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Beautiful Wii U controller 3D render

3D artist “Tom-3D” created this amazing 3D render of a Wii U controller. Be sure to view the full size image and enjoy the details that he put in — it’s quite impressive. For more on his work, you can drop by his DeviantArt page, which has additional renders of the Wii U console and …


Wii U vs Wii: size comparison

The Wii is Nintendo’s smallest home console, and contrary to popular belief, the Wii U isn’t much bigger than the original Wii. We have collected a few images for size comparison of the two consoles, showing the Wii U vs Wii and how the two consoles are very similar when it comes to size. The …


Wii U hardware at E3 was underclocked

According to new sources from consulting firm Hit Detection, the Wii U console showcased at E3 featured “underclocked” hardware, which didn’t perform as well as the final console is supposed to perform. This made Nintendo decide against showing any games on the Wii U, since they wouldn’t end up looking any better than on the …