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Miyamoto talks Wii U achievements, Miiverse, and more

There’s no denying that Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto gets the final say on a lot of what Nintendo does. He certainly gets to voice his opinion and affect the design of everything from games, to consoles, to accessories, and online services. In a new interview with IGN, Miyamoto touches on many aspects of the Wii …


Wii U achievements confirmed by Nintendo

We previously reported that a Wii U achievement system was in works, and now Nintendo has confirmed just that: the Wii U will be getting an achievement system that offers developers to add them in their games. But unlike Microsoft on the Xbox 360, Nintendo won’t force developers to include achievements. Speaking to Kotaku, Nintendo …


Wii U getting achievements, cloud storage, social networking

The Wii U will be getting achievements, cloud storage, social networking, avatars, and much more, according to a developer Wii U Daily spoke to. The source, working at a European development house with several Wii U projects in the pipeline, says Nintendo will unveil many of the new Nintendo Network features at E3 next week. …