Sep 20th, 2017

We reported earlier this week that the Switch contained a hidden golf game. New  details have emerged on how to unlock it and one could say that the method could be a little tear-jerking.

The system date on your Switch has to be July 11th. Why is this date important? It was the day that Satoru Iwata passed away leaving a void in Nintendo and the hearts of gamers the world over.

Next, you need to be on your home screen. With the Joy Cons in hand you have to perform the famous Iwata “direct” motion. While it may not take on the first try, keep trying until you hear Iwata’s voice at which point Golf will be unlocked.

See the video below:

This is a great tribute to Satoru Iwata. His absence is still felt in the hearts of many and the impact this man made in the gaming world will most certainly live on forever.

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