Tank Tank Tank (often stylized as Tank! Tank! Tank!), is an arcade action game for the Wii U. The game has the player controlling a tank and completing missions by destroying giant enemy monsters. Tank Tank Tank is the spiritual successor to Tokyo Wars, a 1995 arcade game which had a similar story line and gameplay mechanics. Tank Tank Tank was originally released in Japanese arcades in 2009, and developer Namco has been working on the Wii U version since 2011. The game is scheduled for release in Fall 2012, likely as a Wii U launch title. Tank Tank Tank on Wii U will have fully destructive environments and will offer co-op multiplayer as well.

Tank Tank Tank Wii U features

Tank Tank Tank Wii U
Tank Tank Tank features a very cartoony look and is more of a casual action game than one that appeals to hardcore gamers. Players in Tank Tank Tank will be given a tank to control with the Wii U GamePad tablet controller, which will also be used to display mission status, map, ammunition, weapon selection, and more. Players can equip their tanks with several weapons, including flamethrowers, machine guns, and missiles. It will also feature a co-op mode where up to four players online and offline can fight against monsters together. In addition, there is a competitive multiplayer mode where everyone fights against one another. Players can also use the built-in camera to take a photo and use it as an avatar for their tank online.

Tank Tank Tank screenshots

Tank Tank Tank Wii U gameplay trailer

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  • Undecided

    Looks mediocre to me.

    • Hachi Shiminami

      , said the Judge Everything Entirely on Screenshots.

  • Always Angry

    This game reminds me of Vigilante 8 for the N64. The wild guns and vehicle destruction. Love all the demos and game play I have seen so far.

  • Nintendero

    More or less, even better than the arcade version.

  • Damar

    Actually this game is awesome and is a huge game in Japan as well.

  • maveric-hunter

    omg D: namco made something that isn’t crap!!! Tank! Tank! Tank! i’m totally getting it 🙂

    • Onii

      Namco hardly ever makes anything that is crap, I think you have them confused with Capcom.

      • Maverick-Hunter

        Nope I ment namco they are the company that brought me all the dbz games that I own and they suck. But, this game Tank! Tank! Tank! Appeals to me greatly on three points; being destruction, co-op, Tanks! Back in the days of star fox 64 my favorite levels were the Land Rovers Aka a Tank!

        I’m just glad too see this company really stepping in the right direction like.

  • doo-doo poo-poo

    Looks pretty sick! reminds me a lot of Battle tanks for 64, can’t wait to play this!!

  • crazy guy

    this looks like shovelware..

  • WiiUhyper

    Im getting this game the second it comes out, I WANT IT SO BAD

  • Ben

    I playe this at an arcade and it is EPICLY EPIC!!!

  • brandon braun

    when it come out

  • brendan link

    what r the controls