Nov 8th, 2017

Take Two recently said that they were “very pleased” by the way NBA 2K18 has sold on the console so far.

Now Take Two CEO Strauss Zelnick has chipped in with his own comments about the new Nintendo console, and he’s very optimistic indeed.

“The installed base for Switch has grown rapidly and it’s potentially an exciting platform,” Zelnick told investors during a Q&A session, adding “We’ve already put out a title for basketball. So, we are supportive of the platform corporately.”

In addition to NBA 2K18, Take Two has a couple of more Switch games: WWE 2K18 and the upcoming LA Noire.

A few months ago, Zelnick was quoted saying that he was “very optimistic about the Switch platform”, and it seems that his optimism has been amplified.

It appears that there is genuine interest at the company to bring more games to the Switch platform.

Take Two CEO Switch has grown rapidly and it's potentially an exciting platform

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