horror game, and it looks like it would fit perfect!, but it makes me want another Eternal Darkness sigh..

    • We have no new information about an Eternal Darkness game at this period of time, but if you tune in to our 2014 E3 Nintendo Direct, we will have a little surprise for you 🙂

      Reggie Fils Aime COO of Nintendo of America

      • jjbredesen

        Sounds great, welcome back Reggie 😉

      • Ducked

        Please, its not funny. I don’t think anyone finds it amusing.

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          The impersonation gag has certainly been done to death already. Agreed.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            I think its still funny 🙂

          • Brian Lockett

            I don’t know. A well-timed appearance of one of those psuedo-Nintendo representatives happen, I get a little chuckle. I’m not one easily amused, but I’m not so easily annoyed, either.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Same. It doesn’t annoy me at all. Though, it has become tedious which is what I was only implying. I have no problem with people having impersonation accounts, as some do have their moments of good humor and even some truth to it.

        • Capt. Smoker

          It’s true…. it’s not amusing at all 🙁

          • jjbredesen

            oh :/, just got a lot of request to bring him back though….., but ok he can die again xD

          • Skelterz

            You should do someone else like the guy who owns valve lol

          • jjbredesen

            Gaben’s body is ready 😛

          • Skelterz

            hahahahaha newelll do it do it say they’ll be exclusives even tthough there is none i beg you it will be funny !!!!

          • jjbredesen

            HL3 confirmed for Wii U 😛

          • Skelterz


          • Ducked

            Why don’t you bring back Walugi

          • jjbredesen

            Sorry that was not me :/ i was only behind Reggie, Iwata was actually someone else donno who. the same goes for Aouoma and Miyamoto, never knew what they would reply, don’t know who was behind any of the accounts.

          • Ducked

            I know it wasn’t you, still you should make one :p

          • jjbredesen

            Oki dokey!

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Hehe, maybe make another Truthteller… That didnt work too well last time if I remeber correctly 😀

          • jjbredesen

            Thats the best idea you ever had :D, well it turned out ok, because that was not the reason for my ban.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Ah, I thought you were banned because they thought you was truthteller 😀 Why was you banned?

          • jjbredesen

            Remember the troll gang that where harassing Rinsolwe?

            They where called Nintenscience and where behind the downvote attacks etc., and i “chased” them off from this site and to put it short destroyed the group, and Ashley shared there details with people in the industry, at least thats what i have heard. They then where scared of me and tried to be nice by showcasing my Miiverse app on there page, Ashley saw it and then thought i was a member of the troll group, but after explaining stuff that was fixed.

            Just ask Rinslowe if you want details 😛

          • Magnus Eriksson

            I remember Nintenscience yes. But I dont remember the app or the other stuff you are talking about. But nevermind, was just curious anyway. Thought it was related to all the other stuff. How did you chase them off by the way? 😀

          • jjbredesen

            Jeg gjorde ganske lite egentlig eg sa at vist dei ikkje slutta å plage Rinslowe så skull eg angripe dei og at eg var hackar osv. og så gjorde jeg noen små enkle ting som alle som kan google kan gjere for å skremme dei og få dei til å tru at eg var det.

            SÃ¥ ut av redsel av Ã¥ bli “hacka” sÃ¥ stakk dei med ein gong xD, men egentlig sÃ¥ er eg langt i fra det, men dei er for det fleste unga sÃ¥ dei trur jo pÃ¥ alt.

          • Michael Ocampo

            NOOOOO!!!! I actually think they’re kinda funny. To anyone else who doesn’t like em, loosen up a bit. It’s just a joke to at least improve the mood on this site to contrast all the doom and gloom. I’m not saying you should like it but just take it easy guys, it’s just a joke 😀

          • jjbredesen

            Then they will stay (for now) 😀

        • wii u is awsome

          maybe thats why he posted it so no one will believe him

        • Please undestand that the account above is not affiliated with Nintendo in any way.


        • Magnus Eriksson

          Nah, I think its hilarious 🙂

          • Ducked

            I can’t tell when your serious lol

        • Michael Ocampo

          I wouldn’t say everyone.

      • Capt. Smoker

        Go back to Television sales big Reg, your terrible at your job….

      • ZeldaFan83

        If Reggie had an account he wouldn’t put a bad picture of himself or his full name. He would be inconspicuous.

      • DragonSilths

        I doubt its going to be another Nintendo E3 Direct. To reveal Zelda in a Direct would be a waste.

    • wii u is awsome

      look up shadow of the eternals

    • Superstick98

      Needs US release date… =_=

    • Rinslowe

      Bingo bro….
      Looks like exactly the title I need in my Wii U library.
      Just hope they don’t take too long…
      More exclusives = gooood.

      • jjbredesen

        Yeah this is what Wii U needs, but Nintendo did not renew the trademark, so i am not even sure they own the rights anymore, pretty sure the chances are extremely slim..

        • Gameonfool

          I’m sure I read a few months ago that Nintendo renewed the rights to eternal darkness.

          • jjbredesen

            Hope so..

          • GameonFool is right indeed, Nintendo renewed the trademark for ED not to long ago, 3 or 4 months ago it was renewed 🙂

          • darkcreap

            Yes, I think I remember what Gameonfool says. They renewed the trademark.

          • thedeciderU

            i believe that’s correct

    • Skelterz

      I knew about this ages ago jeez wii u daily the slowpokes of the whole internet lol

    • Yousif Alromaithi

      Nintendo really fits in horror games GameCube had one and so did the Wii. The Wii U will got the same love. I heard many fans whining that they want the game on PS4 since they have no games to play eight now except infamous. Despite that the a wii Au will have better games than PS4 this year.

      • nin-10-doughfan

        absolutely! 🙂

    • Hinaru

      It hunting down ghost with your camera. Thos game should have great use of the gamepad. My friend loves that game. Nice to hear ”Exclusive” for once beside Nintendo titles.

      • thedeciderU

        wiiu needs these kinds of titles. i can’t wait.

  • Alan Michael Hensley

    yes yes yes yes yes, god yes. please have this come out in the US, i was so disappointed that the Wii one didn’t come out here

  • Donaald

    They better get it localized this time.

    • Adrian

      eff localization. Just a translation would be fine. And keep voices in Japanese and provide subtitles.

  • Adrian

    Glancing at the picture…looks intriguing. But, can we go into any game description? Genre? Gameplay? Unique features? I’ve never heard of this game or series. I see people saying survival horror?

    • brian

      You’re in a house taking photos of ghosts and shit. Like Pokemon Snap with ghosts.

      • Adrian

        Ahh hmm, well it just got less interesting, but maybe it delivers well. Thanks Brian.

  • Omg yes! Finally some great news!

  • Capt. Smoker

    I love horrors n all, but when I was watching Shiki a while a go, the only thing I could think was, “do these protagonists have any common sense?”, I mean… fucked up shit is happening…. surely you just run away and say bollocks to that, but instead, mr average thinks “I’m a nobody with no skills but I’m staying!”, they act like victims but they brought it on themselves! “why is this happening!?, why me!?, I didn’t do anything”, YOU STAYED TO LOOK FOR THE GHOST! geez…. dumbass

  • Ducked

    Finally good news.

  • kentray1985

    Well all I have to say is, its about time!

  • Commander Raichu

    Eternal Darkness 2

    • wii u is awsome

      search up shadow of the eternals

      • Commander Raichu

        ok thx 😀

  • wii u is awsome

    *nnnnnnnnnnnnnnfffffffffffffffffffnfnnfnffffffffffffff* smell that? its a nintendo direct incoming

  • Shota

    holy fuck manga and a live action movie?! And a wii u exclusive? made my day

  • Skelterz

    Its about time you posted this ive only been telling everyone all fucking day about it!

  • Skelterz

    I fucking predicted this yesterday peace motherfuckers!

  • Sdudyoy

    Never heard of it, but hey It’s a Wii U exclusive not by Nintendo, I’ll take it.

    • J_Joestar

      technically Nintendo Co-owns the franchise since some time in 2012 iirc.

      • Sdudyoy

        Ahh, okay, like I said though I’ve never heard of it, but thanks for the information!

  • Called it.

    I really hope they bring this to the U.S.

  • jhell

    US Please

  • mojack411

    Nintendo has been really good about localizing games lately, at least of the 3DS. I actually have a good feeling that this Fatal Frame will make it over. I absolutely love the Fatal Frame series and it and Pokemon Snap were the two games that I wanted to see most on the Wii U. I’m glad that one of them is coming true, now just for the other one. C’mon Nintendo, you know you want to.

  • That’s some really nice news indeed. Very little promotion on Wii and DS versions but I wanted it, but when I went to the stores it was nowhere to be found sadly I guess I’ll take a look on a used version this weekend maybe that is available. Interesting game for sure and scary as hell.

  • Phoenix Maybe

    Finally a third party that does the Wii U justice. Well, at least more justice than that new Pac-man game.

  • James DeVries

    Should be interesting

  • Nintendoro

    Missing US would be simply stupid. Wii U needs as wider audience as possible. US release is a must for Nintendo this time.

  • LordiMcKill

    Having a brief understanding of how the other games worked, i can see how the gamepad could be used in this game.

  • nin-10-doughfan

    what i want is lost winds for the wii u (wii version looks great plus a new one for wii u would be amazing!) 😮

  • nin-10-doughfan

    lost winds U, anyone?

  • Spike Ashford

    Omfg, new Project Zero! NEW PROJECT ZERO!!!

  • Tron Javolta

    I have wanted this, and Geist 2 on Wii U for quite some time. I would also LOVE to have another Suda exclusive on the console. I loved those No More Hero games on Wii.

  • Tron Javolta

    FYI In case you haven’t played it you should check out Fragile Dreams on Wii. Terrific sort of weird, horror style game. Reminds me of Fatal Frame a bit.

  • Dark Lord Sauron

    we need to get a petition going to get this game here for america

  • darkcreap

    Great, this is the kind of announcements Nintendo should do more often!! Survival Horror is not my cup of tea, but it is great for a healthy library on WiiU.

  • Arthur Jarret

    “The last game in the series came out on the Wii as Project Zero, though the release was limited to Japan, Europe, and Australia. ”

    The last game was ‘Zero 4’, which was Japan ONLY. Europe got the game before that: Project zero 2: Wii edition.
    We never got pt.4 here either… so I won’t get excited for this OR the new ace attorney 3DS game until localizations are announced.

  • Great news. Hope we on’t have to wait too many years for it.

  • Rygar

    The port begging going on at IGN is pretty ammusing

  • thedeciderU

    the wiiu needs this game. i want to play this already.

  • MerryBlind .

    Wow nice, didn’t see that one coming. I still have to play ZombiU, but hopefully this will be worth picking up!

  • TheGamerGeek128

    I swear this better come stateside because if it doesn’t, I will personally make sure that Iwata and Reggie and all the other heads misplace their car keys.

  • lonewolf88

    I haven’t commented forever but holy crap this caught my eye I love fatal frame and I always wanted to see what they could do with fatal frame since people brought up pokemon snap U omg. I’m like speechless.

  • Lil’ Goron

    i hope it comes to The States. This is the type of game i’d get excited to about being a Wii U owner.

  • leo

    Now we gonna get people “port this shit to xbox /ps fuck wii u its kiddie”

    • Petri

      I’m just waiting for youtube uploads, that stuff (comment board) is hilarious.

  • GmailIsDown

    wow this is awesome. will buy a Japanese Wii U just for this game!!! best news since the announcement of wii u.

  • Dimitri Theodosakis

    My bet Released

    5% Chance (North America Release, South America Release, Asia Release, Europe Release, Australia Release, New Zealand Release)
    35% Chance (Asia Release, Europe Release, Australia Release, New Zealand Release)

    60% Chance (Asia Release Only)

  • RyuNoHadouken

    I can get jiggy with this….Excellent announcement!!!!

  • Elitepwnsface

    The chance of getting this outside of japan is so slim. I wont get to excited….

  • Cameron Benson

    This would be perfect for the Wii U… imagine looking down at the gamepad for something then looking back up at the screen for a scare xDDDD

    But in all seriousness, it would be a great addition for the Wii U library. 🙂

  • Now this is more like it! This is what the Wii U was made for. Well it’s why I got one anyway. Enjoyed Project Zero 2 on the Wii so much that when I saw the Wii U control interacting with the TV, first thing I though was I need to get that, because the next game will be the most terrifying thing in gaining history using that as the camera.

  • Adrian Brown

    OH God!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best news in the whole week!!!!