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Wii U E3 video roundup

We’ve collected lots of Wii U videos from E3, with a ton of gameplay footage from games such as Pikmin 3, Nintendo Land, New Super Mario Bros U, Project P-100, ZombiU, and more. All of the videos were captured on and off screen during E3, some by us, some by other media outlets. Later on, …


Pikmin 3 gameplay video

Pikmin 3 was revealed just hours ago, and the first gameplay video from Nintendo’s E3 press conference has been posted online. The video shows Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto guiding players through the demo, showing how the Pikmin 3 controls work, how the Wii U GamePad is used, and more. We expect Nintendo to reveal a …


Wii U gameplay

The Associated Press got a chance to explore the Wii U at CES in Las Vegas. The video includes some gameplay, and some Nintendo executives pitching the new gadget. The Wii U gameplay is from one of the newer multiplayer titles Nintendo is working on.