Mar 15th, 2017 publishUpdated   Apr 19th, 2017, 12:14 pm

Frozenbyte is probably most well-known for their Trine series of games that feature three characters you can readily switch between, but they’ve also got a new title headed to Nintendo Switch soon. The 2.5D Has-Been Heroes is slated to hit Nintendo Switch on March 28th and the folks over at GamersExtreme sat down with the devs to discuss the game.

One of the more interesting answers to come out of that interview pertained to the Nintendo Switch version, when the devs were asked their opinions on developing for the Switch and specifically, a comparison to development on the Wii U.

Kai: Switch has been a real pleasure to work with, no complaints at all. Nintendo has really learned a lot from the Wii U times and developing for the Switch has been a lot smoother. They’ve changed around a lot of things, and really thought of the whole process from a developer standpoint. Our programmers have loved it.

That’s good news to hear since Frozenbyte was one of the biggest indie supporters of the Wii U. If they’re having an easy time developing for Nintendo Switch as compared to Wii U, that means when Nintendo is open to considering more games for the console, devs should have an easier time with ports.

[via GamersExtreme]

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