Aug 5th, 2013


According to a post on Red Flag Deals, a Canadian site dedicated to finding retail deals, certain Target stores in Canada are now offering the 8GB Wii U Basic for $149.99. Many people on the forums have mentioned placing their order and getting the unit at the stated price.

This comes after Asda’s steep price cuts and eventual announcement that it would no longer be stocking Wii U units in their stores. As retailers opt to price the Wii U at their own deep discounts, Nintendo is going to have to do something in order to get the state of Wii U sales under control.

Currently there’s no word on whether or not Target stores in the United States will have this discount.

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  • Dj

    Wonder when those haters will start showing up….

    • Zzenya A Thompson

      I wouldn’t worry about the haters. They don’t do half the crap they claim, and they don’t hate half the stuff they claim. The one thing they’re trying to do is get a rise out of hardcore fans. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were playing their wii u while typing hateful quips.

    • Orto

      Dont worry they will only start to hate when there is bad news on fony daily. It makes em feel better to attack us then.

  • Zzenya A Thompson

    This needs to happen in the countries that actually selling Wii Us. Maybe people will pick it up and start purchasing the software. The Ouya looks like crap, but it’s only $99. Not much of a risk.

    • The internals of the Ouya cost about as much as a raspberry pi to make, too. There’s still profit there. The cost of adding the GamePad to the Wii U has put Nintendo in a tough position.

      • Zzenya A Thompson

        All of the top selling non-Nintendo systems have sold their consoles at a loss. It’s not something Nintendo has ever had to do, but it worked for PS3 and 360. Maybe it’s time.

        • Marcus Navarro

          Worked? Not really. It’s just that plenty of people bought the system. Not to mention Sony basically shot itself in the foot with the PS3 and Microsoft stopped the bleeding with Xbox LIVE.

          • Zzenya A Thompson

            Plenty of people of people bought the system. That’s what I mean. It worked. Having a minuscule fan base wont work for modern day consoles. Online gaming is the future, heck it’s the present, and if you don’t have enough people to fill out your servers then you have a problem.

      • e_rocket

        But it makes the system original and really fun, I like the gamepad 🙂

    • Potemkin

      That’s what I believe should have happened. Honestly, I do not think the Wii U would cost Nintendo more than 120 dollars to make, including the gamepad so charging up to 300 dollars is just too much for me.

    • TULFich

      the only reason I´m still not capable of buying a Wii U si cuz it´is like 500 dlls here in mexico (deluxe set)

  • JBeauregard

    I agree with others to keep the prices low. Console sales create software. I can’t help but feel Nintendo is just trying to delay things until the holidays, but wouldn’t it make sense to try to help themselves now?

    • Zzenya A Thompson

      Totally agree. What good is a Wii U up on the shelf of a Target store. Get those consoles sold, then make the money back this Christmas.

    • Michael DeVore

      Not if others are generating the data for them. Nintendo won’t drop it down to 150$, but depending on how fast the systems sell at 150 will tell them how much the price should drop. That way in a month or so they’ll know round about where to drop the price to. A holiday price drop makes the most sense because it can be used to enhance marketing. If the price drop happens without a big marketing push it would be wasted advertising.

  • bizzy gie


    That’s TOO low!

    That’s only $20 more than a Wii!

    • Zzenya A Thompson

      I read recently (maybe on this site, but I think it was IGN) that Nintendo’s net worth was something like six billion dollars. I think they can shoulder the financial loss so that hardware finds it’s way into the living rooms of every would be Nintendo gamer. I’m no expert, but if people can switch to a console that isn’t dying at the end of this year, for the price of, say a traded in 360, they will. As exciting as next gen (graphically) looks, $400 is still a lot of money. People always flock to the cheapest option.

      • InsaneZucchini

        Nintendo suffers no financial loss from these sales. Target has to buy the systems from Nintendo at a different set costs than what consumers pay. They can’t change how much they pay for the systems only how much they sell them for, the only ones that would suffer a loss are Target. Of course it sounds like many retailers have stopped stocking Wii U Basic models, so I assume Target is just emptying the stock they have left.

        As for the $6 billion net worth, Nintendo’s assets are worth around $15 billion with a revenue of around $7 billion with around $11.6 billion on hand and only $2 million in debt according to Forbes.

        • Zzenya A Thompson

          So the big N is even better off than I thought, and retailers are taking the hit. This is bad business I would think. If I were Nintendo, I would assume some of the loss. Try to make right with the middle man and get my product flowing. Maybe the basic model was a mistake, but if the console is cheap enough it’ll get a ton of units out there to the non gamer crowd (The life blood of Nintendo’s best selling non-hand held). Believe it or not, my grandma will never fill 8 GB of space.

          • incoherent1

            Maybe, but if they’re selling hardware at a loss, then they need to sell games to make up for it, and grandmothers aren’t likely going to buy 3-4 games each to cover selling the console for only $150. Reggie has gone on record saying that if someone buys a Wii U and one game (at the current price), then Nintendo is making a profit. I think that’s a good balancing point, especially with so many blockbuster games coming in the months ahead!

          • Zzenya A Thompson

            My grandma got the Wii for my kids to play when they spend the night. She has four or five games. You’re right that not everyone would get enough games to cover the loss but I’d be willing to bet quite a few would. And at least they would get sold. I know four people with the 32 GB and none of them would have even considered the 8, but at a buck fifty…maybe. I don’t know for sure, but it seems like a lost cause no matter what. I say price dump and run. Or I guess keep doing what they’re doing and let Target take the hit.

          • Trevor Mari Switzer

            More like 3

      • Link Slayer

        Not really I would pay 400 over a 150 dollar Wii U right now and so would a bunch of people I know. Most people I know if they didnt have 400 they wouldnt even spend it on the Wii U. I hope this all changes very soon. With the line up of games it may but none of those games has a real WOW factor until 2014

    • tronic307

      That’s how much Nintendo charges for a replacement GamePad right now. It’s like getting a free Wii U with your GamePad!

    • Magnus Eriksson

      No one wants it. Thats why.

    • jay

      Probably a sign that the basic model will be discontinued.

  • Xero Azure

    All Wii U needs are more 3rd Party games, and She’ll Sell like Hotcakes. (As previously stated by many individuals)

    • Grulnork

      What the Wii U needs is strong Nintendo titles, because that is why people buy a Nintendo console. Third party titles are only for people who only have/want Nintendo-platforms. And I think that group is smaller then ever

      I personally aren’t in the slightest interested in third party software; I got a PC for that. And I think this is the case for most people who are interested in third party games (they got a PC/XB/PS).

      This is going on for the last 10 years and that is one of the two reasons, together with a small installer base, why third party devs are cautious to invest in more titles for the Wii U.

      Because of this many people wish that Nintendo becomes software only, so they do not have to buy another system.

    • Ice Climbers

      It’s not going to get very many 3rd party games. Nintendo has had poor 3rd party support since N64. The Wii U’s poor sales have nothing to do with the lack of 3rd party support, it is just the common scapegoat used. Look at the 3DS. It was failing at first, but then started to succeed with a multitude of 1st party games. When the 3DS reached the level of success it has now, did 3rd parties flock to it? No. Sure, it has some 3rd party support. However, in comparison to Sony or MS systems, the level of support it receives is pitiful at best. A large percent of 3rd parties would rather support the failing Vita than the 3DS, despite the 3DS’ success. 3DS is the top selling system worldwide, but it does not receive parity with Sony and MS.

      The cold hard truth is that 3rd parties will always ignore Nintendo. The list of publishers who refuse to work with Nintendo, or minimize their support, even in the face of blatant success, is staggering.

      Nintendo is wasting their time trying to go after support from big 3rd parties. Sure, they should always keep their doors open to 3rd parties, but unless they want to pull Bayonetta 2’s left and right, they’re not going to get much support. Pulling Bayonetta 2’s left and right won’t work for very long because developers would catch on and purposefully raise the budget on their games to make Nintendo pay more than is necessary.

      Instead, Nintendo needs to go after smaller 3rd parties and indie devs. They should buy Atlus and Platinum Games. Buying studios would be a good thing.

  • Andrew Chambers

    And why would this be bad? The basic kit is discontinued, so it makes sense for a price cut. Get it out of the stores before the deluxe (now regular) kits and bundles come out. That way the only choices an uniformed parent has to make is what color to get and if they should get a bundle.

    • Yeah, it’s just evolution. No store sells the original PS3 either anymore. So it’s just normal to get rid of the 1st generations and concentrate to the real deal.

  • wober2

    i am getting a bit worried about the wiiu… I love pikmin3 though!

    • Zzenya A Thompson

      This feels like Dreamcast all over. I remember much sadness, then nothing. One difference though. Nintendo is worth a fortune while sega was on it’s last leg. Three failed “consoles” in a row will really limit the amount of time you can hold out and wait for a comeback.

      • wober2

        I cannot tell if Iwata and crew are ignorant to how quiet they seem here in the states, or if they are purposely being strategic about a large holiday marketing push.. There is hardly any WiiU marketing. I think I hear about the ouya about the same as I do nintendo. I think they really could use some witty/snarky ads.

  • BIG Franky

    we all know the holiday price cut is happening….. much like the 3DS, it absolutely has to. i’m guessing that it will be announced on the next Nintendo Direct…. i think they may have originally wanted to hold off until W101 or maybe ZWW-HD, but they need to bump it up to now….. they have lost control of the narrative here and desperately need to get it back…. all you see online is how this (the WiiU) is a failed experiment.

  • Jack5221

    Why is the news always “Doom and gloom” for Nintendo? 🙁

    • Ony

      Just have a seat, relax, and support Wii U. The sun always rise after the night :3

    • Zzenya A Thompson

      This site has to put multiple articles every day. There isn’t enough news to go around so they find what they can and give it a negative spin so people keep coming back. And if you go to ign, you’ll see that non of the consoles have a steady flow of announcements and great news. It’s a slow time of year for video games in general.

    • Clel

      It’s not.

  • Jizz Beard thePirate

    Guys… this is the BASIC Model… start worrying when the Deluxe Model is at this price

    • incoherent1

      I’m a little worried. Target isn’t some obscure retailer and if they’re selling them this low, it likely means they want to clear existing stock and don’t plan on reordering more units, and if they don’t stock units them people can’t buy them.

      Hopefully this stays isolated to the Basic models as you mentioned, and maybe once more games arrive we’ll see stores getting more units back on the sales floor.

      • Jizz Beard thePirate

        Well… there have been tons of articles saying that the Basic Model is being discontinued… If that is the case… they have to sell it before it no longer exists and they have to do it before any price cuts happen to the Deluxe Model… Nintendo should realize that Pikmen is not a system seller… Mario Kart and Mario World is… So hopefully when those come out… we will see some sales

    • mrjoedawgbrother

      Basic Model $150.00 Nintendo Land. $40 at the most used. Hard drive $50 on Amazon.
      $240.00 or less=White deluxe version without silly stand.
      C’mon son….

      • bizzy gie

        I’ve seen the stands individually packaged. Their official MSRP is $20.

        That’s $260 for the equivalent deluxe Wii U with the 2-year premium Nintendo Network.

  • Elitepwnsface

    Thats a heck of a deal. I am hoping with these discounts ppl will start picking them up, sad to see it cheaper then a 3ds though lol.

  • e_rocket

    Thats a good price, I wouldn’t doubt a day to buy one 😉

  • Ducked

    Keep calm retailers

    1st party titles are on there way very soon

    • oontz

      It has nothing to do with remaining calm.

      Dead stock on retailers shelves = no profit. Retailers are not in the business of charity. Could you imagine if all retailers kept all the stale/non selling stock on their shelves in the hopes that one day it will sell? They would be bankrupt.

      That shelf space could be used for other products… even Deluxe wiius that are selling (albeit slowly).

      Simply business. If the merchandise isn’t moving… clear it out for some that is.

      • Ducked

        The retailers aren’t advertising it, its half there fault…

        • Elem187

          The retailers don’t need to advertise it, thats for the platform holder to take care of.
          Nintendo is the only one that can advertise it. And it looks like they are waiting for more games to be released before throwing money down on advertisements… I mean, what are you supposed to advertise?

          “Hey buy our console because some really really cool games are going to be released later” ?

          no of course not, you can only advertise games available today or coming in the next few days.

          • Ducked

            Retailers stashing the Wii U in the corner, or mixing it up with Wii games. Pretty sure that’s there fault.

  • Zakariyya Al-Quran

    Target does have mario bros u with wii u deluxe for 385 and a free 50$ giftcard

  • Geez, you would think it would have lowered to $250 or $200, but $150 is an insult. you could buy a New/Used/refurbished 3DS or the XL for more or the same price. It’s only $20 less for a standard Wii.

  • marcus mindownbusiness

    Nintendo might pull head out of its own ass now!

  • Joie Liba

    I’d get this. I don’t see what’s so awesome about getting the deluxe when you’re better off getting an external hard drive in the end.

    • Elem187

      That was my reasoning for getting the white one… I think it looks much better.

  • CaesarGood

    I guess that would be a nice lil come up if you wanted to buy it and trade it in at gamestop and get double the value for it in credit..but then again I don’t know how much they give for the basic wii u…The black deluxe is valued at $240 when you trade it in and with the offer they have now, DOUBLE in-store credit it should come up to $480, that is if you want to bail and get a ps4..

  • Adam Porter

    wiiU failure has nothing to do with the gamepad, nothing to do with the power of the machine(though it would help if it had more), it’s all about it’s image, or lack of it. not many people know about wiiU yet after a 10months of it being on the market, and those that do either are a few nintendo fans who like it and already have it or they are everybody else who think it’s a kids toy.
    nintendo need to ditch the wiiU, slap some more horsepower in the box, and come up with some name that make you feel like you are giving a middle finger to the world every time you even think about it. the gamepad should stay aswell.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      People dont know? Look how many articles it had in the biggest news papers. Of course people know, they just dont care. Nintendo have been unable to present it as a sexy console. Thats why.

    • Elem187

      have you played Pikmin 3 in person? The power of the machine is just fine, its vastly superior than the PS3/x360…. the only people complaining about the power or graphics are people who are just trolling and would never buy anything with the word Nintendo on it… like Lack-Of-Knowledge-Thats-Whats-UP.

  • D-Man

    As in 149.99 Canadian dollars or American dollars

    • RoboticLink

      It’s practically the same thing, I think they are now on par

  • RoboticLink

    Too bad it’s the basic, not many people like it

    • kevin nun—-

      “Too bad it’s the basic, who nobody likes”
      check your misuse of commas, what are you trying to say?

    • Gotallofthem

      I regret having purchased the Black one, all the stuff that I got “extra” with it I dont even use. And the game I dont really play, I should have gotten the basic at launch and used the 50 bucks for a second game.

      • Elem187

        use the $50 for a bigger harddrive… i could download 300 copies of Pikmin 3 if I wanted to 😛

    • andrewjcole

      I have one, and I regret getting it (only 8GB). I only got it because I was dying to get it quick but they didn’t have the deluxe anywhere.

    • Elem187

      I love the basic… its not like 32gb is massive amount of space. So it doesn’t matter which one you choose, you will be buying an external harddrive.. so instead of paying an extra $50 for some extra plastic, a mini game collection I really don’t care for, I used that $50 in savings to purchase my 1.5tb drive ($60 on newegg)

  • Rémi

    This is bad for me : I could have save 30$ if i have waited a little longer to go for target. I’ve bought mine one week ago at 180 at best buy ( the price was 199, but it was returned so i have a 20$ discount) . Some might say that the Wii U basic model will be discontinued, but for customer like me interested in the system, this is Boxing day in summer. You can’t say that this is not one hell of a deal. Yeah sure 8G is small, but i can add some memory later.

  • Piston Honda

    150 is a good price for parents to upgrade there Wiis

  • Gary

    I regret buying my Wii U at launch now. 🙁
    There are still no games I find worth my time so for those of you who say “You got to play it for 9 months more than others” there really wasn’t much to play during those 9 months. I’m just waiting for Wind waker HD now and intending to pick up Pikmin 3 that’s about it in the near future.

    • Elem187

      Pikmin has been out for several days… if you were wanting something to play, then why haven’t you picked it up yet? The game isn’t going to play itself you know.

      • Gary

        Well Pikmin isn’t exactly my thoughts of a core game (I know I’ll get a lot of disagreements on this one, but it’s just not my cup of tea), the ONLY reason I’m even considering picking it up is due to the lackluster titles currently available, it also doesn’t change the fact that I could have just waited till this point in time to buy a Wii U rather than launch. Again, a strategy/puzzle game isn’t really worth the $71 (after tax) to me I may buy it if theres a price drop/sale otherwise I won’t.

  • Dove

    The 3ds is more expensive now T.T

  • Trevor Mari Switzer

    They will get rid of their existing inventory then not order any more. Wii u sales will really be bad then.

    • Petri

      If that would be the case, they would do the same with the deluxe model.
      Basic just isn’t really selling anywhere.
      My preferred retailer has cut basic models price as well, but not by much, only 100€ difference on deluxe, though I might have bought basic if it was 100€ lower at launch.

  • Jonny5

    If you live in Canada, you can get some great deals right not for the Wii U. Not only is Target having this deal, but you can buy Batman AC, Nintendo Land, and COD BOPS2 for $10 each. So for less than $200 you can get the system and 3 games.

  • tom

    who cares and who cares about walmart or target…both garbage to their employees…..

    • Elem187

      Why would anyone care how target or walmart treats their employees? None of our business really, and i fail to see how that affects purchasing products from them at competitive prices.

      In the free market, if people don’t like their employer they can switch to a company they like more. This isn’t a communist country…. yet anyways, probably will be by the time Obama gets done with it.

      • LordYukYuk

        “In the free market, if people don’t like their employer they can switch to a company they like more.”


        Are you five? Only a child or someone divorced from the reality of the world would say something like that.