Jan 27th, 2017

The Nintendo Switch is doing pretty well when it comes to pre-orders in Japan. According to Japanese publication Media Create, 80% of the initial shipment has been sold through pre-orders.

Which means that only 20% are left to those who haven’t pre-ordered and are hoping to buy one on launch date. Which pretty much guarantees shortages on launch day.

Media Create did not reveal specific pre-order numbers. Earlier this week, a Swedish retailer said that the Switch is selling more pre-orders than the PS4 did.

However, Nintendo has assured fans that they will have 2 million consoles available worldwide during the first month.

The company didn’t specify how many of those will be available on March 3rd when the console launches.

But if Japan is any indication, the Switch is in high demand and you might have a hard time getting one on launch day if you haven’t pre-ordered it.

Have you pre-ordered a console yet, or are you taking a more “wait-and-see” approach? Let us know in the comments section!

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