Apr 14th, 2017

Yesterday we reported that the Switch sold 906,000 units during its first month in North America, and now a report from sales tracker SuperData says the Switch sold 2.4 million units worldwide during its first month on the market.

In addition, the company now expects Nintendo to sell 7.2 million Switch consoles in 2017. That would mean that Switch would reach half of the total lifetime sales of the Wii U in less than a year.

The NPD report yesterday said that 906,000 Switch units were sold in North America during the first month. This makes it the fastest selling Nintendo console in history.

But what was surprising was that Zelda: Breath of the Wild managed to sell more units on the Switch than Switch consoles themselves: the game sold 925,000 units vs the 906,000 Switch units, due to customers buying up the special and limited editions. This makes it the first time a game has a greater attach rate than 1:1.

Nintendo has high hopes for the console: the company expects to sell 110 million Switch units, which would make it more popular than the Wii,

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