Mar 30th, 2017

The Nintendo Switch has been a hot commodity for the month that it’s been available, going out of stock within minutes of being available online. Amazon is expected to have more Nintendo Switch stock available starting on Monday, but because of the desperate hunt for Nintendo Switch, some scammers have stepped up to fill the void by fleecing people who want the latest console.

Researchers from Symantec have found that some unscrupulous individuals online are using a variety of websites and YouTube videos that promise emulators for the Nintendo Switch, or a way to play Breath of the Wild on the PC. Of course, these videos then link to a file to download that contains malicious code.

The folks at Symantec say any website that asks you to fill out a survey or answer questions or asks for your email before giving you information is duping you for affiliate conversions. Once you’ve filled out the survey and the site has earned their commission from your information, you’re left with nothing.

So the short answer is, no matter how much you want a Nintendo Switch, don’t believe any of these sites that promise a way to get you one for free if you fill out a couple of survey questions.

[via The Independent]

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