Apr 17th, 2017

A recent issue of Famitsu magazine contained an interview with assistant producer Tomoaki Ayano about why Capcom chose Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers as their first game to bring to Nintendo Switch. Ayano explains that because it’s Street Fighter’s 30th anniversary this year, Capcom wanted to return long-time fans to the early days of the game’s history.

One of the reasons Switch was chosen was because the Joy-Cons can be used for two-player multiplayer right out of the box, similarly to what most people experienced with the original game and the SNES. Ultra Street Fighter II supports all modes of the Switch, including docked, tabletop, and handheld. The game runs at 60fps and 1080p while docked, but at 720p in portable form. There are also two graphic styles in the game, including the old pixel graphics and the renewed visuals that support modern widescreen resolutions.

Th game includes a character color edit feature and a new “Way of the Hado” mode, which allows players to control Ryu in first person view and beat a ton of enemy Shadowloo shoulders. Combining moves with the Joy-Cons motion controls allows you to unleash specials like the Shoryuken and the Shinku Hadoken. An additional new mode is a co-op mode meant for two players that pits them against a strong enemy that can be fought together.

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