Sep 17th, 2012

Oh boy, here we go again. Just a day after Slash Gear columnist made some of the dumbest anti Wii U comments we’ve ever read, we now learn that some writer at The Sun is doing the same. The Sun, a British tabloid most known for writing “catchy” headlines (and for hacking the phones of politicians), published an article listing top 5 reasons consumers shouldn’t buy the Wii U.

Wii U facepalmUsually these kinds of articles tend to piss off Nintendo gamers and us here at Wii U Daily. But once in a while, an article comes along that sets a new level of stupidity, and at that point, all we can do is sit back and laugh. Here are the top 5 reasons not to buy the Wii U, according to The Sun’s Lee Price.

1: “The Wii U will be outdated in a year“. The writer lists no specific reasons as to why it will be outdated, only mentions that Microsoft and Sony will release new consoles. As if that will stop people from wanting to play Super Mario, Zelda, Metroid, in new and innovative ways…

2: “Vita masquerading as the GamePad“. This is perhaps the single dumbest comment we have heard on the Wii U. He claims that if you have a PS3, you’re better off buying a Vita than a Wii U. We’re not going to even try and explain the stupidity of this claim.

3: “The threat to all consoles: mobile gaming“. He claims that the PS3 and Xbox 360 can “see off” the threat from the iPhone, the Wii U cannot. Apparently, he doesn’t know that the Wii U is not only more powerful than the PS3 and Xbox 360, it’s got a unique controller and Nintendo’s vast library of popular franchises.

4: “DS + Wii = fail?“. Now his claims are spinning out of control. He believes that the Wii U is a “bizarre middle ground” between the original Wii and the DS. And for that reason, it’ll fail, he reasons. Again, we could try and debunk his claims here, but our heads hurt too much just from reading it.

5: “It’s dramatically over-priced“. He believes it’s too expensive, and that you’ll have to buy games on top. Apparently it’s new to him that games are sold separately. And the Wii U isn’t over-priced. We’re getting a brand new gaming console, with the most advanced controller ever made, and full backwards compatibility with old games and hardware. At $299.

There’s your five reasons not to buy a Wii U. We could go off on a rant here about the writer and The Sun, but this clip from Billy Madison perfectly sums everything up:

Dear Mr. Lee Price, lay off the booze, and may God have mercy on your soul.

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  • Dazz

    Well i do like the wii u a 100% but it have that baby avater thing that’s my reason

    • ninjabake

      Huh? Lol

    • MEJM

      Well, I can agree on the point that a more detailed avatar system could have been a good choise, but I think the Miis serve their purpose pretty well.
      Besides, you CAN make quite impressive and expressive Miis if you try and have the skills.

    • Grodus

      Um… OOOOOOOOOOK then.

    • 007 1/2


      • Nintendonoob

        If I strangle these people… Will I go to jail? They are just probably noobs that like insulting companies for money

  • nintendogamer38

    looks like that guy that critisize the wii u and patcher have another copy cat .
    There in danger

    • Colton

      So is grammar it seems.

    • Grodus

      (For the 4th time now) Yous needs gooder grammers. There terribles, you knows it?

  • XDLugia

    The Sun did the same to the 3DS as well, but people still bought one…

    • Nintedward

      What they are trying to say is simple ”we are xbox fans with poo in our nappies , we scared of wiiu becoz its lot more powerfull than we wanted to be and has rule changeing controler again like wii , it probably going to destroy our preshus ecsbox again , and we get more poo in nappy”

      ”dam our predictions about 3ds R rong , you can turn the 3d off if u like and it has a about 30 awesome games on it ”

      I am now less proud of being English .
      They do this every generation with Nintendo though , I am sure they are aware franchises like pokemon , mario , zelda are not going to dissapear just because they like their little old xbox’s .

      • XDLugia

        What makes you believe that they are Xbox fans? I would rather say PS3 fans, since it is the dominant console in the UK (which is where The Sun keep themselves).

        • Nintedward

          dominant in UK ??? debatable ……

        • jcb411abuser

          dominant? it’s hardly even got what you’d call a player base, the wii was the dominant console of the last generation, everyone has a wii, everyone. It was cheap, fun, it had games that were instantly recognisable to the general public not even just the gaming community, and a control system that was new and fun to use. People can argue all the want but sales prove that the wii was the dominant console, the only reason that hardcore gamers left it was that online gaming became such a huge phenomenon this generation, this is where the xbox360 out did itself, this is where nintendo really need to focus it’s attention. As seen from last generation graphics aren’t the be all and end all of everything gaming, it’s just playing on-line became the new in thing, i’m happy with 360 graphics, i will buy the WiiU because of nintendo games, so will alot of other gamers, now that it has HD graphics and hopefully a competent on-line system it will be the all round console we have been looking for. If on-line support is good enough i can see this console literally over-shadowing the PS4 and NEXTBOX so much that sony’s gaming division will go under and microsoft will focus on smart phones and bring out a tablet.

          • xdlugia

            Get real. It’s not just about the install base.
            Let’s face it, we know that just about everyone has a Wii, but not THAT many play it regularly. Like the Xbox 360 is without a doubt the dominant console in America, because it is the console most people use all the time.

            Also, we all know how big FIFA is right? Especially in the UK. So there is a reason for EA to promote FIFA on the Playstation the most. FIFA 13 comes to PS3, PSVita… and even PSP and PS2, but it doesn’t even come to the Nintendo DS!

            PS: Microsoft are already bringing out a tablet.

          • MujuraNoKamen

            “hardcore gamers” I wouldn’t call the people who flock to online re-hash games like CoD hardcore, and I don’t see why they are always referred to as “hardcore” I’m not saying everyone who plays online is a “noob” or anything I just don’t think doing the same stuff over and over again online can be called hardcore when fully fleshed out single player games with lots of content and deep gameplay get overlooked. Games like Zelda are hardcore as they take time and skill, the only reason XBox and PS3 fanboys (which is essentially what they are) call themselves hardcore is because the games they play are full of violence, and let’s face it violent doesn’t mean hardcore or mature.

        • Ninty1

          I say PS3 fans also because i have an Xbox 360

          (But don’t worry, I’ll still be getting a Wii U)

      • Nintedward

        1.Is the wiiu up to date ?
        (x) yes ( ) no ( ) unsure

        2.does the vita act as a gamepad in the same way as wiiu ?
        ( ) yes (x) no ( ) unsure

        3.Mobile gaming a threat to home consoles ?
        ( ) yes (x) no ( ) unsure

        4.most popular console of all time in 6 years + most innovative console of all time added together a bad idea ?
        ( ) yes (x) no ( ) unsure

        5. is £250 too much for a brand new console with 2GB of RAM ?
        ( ) yes (x) no ( ) unsure .

        is this guy a dick ?
        (x) yes ( ) no ( ) unsure

        how powerfull and expensive will sony’s and microcock’s new consoles be ?
        ( ) yes ( ) no (x) unsure

        Am I going insane because of trolls ?
        ( ) yes ( ) no (x) unsure

        Did you just fart ?
        (x) yes

        • Macarony64

          Before some bitch about the grammar ill say that you forgot the numbers in the last few joking of course

        • Ninty1

          Am I going insane because of trolls ?
          (x) yes ( ) no ( ) unsure

          • Grodus

            That makes 9,999,999,999,999 of us. (goes to trillions.)

        • Yodin

          i agree with most of the questions and i will not answer #6 next question the PS3 always expensive at launch like the PS2 and PS3 at over $500 in Canada but i find the Wii is very reasonable for the price $349 Deluxe version Black i pre-ordered mine 🙂

        • Marla

          LMAO! Priceless…

          So, what will it be?
          (X) Wii U ( ) PS4 ( )XBOX

          I’ll take the Wii U, for $405.00 dollars, Alex…

      • Thepokemonmaster

        Ok PS3 and Xbox 360, Are Pieces of slayed maelstrom (bad goo simalar to the one that made people bad in brawl,but In lego universe) Wii U is The best thing ever

    • BRIAN

      Very true, they published a story that a man got a serious headache and was rushed to hospital from briefly looking at the 3D screen. How melodramatic can these newspapers get?!

  • wiiupoo

    this guy…just this guy.

  • Derp

    I feel sorry for this writer. I feel even more sorry for those that actually believe him though.

  • Super Paper Rye

    Well kind sir, it most certainly will fail because the preorders are off the charts.
    Nice try.

    • nintenfan

      indeed, it will most certainly fail because it has sold out in just about every major retailer except about one!

      • JumpMan

        yeah, it’ll most certainly fail. it’s not like i sold out everywhere two months before it even comes out or anything like that…

        • Grodus

          It will definitely fail with no exceptions. I mean, if it sold out of all retailers except one, which only has one model out of two, in a matter of 5 days, thats when you know a consoles going to fail.

  • Ibiexplorer4

    That’s nice, now can we please focus on the Wii U and it’s games, please?

  • Zhenya


  • NiNtEnDoLoVeR

    This man….is stupid. Come on, Nintendo is the Best VG company ever (Software&Hardware!)

    • Macarony64

      The guy who thumb you down should fall in hell pits and be torture by impaling him and stickyng him the original xbox controller in his butt

      • NavyBlueYoshi

        Was me srry, stupid iPhone misread my tap, meant thumbs up

        • Macarony64

          Not you blue yoshiiiiii 🙁

        • Grodus

          2 people deserve PAAAIIIIN!

      • loko34

        continua a metterti il tuo wiimote nel culo.

        un sito di bimbiminkia che non capite un cazzo.

        • wii u fan forever

          @ioko34 ^^ i translated because i know that language, he said “continue to put those wiimotes through your asses, this sight is just an embarrassment, hes using another language to mock us, he should burn in hell, the stupid troll, dislike his comment, you can translate it if you want

          • Grodus

            Then I guess he deserves PAAAIIIIN!

          • loko34 has no life

            he isnt making that up he actually said that. its funny because the guy who said that is probably a fat italian guy who jerks off to call of duty with his controller up his ass.

  • Zhenya

    im looking at the conspiracy here… every time someone bashes Nintendo they ALWAYS do great in sales is it like some kind of curse or something?

    • Derp

      Nah, it’s not a curse, it’s just Karma at her best.

      • JumpMan

        does Karma have a gender?

        • Steph

          Yes, karmas a Bitch…

          • Nintedward

            C C C C C C COMBO BREAKER !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Walt

    What you just said, made the people in this room dumber. That made me piss my pants… I didn’t time it the same way it was said, but that guy…. Just that guy.

  • A Fire Will Rise

    Seriously Wii U Daily, learn to write a professional article. Also stop adding ‘Facepalm’s’ on everything. Wii is said “to be more powerful”, and said “to be the same” and even “not as powerful”. As of now, Screenshot comparisons, show it being roughly the same, compared to Xbox 360, PS3. It’s behind PC (which is understandable). The current Specs are similar to Xbox 360 and PS3.

    • Kahhhhyle

      They are kind of all over the place but they’re just trying to give us something to tide us over. It is slightly more powerful then current gen consoles though. According to the majority of devs… However that remains to be seen as the console isn’t out yet we won’t really know until somebody strips it down in their basement

    • Michael Jackson

      I agree with the lack of professionality of the article (it reads like a comment), but not having neutrality is not an issue. If the writer avoided things like ‘ugggh im not gonna even gonna TOUCH ON THIS ISSUE!!!” and focused on rebutting it with information. Again, you’re writing a column. Not a comment.

      Also, there have been major hints that the PS4/Durango won’t be as strong as people are expecting – developer quotes, sale data (sony selling at a major loss, microsoft growing more casual), etc.

      The game is changing.

      • Michael Jackson

        lol, I just realized how fucked up the sentence structure in that post is

        I don’t think the meaning was lost, but damn.

        • Kahhhhyle

          I dunno if they don’t have the horse power they don’t stand a chance against nintendo

      • Maverick-Hunter

        Of course the game looks like yours it’s a port from your systems oh but wait wth they actually look a little better one the wii u, than on their home consoles … Yeah up yours dude.

    • frank

      I have read the word “facepalm” on this site more than I will anywhere else in my entire life.

      • Shadow10087

        Correction: 9GAG*

    • Wii U Daily

      Sometimes, we come across anti-Wii U claims that are so ridiculously stupid, they cannot be handled “professionally”.

      • sehxualpanda


      • Opheodrys

        I completely agree Wii U Daily. You Rock!!!

      • Ibiexplorer4

        Why not? If you’re going against an opinion different than yours, you can’t just go “This is so stupid. I’m not going to point how wrong he/she is”. You need to back up your arguments with proof. SHOW them how wrong they are.

        Also, please, post a link to the original article. This news didn’t come from nowhere, right?

        • The Aquacharger

          For real they barely post their sources it’s super annoying.

          • Ibiexplorer4

            That’s one of the main issue with this site. They don’t post their sources.

            I like this site when they’re talking about the Wii U and it’s games, but not when they’re talking about someone “bashing” the Wii U. More often than not, the come across as biased and unprofessional when writing articles like these.

            Maybe they’re better off talking about the Wii U rather than the negative press that the Wii U gets.

      • The Aquacharger

        Except you should.


        Bye the way wii u daily its not the sun that hack into phones (its news of the world)

    • Macarony64

      And now we are dumber

    • 007 1/2

      no they are better. the facepalm is funny and they only added it twice. pc is like an $800 computer of course its better.

    • Bill Cosby

      The Wii U specs are miles above this current generation. How do you get that the specs are similar to tne PS3 and Xbox 360?
      Those consoles can’t do 1080p native at 60fps, nor do they have 2GB of RAM.
      You must be reading the wrong specs.

      Listen to the jazz!

      • XDLugia

        don’t get cocky dude. Every single video game console with an HDMI output can produce Full 1080p at 60FPS, it just depends on how big the game is!
        I mean… Don’t you believe that the Xbox 360 goes 1080p 60 FPS while you’re playing Minesweeper?

    • WII U 4 LIFE


  • Firebro

    These idiots either haven’t tried the console yet or they are just plain COD fags.

  • Nintendofreak

    Wow i havent heard such quality bullshit since laura told me she loved me

  • nintenfan

    wow… even my friend who is a Nintendo disliker(i say this because he kind of likes nintendo, but hinks other companies are better) would think that this guy is… well… words escape me. that video sums it up pretty well though :D.

  • derty

    xD lolol
    Those idiots say watever will get people to buy their lame ass false story magazine.
    On top of all of this vague and rediculous, these people are known for straight up lying and making up stories lol
    Fuck The Sun!

    • F

      derty is right people. The Sun is more like a comic than a reputable tabloid.

  • somebody

    now he is in first place

  • somebody


  • nintendGO

    another patcher

  • Kahhhhyle

    Sorry guys I know I’m off topic but BOEDERLANDS 2. CANT WAIT. Hopefully I’ll make the wait for the wii u move along a little faster too

    • PKUltima

      I’m also excited for Borderlands 2. Tomorrow I will be getting it for my PS3 but if it comes out for the Wii-U, I will definitley be getting it.

      • Kahhhhyle

        I got mine for Xbox just because all my friends are playing on it. I prolly wont get a wii u version unless there’s some new content or something. But hopefully borderlands 3!!

        • OmegaRed

          If you go to Nintendo’s site and watch the Bordeland dev video he says the WiiU version will have more with it including the DLC that will be released. 🙂

    • Roedburn


  • Ginja Ninja

    So did Patcher move to England, leaving a ‘good’ decoy in the U.S?

  • TheImaj

    Poor excuse for a reporter on a poor excuse for a magazine. Oh well.. The ONLY reason I wish he was right would be so I could go pre order one! But of course..reality sets in.

  • Gabe Hoffman

    I think somebody wanted attention

  • 0soul

    Lol, hey yallz don’t buy a Wii u cause the two screens will confuse yor dumbass ;o … Derp, people getting stupider by the day huh?

  • Ledreppe

    Those are the lamest excuses not to buy a Wii U I’ve come across yet! Journo’s know nothing about what they write about, they shouldn’t write anything atall if they can’t research their facts beforehand. Like someone else said, they bashed the 3DS with ridiculous statements and reasons why you shouldn’t buy, yet it went on to sell well (with an early price drop).

    I get the feeling whenever a new Nintendo console is released in the future there will also be some Nintendo hating journalist using his/her column insches to spread lies and misinformation to the public, and try to harm sales by putting people who are thinking of buying it off.

  • Yamiryuu Zero

    Hey guys, I know what’s happening! Pachter stood by Nintendo for the first time in his life, this is clearly the end of the world! Those guys are just trying to bring balance to the universe by trolling Nintendo on Pachter’s instead, we should be grateful! They’re trying to save us!

  • Nintyfan

    LOL These guys really come and go do they? MY FELLOW WII Uers

    I PRESENT YOU THE :facepalm: XD

  • Solboogie

    What I want everyone to realize is the Wii U is selling out pre-orders without any freaken ADVERTISEMENT. The have not started their ad campaign. Just imagine what the demand will be once Nintendo starts to advertise.


    That’s the Sun for you. Highlight of that paper is a topless woman with a speech bubble giving advice on subjects she clearly knows nothing about. Still eye Candy mind. Not sure about the phone tapping though I thought that was the Guardian which did that.

  • SideScreamer

    You know what I’ve noticed? If some columnists or analyst writes one bad thing about the Wii U, attacks it or whatever, wiiudaily makes sure to fight back and call names too. Seriously, what the fuck? Are you guys six year olds? Yes Marcus and Allison, I’m looking at you.
    How is a tabloid’s or a columnists opinions even considered news? It’s like saying ‘Guys, someone on the Internet wrote something bad about Nintendo, let’s tear at his flesh!’ Sure, they’re opinions may be stupid. But why write your own article about it? It makes you look just as stupid. I mean, what are you gonna write next? ‘YouTube user uploads video about why he hates Wii U’?

  • Josh

    I’ll face-palm to death.

  • Nintengoth

    Hmm Strange… Nuff Sedz.

  • Wils81

    I remember when The Sun had idiotic articles about the 3DS and its effects…

  • LyingTuna

    Yeah, this actually makes me laugh. I don’t want the console to fail or anything, but these comments are funny! Plus, it’s a tabloid. That in itself proves it false. I saw an article saying that Hitler’s zombie was running about!

  • Nintendo Power of Canada/USA

    Overprice, really? It’s not overprice, it’s a HD console (2011-2012 specs) that comes with the Wii U Gamepad (PS Vita is a handheld Wii U gamepad is a CONTROLLER you can’t compare)There end of console warfare. Back to playing Zelda….PS Iam stuck

  • pissed off internet guy

    all you fucking haters seriously need to shut the fuck up. its gonna be a great system. and im not a nintendo-sheep or whatever the hell you bashers/haters/losers have to say about people who enjoy a nintendo product. im not getting it day one. ill probably buy next summer. but seriously, what the fuck do all of these stupid morons who write these articles day after day bashing a product that hasnt even released yet think theyre doing? you cant even google wii u anymore without seeing some bullshit dimwitted dumbass article about why it sucks. seriously. do us all a favor and stop breathing.

  • Death

    “As if that will stop people from wanting to play Super Mario, Zelda, Metroid, in new and innovative ways…”

    So that means there WILL be a new metroid game?
    Guys, I think we just got another confirmed title over here. 😉

    @Lying Tuna
    Tabloids don’t always lie. That sh*t about Hitler’s zombie seems pretty legit to me XD

  • Christian

    The Wii U is dramatically overpriced??????? If Sony or Microsoft did the same thing, it would cost to frikin’ $400 – $600 bucks!

    • Roedburn

      Probably more.

  • AwayToHit

    Dat video sums it up.

  • greg

    I want mine gonna be fun I think

  • Nintendude

    *even more epic facepalm* It seems as if bashing Nintendo and the Wii U is the “cool” thing for trolls and fanboys nowadays.

  • Johnny.Bravo

    I believe the reason he’s saying this is he shorted Nintendo stock, then got a look at the preview and realized it’s going to be a hit. I bet if we go back in the past, he was one of those who said the iPhone will be a failure (and now, the revenue from the iPhone is MORE than all of Microsoft’s revenue).

  • person

    And thus, Michael Patcher has been bumped to third most idiotic

  • Mr.Chimera573

    I facepalmed so hard when i read this article my face bled. This guy is a complete moron. DS+Wii+Fail? Oh I understand, since they are taking 2 of the best parts of the 2 most successful consoles this generation and mixing them together, it will counteract itself and become a failure. Right.

  • leo

    and if this was the 720 or ps4 no one would be saying crap.

  • Fernando Mattos

    A Zelda and Metroid game with stunning graphics and control worth all the waiting and money spent.

  • Ninty1

    This is so F*CKING STUPID.
    1. That’s the Xbox720/PS4.
    2. Wii U was planned first, plus the Wii U is a home console.
    3. mobile gaming is overrated.
    4. Nintendo is all about innovation, so Wii + DS = NOT FAIL.

    • Charles

      720 = $700-$800(Sorry dear, but I spent our rent money on a 720)
      PS4 = $800-$1000(Sorry Son, but I spent your college money on a PS4.)
      Wii U= $300-$350(Gaming goodness for the cost of a 40 in. flat screen)

    • Ninty1

      EDIT: I just realized that the UK currency is in Pounds, not Dollars like in North America, how much in Pounds was the PS3 when it launched in the UK?

  • Ninty1

    *epic facedesk*

  • SteampunkJedi

    All those “reasons” are preposterously incorrect. Billy Madison’s speech fits perfectly. I almost laughed at his video for it’s truthfulness. But Billy kept a straight face somehow.

  • joey

    listen i am going to get a wii u very excited for it but just cause someone had a different opinion doesnt make it stupid because i agree with some points is the wii u over priced YES $350 for 32 gb of storage are you kidding me a 360 has 250 gb for $300 and you are in a dream world if you are gonna lie to yourself and not admit that the iphone and its app store have not taken a big percentage from all 3 players aka nintendo,sony and microsoft.

    • a uk guy

      im buying a console not a storage unit

      lol did x360 come with gamepad and 4 x the power THINK NOT

    • John V.

      The X360 has been on the market for 7 years, and it still costs 300$.

      Real gamers will keep playing on consoles and not gimmicks like iPhones and stuff like that.

  • Ieuan D


    P.S. Very sorry for the awful spelling and gramer. I’m not very good with that stuff. Very sorry about that sorry.

  • loko34

    e molto più probabile che gli stupidi siate voi. e anche stolti oltretutto.

    • Macarony64

      Can some 1 translate properly so we can thumb him down for exactly why

      • Crapcake

        It means something that doesn’t make sense: and much more likely those stupid you are and also fools plus
        I used google translate

  • Smitty

    The irony is massive here, I can’t think of anything more outdated than a f*$cking newspaper especially a tabloid. They print NOTHING but shit and every year have a smaller and smaller market due to the exact same reasons given against nintendo’s new console!?

    The day the tabloids go is going to be a very happy day in my calendar!!

    • a uk guy

      funny enough when talking about disruption and out of date thinking sean malstrom the wii talk guy always mentions newspapers as THE FAILED BUSINESS MODEL THATS DYING AND WONT ADMIT IT


    • nintendofreak

      what is a tabloid anyway? first time i heard of one

      • Smitty

        A small sized paper that prints any trash they like whilst very often if not always failing to give a source for their “news”. Nothing good can come from you reading one and the fact you know nothing of them makes you one lucky chap!!

  • NintendoGamer

    Those brainfarts want only attention. Just ignore them and they will lurk in a matter of hours.

  • chaossakura

    To quote the legendary Christopher Walken, “This guy, is unfuckin’ believable!”

  • On The Fence


  • a uk guy

    the sun newspaper gaming guy is a sony fan the 20 something jurnos at the sun are all coke snorting chavs there all ps3 fanboys obviously

    and the suns parent company is also closely tired to other game company investments so combine all that you got a lot of HATE in one place

  • macabre6

    Well, at least this “article” wasn’t as shockingly offensive as the Hillsborough debacle, no wonder Liverpool F.C. fans are boycotting and protesting this worthless rag. Pay no attention to them.

  • macabre6

    Richie: British journalism Eddie, best in the world.
    (Eddie reads newspaper)
    Eddie: Hey, apparently you can now get AIDS from bicycling.

    Need more Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson comedy trashing of the British newspapers, remember the final episode of “Filthy, Rich and Catflap”, the most underrated show ever? Of course you don’t, but I don’t think it’s too far off from how actual newspapers in the UK operate.

  • wii u fan forever

    When they release a page and add rumors for new upcoming microsoft and sony consoles, im going to GO AND TROLL ON THEIR PAGES SO THEY CAN SEE HOW STUPID THEY LOOK! Vengeance should be painful. NINTENDO ROCKS!

  • GoodNintentions

    At the bottom of the article in the sun, their other games reporter said the opposite of what this article said.

    It amazes me that fanboyism has penetrated mainstream media so well. I’m guessing the guy that wrote the article is still reeling from Sega going bust which is why he hates nintendo. The whole ‘specs will be outdated/outclassed’ argument is completely wrong on 2 fronts. One is the fact that even top end PC games dont look way ahead of 360/ps3 games due to the diminishing returns from an increase in power at this level and the other is that the Wii U specs are actually far superior to the ps3 and 360.

    Nintendo kind of brought this on themselves by being so tight lipped about the specs and they probably have made a dreamcast in terms of power and timing but I remember the DC being very powerful in its day and not being terribly far behind the ps2. Nintendo need to hurry up and release a game that wows people.

  • John V.

    It will be outdated in a year?
    It’s a Nintendo product, not an Apple….. -_-

    Of course….. But the 700$ for an iPad are totally reasonable..

    They can just go puck themselves..

    • ncv144

      are you John V. from phone arena? if not, then sorry to bother you

      • John V.

        Nope.. 😛

  • Lexseven

    Why do people always pick on Nintendo? :I

    • meliza

      Because Nintendo is much more better than their stupid faces.

  • Daing

    People have nothing better to do these days…

  • nintendofreak

    i guess being in d sun fried deir brain cells…lol

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Hang on this BS calls Wii U Over priced (at $299) and then says buy a PS3 ($300) and then a Vita ($250) hmm that’s logical.

    Honestly does any care about the Sun? looking at all the bad press (pardon the pun) the B******S running that joke of a newspaper have had recently, no one will listen to them. I live in the UK and I can safely say that just about everyone who reads that trashy irrelevant b*****cks are the racist, brain dead underclass of scum who would struggle to pass a primary-school education and are sadly stupid enough to believe the absolute crap these guys print out.
    And about that “PS3 and 360 can see off the threat of mobile gaming” rubbish, I’m really struggling to see how anyone can even think that would stick, Wii U has a touch screen and, apart from its size, it’s very similar to I-phones and other mobile devices whereas XBox and PS3 don’t have that. so WTF? who ever you are. I wouldn’t be surprised if mobile games became available on e-shop to be honest.
    I would normally spend the next few minutes picking apart all of their fanboy comments, oh sorry, “factual” arguments, in a lengthy and detailed fashion but this is so outrageous, flawed, ignorant and a blatant fanboy hate campaign. The Billy Madison video summed it up perosnally, someone should send it to The Sun them selves and send the idiots that write (and believe) this, should be sent TO the Sun so won’t have to put up with their hate campaigns, as well as well is improving modern journalism.

    • MujuraNoKamen

      Also he says Vita and iPhone are better alternatives but HOW WOULD ANYONE REACH THAT CONCLUSION???? Vita is almost as expensive as the “overpriced” Wii U and even Sony themselves admit they’re struggling to find support for the console. Yes iPhone games are cheap but how much is the phone itself? a lot more than Wii U I’ve heard. Not to mention the fact that the phone will be replaced in a year, and the fact that mobile gaming is a fad, even the iSheep get bored of the next big mobile game after a few weeks. He also said it doesn’t have a single blockbuster launch title, well, Black ops 2 is going to be big (regardless of my or anybody’s problems with CoD) and I’m sure he’s the type of fan boy who eat re-hashes like that, on top of exclusives like Zombiu and LEgo. and about that “XBox 720 and PS4 will be arriving next year” No they won’t they may be announced next year but they wont hit shelves until the year after. And in my opinion Sony may not be announcing a new console for a while yet, it’s been reported that “only recently have developers been able to tap into PS3’s maximum power” so it’ll be a waste if they didn’t utilise it for a little while longer. also, if they do want to blow Wii U out of the water, they risk pricing themselves out of the market like at PS3’s release and as the Vita continues to do. And if MS or Sony make a more casual console, which is highly likely considering they don’t want to get priced out of the market and to replicate Wii’s success, it’ll be interesting to see what the fanboys say about that considering we Nintendo fans are often hated on for being “kiddy and casual”.

      • Gary Moscheles

        stuff like Vita, smartglass, and kinect all seem like flawed interpretations of Nintendo’s thinking.

        • MujuraNoKamen

          Very true. Smartglass is especially flawed, all it does is provide more info on what’s on screen, it can’t be used as a controller or second screen. You also have to consider that, since when using Smartglass you’re still required to use a normal XBox controller, you’ll have to keep switching between your controller and the tablet/phone displaying the smartglass stuff, and why would I stop playing a game to read about extra info and scores? all the useful info, like scoreboards, will already be featured in the game the rest of the stuff smartglass provides will be, if you’re on FIFA or a sports game, player stats and biographies, nothing worth dividing your attention between the game and your phone.
          Vita is a better alternative to the Wii U gamepad but since it costs almost as much as the Wii U itself and you’ll be required to buy a PS3 as well to use Vita as a second screen, well it’s already been surpassed. Not to mention, the gamepad provides many more features than Vita and also can play games on the touchscreen when the TV is in use, correct me if I’m wrong but, I don’t think the Vita can do that.
          And for both Vita and Smartglass, they are flawed because both of them are optional extras to existing consoles, neither is fully integrated into the hardware like the gamepad is, so developers will not be willing to add in and fine-tune either one since A: they don’t have as many features as the gamepad, and B: they can’t be sure everyone who buys the game will have access to Smartglass or Vita so if they did add in compatibility with either one, it will likely be wasted (Since Smartglass is a mess and Vita is selling poorly, and has little support)

  • Nintendo/games

    What’s up with the backwards compatibal things does that mean you can play like Black Ops on the Wii back on the Wii u but then with better graphics? Please anwser, sorry for my bad english.

    • Gary Moscheles

      they’re just saying that the Wii U can play Wii games.

  • Arsonist Monkey

    Someone should rip his head off and shit down his neck!

    • Charles

      LoLz Excellent Duke Nukem ref.

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Did anyone else notice that when you follow the link to the full article on the Sun website, that all the articles advertised on the side of the screen are things like Halo, Sony’s wonder-book, CoD, little big planet, E3 “Microsoft magic”, little big planet, more Halo, Wii u sucks, and there’s a great game on Vita.

  • meliza

    I guess the only thing that comes out of his mouth is stupidity. Some people just want to run over the Wii U. Some people are just stupid. -_-

  • meliza

    The Wii U is priced successfully because the Wii U has now a second screen and is in HD. So he should watch his mouth! -_-


    To be honest I was a bit disappointed with the price in the UK, it’s £260 for basic and £310 for the deluxe. That’s more than £50 extra than if I bought it in the US; I could have another game at that expense…

  • Gary Moscheles

    as stupid as all 5 reasons are, the first one bothers me the most. if the PS4 and the Xbox 720 end up being better, and the Wii U isn’t on top anymore, does that mean it’s not still worth buying? seriously, it doesn’t need to be a goddamn contest. just look at it for what it is, rather than what it is in comparison to Sony and Microsoft.

    sure it’s 7 years late, and it’s pretty much what the Wii U should’ve been, but i don’t give a damn. i’m just thankful that it even exists, and that Nintendo has a system this amazing to begin with. After this and the 3DS, i’m actually very happy for them. Even though Nintendo was doing well enough anyway, i still think they needed this.

    the N64 is completely obsolete, and it’s STILL the shit.

    • Gary Moscheles

      *what the Wii should’ve been.

      my bad.

  • Scootex1912

    Who cares what people say about the Wiiu…it’s gonna be an awesome console with games which give soul & depth unlike others. I have an Xbox 360 which I’ll continue to play & buy games for & I’ll be preordering the Wiiu so I can have it on day of launch:)!! I’m not gonna listen to anyone who says anything bad about the Wiiu as I’ve owned every Nintendo console since day 1:)!

  • Dustin

    1. It is absolutely true that it will be considered a “last-gen” system as soon as E3 2013 when Microsoft is expected to show off their third console. One only has to look at how RAM was increased 700% between the original Xbox and the 360 to know that Microsoft will likely have around 3-4GB of RAM in their next box (200-300% times the RAM of the WiiU).

    2. I don’t think the Vita has a gyro or accelerometers…

    3. This is mainly a threat to Nintendo as the Wii’s install base was greatly dependent on people that now play phone-games.

    4. I assume the point was that it’s a dual screen home console– and that is a negative, both in terms of the market being tired of the dual screen format and for game design on the platform. If developers see it as a dual screen system; then they will just shovel console versions of DS games onto the platform.

    5. Considering you’re getting a current gen console at a price that is 50% higher than the 360– yes, it is over-priced.

    • Collected

      Have you got Wii U, Xbox 720, or PS4 specs? No, then please stop talking out your ass and wait for Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony to reveal specifications for their respective new consoles. Not rush to every rumor-monger to have your estimates blow out of proportion only to return to some level of sanity when the details start to flow through.

      Seriously, until I see something of the new Microsoft or Sony console, it is not worth thinking about. Especially with companies/manufacturers like AMD promising avatar level graphics for next gen (just like how they promised Toy Story level graphics for the PS2, what a surprise it didn’t happen).

  • Nko Sekirei

    theres too many god dam trolls u just cant leave their parents basements and plays with ken dolls and michael bay dolls as well

  • ceramicsaturn


  • lobo

    The wii u in the UK is well over priced, its not as cheap as you guys in america are paying for it, so No5 is correct , we pay $135 more for the premium than the USA

  • walterlopez

    all consoles are outdated a year to hit the market, so Nintendo is focused on the gameplay, not graphics, if you like oversized graphics, for acquiring a supercomputer, so from now will have outdated to xbox720 and ps4. anyway is an article by The Sun, a newspaper that only publishes nonsense.

  • wake up

    The SNES was the best system of all time but that doesn’t mean its not outdated….Face it; the Wii U’s tech is borderline outdated now and will most likely be very outdated when the new consoles come out by Sony and Microsoft….Why are you beating someone who is just stating facts?.

    • Charles

      DAMN RIGHT! SNES>Genesis and SNES>The World.

  • Charles

    Why are they worrying about what a tabloid says? Tabloids dont print anything but shit anyway, that’s why they’re called “Tabloids”. Maybe if for some cheap publicity(or they may be 360 fans.)

  • Shane

    Holy crap, what movie was that from? HAHAHAHA. I actually thought whatever they said on the movie was smart from what I recall. hahaha, but the idea of calling it irrational was hilarious too.

    As for the criticism:
    1. The Wii U will be outdated in 4-5 years. Why? Because PS3 and Xbox will be around fro a couple more years after, and when the new ones do come out, the hardware capabilities will have to be acquired.
    2.Nintendo has a 3ds so mbile game is taken care of on Nintendo’s front.
    3. The GamePad doesn’t have a proccesor, but it also doesn’t matter because the Wii U IS the proccessor. If Nintendo can stream multiple tasks on 2 game pads at once, like someone is playing NSMB U, someone else is playing Kirby’s Avalance, and then someone else is watching Netflix on the screen, Nintendo will be the multitasked gaming champ.
    4. 3ds is their mobile market and Wii U is their home maket so I don’t know where the hell they expect us to go besides where we live and around that, unless they’re thinking of other dimensions or something.
    5. At 350, with all the hardware, Nintendo Land, and a digital download program to use that 32 GB and external HDD you may have. If anything your getting more than what your paying for.

    I guess people don’t know how to put 2 and 5 + 7/2 together anymore…

  • Brandon

    Yep, this guy is really ignorant and wrong. LOL

  • Nintendude789

    Every Nintendo Hater prediction turns out the opposite. Really? Wii U is overpriced, get Vita instead? Really?! *facepalm* Vita is failing cause ITS OVERPRICED!! 250 damn bucks, then 40 bucks for a memory card, 50 bucks for a game, thats about 550! More than the iPhone 5!! These guys are bunch of idiots.