Jul 17th, 2017

The Switch has been in high demand ever since it launched. Thanks to some great games and low supply, retailers are struggling to meet demand. But as usual, Japan takes this to another level.

While demand is high in the US as well, you don’t see thousands of people lining up in front of Best Buy and GameStop every week across the country. Which is what’s happening in Japan.

It’s gotten so out of hand that some retailers have started a lottery system to determine who gets to buy a Switch. That’s right, you have to win a lottery just for a chance to buy the Switch in Japan.

Thousands lined up in front of Akiharabara Yodobashi this weekend to get a Switch. But less than 300 units were available. So they had a lottery to determine the lucky people who got to buy one.

Here’s what their Nintendo Switch lottery system looks like:

Nintendo Switch Lottery

And here are all the people waiting in line. And hoping to win the Nintendo Switch Lottery.

Nintendo Switch Lottery

In total, more than 3,000 people showed up early Sunday morning. But just one in ten got to buy a Switch console.

Switch lottery Japan

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