Sep 8th, 2017

Rockstar is following in the footsteps of other developers/publishers and is selling the Switch version of LA Noire at a premium. Specifically, LA Noire will cost $10 more on the Switch compared to other platforms.

The Switch version will cost $50, while PS4 and Xbox One versions will cost $40.

Rockstar hasn’t told us why they’re charging more for the Switch version, but there’s the usual reason that putting games on cartridges is a lot more expensive, especially for a big game like LA Noire that needs a lot of storage.

Back when it was first released, the Xbox 360 version come on 3 discs, so it’s likely that Rockstar needs a 32 GB cartridge to fit the game on. And those are quite expensive.

However, there is no reason the eShop version should cost $10 more. Rockstar hasn’t confirmed whether that’s the case or not.

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