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Wii U games you may have missed

This week’s Zorpix Den cuts all the business type official talk I’ve been doing. It’s time to talk about why you’re all here. The games!


What is your Wii U GOTY for 2012?

The Wii U has only been available for a month and a half and the full range of launch titles isn’t out just yet, but of those available, do you have a favorite so far? Your selection should be a game that is currently available or will be released within the 2012 year. As for …


Nintendo working on new franchises for the Wii U

Nintendo won’t be content with just the usual lineup of first party titles like Mario, Zelda, Metroid, etc. for the Wii U. According to new reports, the company is working on as many as three new franchises for the Wii U console, which is scheduled for launch this Fall. The new video game franchises are …