Jun 19th, 2017

We’ve previously seen Japanese gamers lining up for just a chance to buy a Switch, and over the weekend it was revealed just how popular the console is in the country: Nintendo added Switch stock to its My Nintendo Store and the consoles sold out in just 6 minutes.

And that’s without any notice to consumers that there was new stock coming. As soon as it went up for sale, they were gone in 6 minutes.

The Switch has been the best selling console in Japan every week since it launched in March, despite severe shortages.

In fact, the Switch is doing better than the PS4 after the first couple of months on the market, a good indication of how well the console will perform in the future. Provided Nintendo can meet demand.

Nintendo plans to ship 10 million Switch consoles this fiscal year, but unofficial numbers from manufacturers put that at 18 million.

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