Apr 4th, 2017

While the Nintendo Switch is a great portable console for playing games on the go, the included battery life is pretty short. We’ve been detailing ways you can expand that battery life by using mobile power banks intended to charge smartphones and laptops, but this ingenious solution is something that you clip on to the back of your device.

The IndieGoGo campaign for the SwitchCharge just launched today and they’re seeking $80k in funding in order to get the project off the ground. So far no one has donated yet. The reward tiers for the device are rather interesting. For those who jump in early you can get a SwitchCharge for $75, $85, or $95 depending on how long these tiers remain available.

Some of the game times listed for the SwitchCharge are interesting, too. The campaign page says you should expect at least 12 hours of play on the device, with some games getting even more.

SwitchCharge Beta Test Times

  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild: 10hrs 40mins
  • 1-2-Switch: 12hrs 55mins
  • Fast RMX: 13hrs 20mins
  • Snipperclips: 13hrs 30mins
  • Shovel Knight: 14hrs 15mins

As of right now it looks like this is from an untested IndieGogo campaign and while I appreciate the unique idea of creating a battery pack to charge the Switch, I’m pretty sure third-party manufacturers like Nyko and HORI are probably already on it and will have much better results.

What do you think? Will you be donating to the campaign to see the device brought to the light of day?

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