Feb 4th, 2013

For those of you who still have the Wii U on your list of wants, Target has sweetened the deal for both versions of Nintendo’s latest console. The retailer is offering the black Deluxe Wii U with New Super Mario Bros. U bundled for a mere $380. The regular white version of the Wii U has also received a price cut with the same game bundled, bringing it down to $334. If you’re keen on purchasing one of these bundles and have the extra money to spare, the Deluxe bundle also includes Nintendo Land and a much larger storage capacity.

It’s nice to see retailers like Costco and Target offering affordable options for people who may not have been able to pick up a Wii U yet, since Nintendo has confirmed that there is no price cut in the foreseeable future for the Wii U.

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  • Justin Lee

    that’s $30 in saving. I would totally get this deal if I didn’t get them already.

  • The start of the end is near…

    When the avarage consumer see the Wii U and that Mario game, I am sure that they see child’s graphics, Wii graphics and for older people, it will remind them of the SNES. When people see what is supposed to be a new system, they want NEW – all around, not old games with old graphics.  Nintendo is stuck in a time warp and they keep thinking that what’s good for Japan is good for the US.  The 90’s are over, and Nintendo does not seem to realize it.

    • Laud

      Lol you’re still here? 

      Well, as long as everyone realizes you’re an idiot I’m fine with it.

      Good day, sir.

    • “When the avarage consumer see the Wii U and that Mario game, I am sure that they see child’s graphics…”
      Oh crud, you’re right… people stopped giving birth to new children 10 years ago! This really is a strategy doomed to failure!

      • The Wii sold more consoles then Xbox 360 and PS3 by a landslide this generation. I wouldnt say Nintendo is doomed by any means. Uphill battle yes as with this broken economy across the entire world along with gayass ipads and androids taking ojut of the pie its going to be tough to be a big success for any of the 3 big boys!

    • Sidney Majurie

      It’s ok if you want to destroy your credibility with these silly statements of biased and misinformed conjecture, but that gives you no right to associate El Haj Malik Shabazz with this nonsense…

    • Goginho


    • Silent

      Wasnt the start of the end when the 3ds came out. You are a waste of space in the world

      • I never mentioned nor cared about the 3DS.  I did play it and when it first came out I thought that it was cool, only the design of the system looked so 80’s. 

        • Jay

          riiiight because the Vitas touchscreen is soooo 2005!!

          • Silent


          •  No, I just don’t do portables.  For me, a grown man, there is no need to have videogames on the go.  Besides, I like technology so I need the best which are the consoles.

    • Jay

      Fun Fact:

      When Nintendo bundled the Wii with New Super Mario Bros. Wii, sales EXPLODED that holiday season and records were broken.

      I read your comments and just when i think you’re the stupidest muthafucka on the planet, you prove me wrong. You’re the stooopidestt mammal on the planet 🙁

      •  I love it when you Nintendo nuts are so deep into your lies and paranoia over losing your jobs that you have to start calling people names.  The Wii U does not have the same TV and word of mouth hype as the Wii did.  Nintendo got causal gamers (suckers) to buy their overclocked Gamecube, but after the hype wore off, those casual gamers never again touched their Wii.

        • I’ll have you know that you piss me off beyond comprehension. Not that you should care or anything.

  • i just bought my deluxe wii u this friday.

  • donald the comment didnt even make sense. nintendo is not stuck in the 90s the other consoles are. look at least nintendo has the balls to try new things, xbox and playstation just follows, now i own a xbox and i love it! i am just saying that graphics isnt everything

    • Yes it is graphics make the world go round! For me its the most important thing as its the first thing I see when I fire up a new games console! To be honest the Wii U is ok atleast first gen but not as good as what I was hoping for but I bet that will be the case for Xbox 3 and PS4 as well. WHO NEED GAMEPLAY LOL!!!

    • DemonRoach

      Nintendo has been trying new things by putting old things in their game machines.

      • Jay

        riiiight like motion controls 3D worlds and touch screens….

  • Mickey Mouse

    I got NSMBU with my premium Wii U for £320, so that’s about £70 saving from the new price.

  • Nintendo should have went retro bigtime with Wii U. If I was in control of Nintendo I would have first called the Wii U the Super Wii U just like the NES became the Super NES. Second I would have sold the Deluxe Set with a New Mario New Duck Hunt combo pack just like was included on the original NES in 1985! Also in the box would be a gun for the New Duck Hunt game. And last I would have marketed the hell out of it and the commeriails would have made sure people understood this is a brand new game console from the KING of gaming Nintendo and that they won the last gen wars and are starting the 8th! If they would have dont this in my opinion Nintendo would have sold maybe 4 million consoles by the end of 2012 and been on there goal. I wish Nintnedo would just higher me to save the company lol.    

  • Ibi Salmon

    It’s nice that retailers are taking pity on people who want to save their money for a Wii U.