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Wii U can have up to 12 user accounts, Miiverse will be moderated

Nintendo pitched the Wii U at E3 as a “family device”, that will bring the fractured modern family of today together to play games. For that to be possible, the Wii U will support multiple user accounts on the same console. Therefore, the limit has been set to 12 accounts per Wii U console, according …


Nintendo to offer Wii U cloud storage for save games and player profiles

Nintendo will be adding a Wii U cloud storage feature for the new console sometime in 2013, according to a source. Following the trend of cloud storage, Nintendo is said to be working on a cloud storage solution for the Wii U via the new Nintendo Network. The new cloud storage option would give 512 …


Wii U getting user accounts, Friend Codes be gone

Finally, it appears that Nintendo have come to their senses: the company revealed a new user account feature for the 3DS and Wii U called Nintendo Network, where instead of the current and awfully implemented “friend code” system, gamers will have a service similar to Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. Some of the new features …