Jan 7th, 2018

Nintendo was absolutely dominating Japan in 2017, with the Switch console selling more units than all other consoles combined for the month of December.

The Switch sold just over 675,000 units in Japan in December, far more than all other consoles combined (all other consoles combined sold about half as many units altogether). And that includes the PS4, which had strong sales over the holiday period.

The Nintendo Switch also ended the month with a strong week, selling 115,000 units. Here are the console sales figures for Japan for the last week of December:

  1. Nintendo Switch: 115,255
  2. PS4: 58,182
  3. 3DS : 35,357
  4. PS Vita: 7,040
  5. Xbox One: 287
  6. Wii U: 69
  7. PS3: 22

As we reported yesterday, the Switch is in such high demand in Japan that games are now in shortage.

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