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Super Smash Bros Wii U
Nintendo and Namco Bandai are hard at work on Super Smash Bros Wii U, and we’re beginning to get the first details about the game. According Nintendo game designer Masahiro Sakurai, creator of the series, Super Smash Bros Wii U probably won’t be featuring more playable characters than previous games in the series. He says that having a lot of playable characters means a lot of balancing has to be done and that fine tuning the gameplay and characters becomes difficult.

“There is a charm to games that have huge casts of playable characters, but they tend to have issues with game balance and it becomes difficult to fine tune each character and have them all feel distinctive” Sakurai told Nintendo Power magazine, talking about fighting games in general. He added, “we have probably already reached the limit of what’s feasible. A change of direction may be what’s needed”. This could very well mean that Super Smash Bros Wii U probably won’t feature a cast that’s larger than what we’ve seen in the series so far. We’ll have to wait and see what the “change of direction” entails.

The last game in the series, Super Smash Bros Brawl, featured 35 playable characters, including some from third party franchises like Solid Snake from Metal Gear, and Sonic The Hedgehog. Super Smash Bros Wii U is co-developed with Namco Bandai and is expected to be released sometime in 2014.

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  • ck1x

    Brawl had plenty!
    As long as the game is extremely fun, that’s all that matters.

    • LizardLee

      Yeah but it is disappointing that their won’t be more characters. ๐Ÿ™

      • Alienfish

        Gameplay variety is more interesting to me than way too many characters. I honestly never completed the challenges in Brawl for using all characters in Classic, target smash, etc. because there were just too many and it simply became tedious. If they take out the clones and really put some meat on the characters in terms of moves and mechanics then this should be something special.

        • Lewis

          Classic, target smash and all-star mode weren’t tedious because of the amount of characters. They were tedious because they were so repetitive; they were the same for everyone. Classic was TLoZ to DK to Pokemon every single time. There were only 5 target courses. All-star mode was in the same order every time. The random aspect to all those modes in SSBM was what made them enjoyable; Brawl lost that. Personally, I don’t want a roster of a million characters on Wii U or 3DS, but I do want it to be a noticeable increase from Brawl. If then classic, all-star and target smash modes are returned to how they were in Melee, I could do every mode with 45 characters and still be happy.
          While we are on the topic of modes, someone here has to agree with me that board the platforms and race to the finish have to return!

        • theBALLANCEDopinion

          a wealth of single player modes would be AWSOME! brawl was only fun with friends. the only reason i ever played alone was to just get better so i could be more competitive when i played with my friends later. but if SSB4 has things like a beefed up stage editor (taking advantage of the game pad of course) featuring things like being able to draw your own back grounds and stage pieces with a stylus, i could play alone FOR EVER. also a character customization mode would be awesome, so i can decide what color my 2p 3p 4p and 5p link will be. but even more!!!! imagine if you actually had equipment pieces unique to the franchise that the character belongs to. i’ll use link as an example. imagine having ALL of link’s tunics (OOT, TP, WW), all of his swords( kokiri, skyward, master, fierce deity, bigoron knife). and all of his shields(hylian, mirror, kokiri), and all of his hats (kokiri hat, minish cap, zora armor helm, ect), and all of his boots, and his bows, and different hook/claw sots, bombs. AND ALL OF THESE THINGS FOR YOU TO MIX AND MATCH AS YOU PLEASE!!! now imagine each character having equipment pieces specific to them, for you to mix and match. this would be the most awesome thing ever!!!! Why to you think hackers did so much work on mods and texture hacks for Brawl? be cause we love to customize! including these things as options ON the disk would be the ultimate fan service!!!!!!!!! oh and for those of you who say it cant be done, look up Soul Calibur 5. Nintendo could come up with a character creation system TWICE as good because of the ability to draw on the game pad.

          • theBALLANCEDopinion

            oh and btw Soul Calibur 5 was made by, guess what, NAMCO BANDAI. Now there is some food for thought.

    • Pacman

      Imagine what could be done with stage builder. The new gamepad would allow for drawing a background or what obstacles look like. Because ssbb stage builder kind of sucked two backgrounds and hardly anything to put down instead of putting work into characters use that time on stages 35 characters is enough for me.

  • Anhell

    35 characters like SBBrawl is fine for me. I dont know why the people want more than that!…. And most of the people choose the same characters all the time.

    • Matt

      Because that means that some characters are gonna have to go to have any different ones. Which is disappointing. I guess they could get rid of some clones. But come on how many characters have we all wanted for the longest time now?

    • ReynTime

      And what about guys like me who try out every character? I can honestly say I don’t have a main; I can switch between Marth one game, to Captain Falcon in another, then start wailing on guys with Yoshi in the next. The only characters I don’t use are Mr G&W, Peach and Jigglypuff. So for someone like me who uses 32 of the 35, why shouldn’t I get new characters to use? I want more than that because for the past 4 years I’ve been playing the same game, and after SSB4 releases, I don’t want to be playing the same game with the same characters just masked under a new name for another 4 years.

    • Pokemon Master#1

      A pokemon trainer from each region would be awesome.

  • mhm

    ๐Ÿ˜ฎ lets hope for a 2013 release ^_^ 2014 is too tong :C

    • Envy


    • Andrew

      “A delayed game will be eventually good, a bad game is bad forever.”

      – Shigeru Miyamoto

  • WiiUPlayWithMe:P

    But as all of the franchises grow, more characters get introduced. How can super smash bros choose between classic characters we love and new ones that we’re just getting to know and love. Plus, third party. If you add in more third party, does that mean you’d take away first party characters? I know I’m just being a selfish fan here, but I’m willing to wait for a few more characters to be added in and balanced. People want the best put of smash bros, and we already have to wait a while, so waiting a little longer is no big deal for us. And if you do limit the initial cast, at least consider adding in dlc characters through action figure figurines of the characters *cough non specific action figure* ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Pretzels


  • LordiMcKill

    As long as they keep things fresh with new characters then things will certainly be looking good for the game.

    Though it would also be nice if Sonic & Snake stick around for Round 4.

  • kirbymon123

    They should have another set of moves. Like if you press down on the analog stick and then move to another direction it would be like the a button and b buttons. although how they would do that on the wiimote is beyond me. Also, maybe theyยดll have 35 characters, but some will be replaced. like lucario for mewtwo.

    • Madara

      In games designed to be competitive like Super Smash Bros., the Wii U Pro Controller, and 3DS make sense as the option for 2nd player and so on offline. Remember there is supposed to be compatibility between the Wii U and 3DS versions, so maybe that’s a hint that the 3DS and Wii U will be console-handheld pair similar to, but likely better than the PS Vita and the PS3.

      • ReynTime

        Madara, the way I see it is the 3DS cannot be used as a controller, but rather the 2 Smash Bros games will have different characters and stages on the Wii U and the 3DS, because lets face it, if they’re identical, which do you expect to sell more of? It may aswell not be on the 3DS if it’s the same. From that, you can transfer data between the two to make online play more unpredictable, as you could face a character you don’t/can’t have and you won’t know its moves or capabilities, or play on a stage unaware of its hazards. This would prompt more sales in both versions. Using the 3DS as a controller only isn’t really that revolutionary.

        With the different move thing Kirbymon123, SSB is supposed to be accessible to everyone; that method just sounds difficult. But I agree, more actions have to be added to make it different. Like mid-air grabs, just pressing the grab button in mid-air, or running evasions, so a character would slide out the way of an attack if the shield button was pressed while runnning. And move cancelling, so all smash moves and certain special moves can be cancelled by pressing the shield button and rolling out of them (I know some characters can do it, but all should have it). They’re minor things but they’d add a whole lot more strategy through bluffing and counter-attacks, and it’d make online play a hell of a lot more interesting. Imagine sudden death, you go for a Falcon Punch (or any move you like), your opponent gets behind you and can kill you. You cancel it, evade their attack, and KO them with a quick counter attack. SSBB was missing those types of strategies in my opinion.

        • Alienfish

          Maybe that could work, but then there’s the issue of balancing again. If you can cancel a Falcon Punch or any other delayed move for that matter, then that move must also be toned down as far as power goes. Getting that one successful hit with the uber powerful super hit from your character can be the single most enjoyable part of the match, but if you can just cancel the thing out, then it wouldn’t be so dramatic.

          • Josh

            That’s actually a really good point, but it wouldn’t have to be necessary for all moves. Remember Samus & Lucario can already cancel their moves and they’re still pretty powerful. I think though that the possibility to do those things would be appreciated by a lot of people, and it would make fights fun for guys like me who’ve basically mastered every other move in the game (without blowing my own trumpet).

            On a sort of related topic, moves in the game are pretty limited; when you look at smash bros, each character has 4 A-button attacks, 3 smash-attacks, 4 grabs, 4 special attacks, 5 air attacks, a grab-pound and a final smash, you only have 22 attacks per character, plus a shield and 4 evasion strategies. When you compare that to a game like Tekken, something Namco are on luckily, each character has over 100 moves, not including blocks and sidesteps. With move cancelling you’d get 4 more evasion strategies on top of running evasions, plus new grabs; it isn’t a huge increase but it’s a lot more moves to perfect and learn timings for, which will make competitive game-play deeper. It is by no means shallow, but for newcomers to the online game who can’t perform advanced techniques, they’re put at less of a disadvantage to the dudes who can perform moves that even the game designers were unaware of. Obviously a guy who tries to spam would get destroyed, but a guy who tries to fight fairly would have more of a chance against the elitists.

  • Wii Uoops!

    The Zelda characters should have Link, Zelda, Ghirahim, and Ganondorf. I NEED GHIRAHIM.

    • Envy

      No love for Midna?

      • MidnaFTW!

        YEAH! MIDNA FTW!

        • Josh

          Ghirahim is dead and will never be in a Zelda game again, as SS was the first in the timeline. They can’t put another game before SS, as it would contradict what they said. Why him? Midna has no moveset potential at all (DON’T mention the giant hand, that’s one attack), and do you really want to use Wolf Link? Also, the fact she’ll never return again as she went to a now inaccessible dimension at the end of TP; and their can’t be a TP 2 or a TP prequel where you’ve met her before. Why her? Zelda already has 4 reps, you forgot Sheik, it doesn’t need more IMO; no Ghirahim, no Midna, and definitely no Toon characters. Other franchises need to be represented; SSB is a celebration of Nintendo, not just Mario and Zelda.

          Remember that SSB is a virtual advertisement, even if you don’t see it that way; if people like characters, they’ll check out what game they’re from and possibly buy it. I did that with F-Zero, Fire Emblem and Kid Icarus. If Nintendo are as intelligent as I think they are, they’ll capitalize on that opportunity instead of cramming every popular character they can into it, no matter how dull they are, and show people they don’t have to rely on sure-sellers. Their other franchises will sell better, and the roster will be more diverse; it’s a win-win situation.

          • Alienfish

            I want to be Navi.


          • Gamecube forever

            why j/k you could annoy people as a move

            A: HEY!
            B: LISTEN
            Grab: LOOK

      • MujuraNoKamen

        how about skull kid, if Operation Moonfall is a success then it’s likely…. dropping the Moon as a final smash would be so cool!

  • JC

    It doesn’t mean we won’t have new characters, like always I think some characters will be replaced. Or maybe the will add like 5 characters or less. I just want a smash bros with balanced characters.

    • Madara

      It’s great that Sakurai isn’t tackling balance alone, so maybe we won’t have glass powerhouses like Zelda who were greatly buffed, but generally noncompetitive. As I didn’t play in real Brawl tournaments, a.k.a. competitively, I didn’t have a gripe with balancing, though I was aware of the Meta Knight dilemna.

      I like how Sakurai came up with the ingenious solution to use a team for balancing as opposed to playtesting, which I imagine Nintendo would strongly oppose. Nice thinking. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • swic11

    Im fine with the 35 characters Brawl had, Just as long as I have link and Pikachu.

  • q

    quality over quantity

    • PaisaPK

      why not both? im sure nintendo can get away with 50 characters and still make an epic smash bros game

      • Megaman

        Maybe they can include characters as free DLC. That would give them more time to balance the character and release the game quicker.

        • Aquanex

          They should probably only have 40 characters since they don’t want to add that many more. If they took out some unwanted characters, and added some awesome characters, AND made it Super Balanced, It would make a great game.

  • Envy

    I hope they replace Jigglypuff.

    • Alienfish

      No. Jigglypuff battles are so freaking funny. And then it’s like a huge puff in their face if you actually beat someone with it. Puff!

      • rmn

        I LOVE DOING THAT! The feeling is amazing when your friends fight with Ike, Meta Knight, and Snake, but Jigglypuff is the last one standing lol

    • Pokemon Master#1

      They wont unless they ruin the perfect attendance

  • Uribemaster

    As long as the Ice Climbers are in it, I’m fine. Maybe they’ll add the forbidden 7 that were taken out of brawl last minute? That wouldn’t technically be adding new characters since they were already supposed to be in it right?

  • Madara

    The Wii and consequently Brawl alienated a segment of Nintendo’s core population. I’m not one of those “core” ranters, but anyhow let’s not just consider the increased difficulty of balancing an increased cast of characters but consider the increased difficulty of preparing for a larger cast of characters if you want to compete.

    The rewards will certainly be worth the time, but I imagine that’d it take significant time to master all the matchups between your mains and the rest of the cast if the game’s roster was say 50 characters. I’m no expert on playing competitively and tournaments, but I can understand simple numbers. If you played mainly with two characters, mastering 90+ matchups is much more time consuming than mastering <70. Keep stages in mind, and the time increases. What if the next installment contains a grander list of acceptable stages?

    I don't think there's reason to be upset for either side, but just ponder how much more work you'd have to do as a core or casual gamer if you wanted to win consistently in this game.

    • MikeJones

      To be honest, not a lot needs to be done to balance the roster. Only Meta Knight and Snake are overpowered.
      Bowser’s Side-B, Zelda’s Side-B, Pikachu’s Down-B and Down-Smash, Pit’s Neutral-B, Side-B and A-Combo have to be changed outright to combat spamming. Zelda, Pit (B only) and Pikachu retain their moves, they just can’t use them in quick succession. Bowser gets his Side-B back from Melee, Pit’s infinite A-Combo is removed and his Side-B is changed to a weapon from Uprising, like the Claws, that can’t be spammed. Done.

      Mr G&W’s Down-Air, Meta Knight’s whole moveset, Snake’s A-Button moveset, Olimar’s Side-B, Kirby and Dedede’s Neutral-B & Ivysaur’s Neutral-B have to be toned down to make fights fairer. Meta Knight, Mr G&W, Ivysaur and Snake’s attack speed to power ratios are way off in the moves I’ve listed; decrease the power and it’s fine. Olimar can throw and recover pikmin too quickly and their attacks last too long; decrease times. Fixed. Kirby & Dedede are unable to move while an opponent is inside them; no one can walk off the stage with you, then jump 5 times and recover while you die a cheap, unfair death. Balanced. If people STILL find a way to spam after these changes, they should be able to be reported.

      Change Falco, Wolf, Ganondorf & Lucas’ movesets to make them unique, and ditch Toon Link as is almost certain, so his Down-Air (and the fact that he is a move and identity clone to Link) is no longer a problem. If Lucario leaves, don’t give Zoroark his ability to get stronger as its damage increases. Compare new character’s moves against the others, change accordingly and there we have a balanced, clone free roster. It seems like a lot to do in writing, but the changes could be very minimal, and could honestly take no more than a month for existing characters, and new characters can be quickly observed. If that’s your reason for not having more characters, I’d say it’s quite invalid.

      • Lewis

        How is this downrated so much? It makes total sense; as a competitive player of Brawl I can tell you everything he listed is correct! It may not take a month, that’s an exaggeration, but those are the changes that must happen. And get over it people, Toon Link must go, clones take up space that more deserving franchises should be getting. For every Toon Link, we miss out on a Little Mac, a Matthew, a Shulk, a Takamaru, an Isa, a Muddy Mole, a Mega Man! Any character you want in that has an already slim chance of appearing gets even less of a chance when a clone is put into the game. Remember that folks.

        • Marq

          Toon Link and other clones like Wolf should just be alternate costumes of the main character from their series.

          • SanPharaoh

            That’s a great idea. Alt. costumes. I hope they go the route of your suggestion.

      • Madara

        What do you guys think about the Brawl Hack Projects? Brawl+, Project Melee, Balanced Brawl, etc.? Why not take inspiration from those? So many enthusiast developers have invested their free time and effort into these popular projects, and it’d be a shame for all the reforms to be ignored. Some of the changes were legitimate.

        The power of $$$ is sad, Nintendo doesn’t have $$$ signs in their eyes when they develop, but I’m talking $$$ in the sense of high production costs leave some of the more brilliant additions and ideas to the hackers. I wish it was cheaper to develop games and easier too, then we could all enjoy the same excellent game from the start.

        The most important thing to me with the Wii U is the online play. If it is virtually lagless for major titles, then I will be one happy camper, but if it is only marginally better than the Wii, I will be disappointed, and the Wii U may be my last system. Who am I supposed to play these games with after college?

  • Tristan

    Booooo. Come on Nintendo, just do the extra work and add more characters.

  • Skozo

    Does that mean DLC!?

  • Hi8us

    Nintendo’s going to try hard to make this game a respectable fighting game in the FGC, but at the same time they have to keep it simple and fun to play. It’ll be interesting to see what Nintendo and Namco come up with because it will definitely be different from previous smash games in the series.

  • nintendon’t

    Well said Hi8us… I think they know what they’re doing and I beleive it will turn out good. Anyway, when the game is released, most people won’t care what it actually contains, they will just be too excited and they’ll buy it.

  • Lewis

    I’m not happy with this. To be fair, a smaller roster means more of a chance to balance characters and make them unique, and that’s great for online play especially, but the exact roster size of Brawl *again* isn’t very appealing. It was a good size then, but I think there must be at least 40, considering there aren’t a lot of characters that can/should be replaced; besides the obvious Toon Link & Lucario, and maybe R.O.B, Wolf, Lucas, Snake or Sonic; and the only 1 of the 5 of those that would be likely being R.O.B, who else will leave? The transition between SSB1 and Melee had the roster more than doubled (but most were clones, admittedly), and from SSBM to SSBB had almost 50% more characters added. I was expecting something between a 15-35% increase in the roster for SSB4 (40 minimum, 45 maximum).

    This could lead to DLC which, because Namco is behind it, will be good because their characters are always free. But this will restrict franchise representation in the game in the beginning, and that’s a shame because I wanted Punch-Out (Little Mac), Golden Sun (Matthew), Xenoblade (Shulk), Nazo no Murasamejo (Takamaru) and Sin & Punishment (Isa) to be represented with playable characters, along with Mega Man and Tales of Symphonia (Lloyd), but this all seems unlikely now.

    Hopefully he means there won’t be a massive increase in characters, but an increase nonetheless. Maybe other series’ can be cleverly represented as stages in the game, but I was hoping more obscure Nintendo titles would take that role, like a bit Generations stage or Odama, StarTropics, 1080, Endless Ocean, etc.

    • Andrew

      I was hoping for some Namco characters too. I like your list but instead of Lloyd i would want Genis. If you have Lloyd you will end up with Colette. Last thing I need is her falling constantly on my fighters.

      • Lewis

        You don’t need both, that’s like saying if you have Emil you need Marta. Or if you have Sonic, you need Tails. I personally don’t mind which Namco character as long as it isn’t Pac-Man, they’ve destroyed his image enough; there’s no need to make an awful attempt to make him a fighter when clearly he isn’t. Any ToS character will fit in SSB easily, as they have basically preset special moves and Final Smashes, it just a case of choosing one. I don’t agree with Tekken characters though, no other fighting game should be represented in SSB, as there’s no other fighting game like SSB (except PAS:BR, but that’s another story).

        • Marq

          Agreed, except I want Saki more than Isa, despite the latter having more moveset potential. Don’t ask me why, I just like Saki.

          And it’ll never happen, but I’ll take Marina Liteyears (Mischief Makers) over the both of them. Imagine her as a close range fighter with awesome grab/throw mechanics and the ability to catch opponents’ projectiles and, rather than reflecting them immediately, she can throw them back whenever she feels like it.

          • Lewis

            Dude, that game hasn’t seen the light of day for 15 years! I’m surprised anyone here remembers that game! But yeah, if Treasure were to support SSB4, it’d be with Saki or Isa (or both as costume changes).

        • Andrew

          I see your point but I said that based on if they picked Lloyd to represent Tales Series and decided to pick a second character it would be Colette. I wouldn’t mind having Tails I have always liked him.

          • Arriant

            Or they could come out of left field and pick Presea. I could die happy if they picked Presea.

    • Madara

      I’m hoping they include a feature that allows us to create our own characters. I don’t mind having a bunch of undertested downloaded characters for offline play. I’m wondering what will replace the Subspace Emissary. That was a beast! Let’s hope for the Stage Builder’s return.

      • nintendon’t

        Maybe just have your mii as a character and be able to customize it.

  • Oscar

    Just the 36th: Megaman!

  • MAN

    Thats ok as long as they keep it fresh 35 is great plus u have assists trophys and possibly DLC If u think about it………… Nintendo FTW!!!

  • 999999999999999999o

    Yoou got this news completely wrong. They said about 50 characters would be enough. It’s just that some websites thought brawl already had about 50 so they said it wouldn’t get any more characters in their articles.

  • Your mom

    They should at least put in shadow. And since Namco is helping they should put in PacMan.

    • Madara

      They could use moves from Sonic Battle if they include another character from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Tails, Shadow, or Knuckles would be the likely candidates, but it’d be cool to have Blaze or Silver. There’s no one with a telekinetic moveset. Ness and Lucas PK isn’t the typical psychokinesis.

  • Asses

    This is a great idea actually. If you play Melee competitively then you probably already know that there’s really only 7 awesome characters that most people liked to play as and any one of them can win a match depending on the player. With fewer characters Nintendo can make all the characters fun to play and not just a few so really less is more.

  • josh with the truth

    what a lie if it was true who cares 35 is alot of players

  • Mike

    The title should say “Super Smash Bros Wii U wonโ€™t feature NO MORE THAN 50 characters”

  • Solphins

    Some of the characters that have the same move-set that are basically the same playing style should not be their own character. I am a Fox and Falco guy, but if they made fox and made Falco and Wolf a different outfit, that would be fine by me.

    Hackers have shown that you can take a character like Sonic and change every outfit and make Sonic, Shadow, Knuckles, Metasonic, and that grey guy. If they did that, then I would spend all of my time playing the game until I unlocked every costume.

  • Profugus

    We don’t need more then 35 char, that’s even too much i think. As long a you remove all those clone char.

  • Leeroy

    NoooooooooooooooooooooooooooOooooooooooooooooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiookiokkikkooooooooooooo whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • MYCO


    • Madara

      There were enough Mario characters in Brawl. Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser. Then there was Yoshi, DK, Diddy Kong, Wario. Also 4 different Pokemon options, 3 of which represented the first generation. Keep Pikachu and replace Jigglypuff, Lucario, and the Pokemon’s Trainer’s Pokemon to be representative of all 5 generations.

  • Daing

    As long as Snake is still in the roster I have no complaints.

  • MYCO


  • nintendon’t

    Take out Solid Snake and replace him with the older Snake from MGS4… I think he looks cooler. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Envy

      They should remove Snake all together.

  • nintendon’t

    If you want to play Brawl with me, my Wii code is 7620-6776-6003-7059

    • JC

      Do you still play? I’ll add you ๐Ÿ™‚

      • nintendon’t

        Sorry, i meant to put in my Brawl freind code: 4814-2961-6318. And yes, i do still play ๐Ÿ™‚

        • JC

          Mine is 3911-0087-6846

  • Nintengoth

    Have about 30 characters and then about 5 hidden ones to unlock that sounds fun ๐Ÿ™‚ i dont wana see sonic or snake ever again, i would like ridley or adam from metroid that would be cool, and play as bowsers grunts like the pokemon trainer but with koopas, goombas and so on.

  • kool

    Is Tetris in it

  • Avon

    Hidden Meaning: We’re only saying this because we count DLC separate from the game.

  • josh with the truth

    need more zelda and metrold characters take out a freaken mario character 4 zelda and 1 2 if u count zero suit samus but i don’t characters thats sad mario has to many characters more zelda and metrold characters less mario

  • chowflap

    that’s very disappointing that their aren’t going to be any new characters in the next smash brothers game. Personally to someone who grew up playing smash bros 1,2,3 plus flash games 35 characters ain’t enough. Shoot some people up in here sayin “I couldn’t even finish the everyone’s classic, target, and other stuff. ” well if ya’ll weren’t so lazy, you would of had a lot of fun. GOSH!!!

  • Angel

    I want Majora’s Mask to be a new character ๐Ÿ™

  • Chocer

    I hope they declone people and replace Toon Link with Ghirahim. I don’t care if there are more characters, I want no clones

  • Kaasor

    If they added Goku and Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z just like Sonic and Solid Snake, that would be pretty neat, right? =) Or is it only me? =D

    • gNat

      Its only you. Dragon Ball sucks.

  • N_S

    I’m not saying this to be a troll, but i literally thought Sakurai did balancing to the bare minimum so he could focus on making each match “fun for everyone, even the losers” or whatever weird philosophy he brought with him into Brawl.

    At the very least, i hope we get a rotation of characters. Maybe a few guys in Brawl could take a break, and a few guys who were left behind in Melee could come back?

    Eh, regardless, this is Smash Bros we’re talking about, so it’d be hard for Sakurai to disappoint. I just wish he had a better reason, like, “We’re trying to make the 3DS version as close to the Wii U version as possible, so we’re limiting the roster”. I could be completely off, though, and this could be a miracle is disguise and Sakurai is saying he’s gonna try harder to balance the game this time around.

  • Joyous Killer

    Ima Cry :'(

  • gNat

    i think for this game to be sucsessful enough theyre going to have to add at least five new ones. Waluigi could have sports related attacks. Also Fire Emblem has about 80 characters and its rediculous that they only had two characters representing there franchise. Also miis being playable is kindof stupid.

    • gNat

      I mean as long as Marth is still in it im fine. :]

  • fedster

    if anything they should have at max forty characters. and wen it comes to cutting some characters short, they should keep sonic, get rid of diddy kong, either keep snake or replace with raiden, NOT add shadow but knuckles instead, mayb get rid of lucas, perhaps remove toon link, definetely remove wolf, mayb add paper mario, replace ganondorf with ghirahim cuz ganon n captain falcon r the same, i would like to c bomberman make a debut, and yea thats it

    • gNat

      Tails should come before knuckles. it would be like having wario before luigi.

  • satan

    balance all ya want but ill ruin this game with weapons and roleplaying and attacking any fag who fights ninty got pwned

  • prodagy

    as long as they keep Diddy Kong and Donkey Kong, im fine

  • Maverick-Hunter

    My god nintendo hears my prays yet again ๐Ÿ™‚ they give me my fancy chocolate instead of endless potatoe chips!!


    Omyfrikingoodness!! If namco bandai is co-oping with nintendo…..then they should at least star one or a couple of symphonia characters

  • Robert

    i really think more characters the better. as long as they are clone characters. Smash Bros is known for Characters and Stages so they shouldnt limit it.

  • BlazeKiing

    i just wish they could add 11 more 6 from nintendo 5 from namco and include mewtwo

    • gNat

      Mewtwo is to old. lucarios going to be replaced by Zoroark and Jigglypuff should be replaced or all together getting rid of

  • :DSmashBro

    I would like to tell Reyntime: You should try Peach and JigglyPuff ๐Ÿ˜€ They are some of my best characters. (I have about 6) Peach, Jigglypuff, Lucario, Pit, Falco, and Toon Link. I know that two of these are copies of others but I like there slightly different moves slightly better. Also I want them to add Tom Nook. I think the number could go up to 37 or something. I don’t think he ment that the number can’t go up at all.

  • MarioNotAProblem

    I have read some stuff saying that there are too many mario characters…. I would like to give some counter argument. ๐Ÿ™‚ First, since Mario is Nintendo’s main guy they need him and his buds to help get some people to notice the game! if people don’t see characeters they reconise they won’t buy it. also, Yoshi, Wario Donkey and Diddy Kong are techinically not included in the mario series. Wario from wario ware, yoshi from yoshis island and donkey and diddy from donkey kong country

  • 101Sharz

    This game looks really nice, and with the new controller, anything is possible. I have high hopes for this game, and I hope they make this a better game than the one before. They better not take out Snake. SNAKE FTW!!!

  • ChaoSHer0

    I wonder how the online is going to be?

  • killerdemon562

    its all well and good until somebody’s favorite character isn’t in it

  • Lord Carlisle

    I really hope they don’t turn this into something it’s not.

  • LON3RANG3R 69

    How awesome would it be if Namco Bandai added in Pac- Man as a playable charecter.

    He could have a move list simmilar to his in Pacman world 2. I think he would be a great addition to an already amazing game series.

  • Fiost Ivon


  • MujuraNoKamen

    Just as long as there’s almost as many characters, a single player story mode, loads of collectables (trophies, stickers and music), items (come on poke-balls), the challenges (from Brawl) and multiple game modes (Boss battles, standard brawls, special brawls, coin launcher and target smash) – in short as long as it does everything Brawl did and more then it’ll be the best smash bros yet. unless they make some drastic changes, this will be the same addictive fun-fest we all expect from SSB.

    • MujuraNoKamen

      oh and keep final smashes… if they go I’ll be so mad :'(

  • Zomegax

    They should bring mewtwo back and get rid of the clones like wolf and toon link. As someone else said, have those be alt. costumes. Also, nintendo should use dlc for this

  • MrK

    unlockable costusmes and a co op mode would be cool

  • BananaPwnz

    2014!!!!! I CANT WAIT THAT LONG!!!:(

  • Mr.Dr.Pepper

    I can’t wait until the new SSB comes out! I know you really can’t add any more characters to the list, but I think you should TRY to squeeze Shadow the Hedghog in. I think it would be great because Sonic and Shadow are rivles and Shadow is a great fighter. Also, online people want Shadow so bad, they put in fake cheats on how to get Shadow so that other people that want Shadow will do it, and waste their time. I do think Pacman will be in the game because Nacmo is a partner with Nintendo for this game. But I think Shadow being put in SSB is one of mine, and other people’s concerns. SSB ROCKS!

  • smashbrosfoeva

    i hope you can play with your mii character. You can customize different attacks etc.

    • gNat

      Thats a bad idea. Miis are good for mariokart and mario party but not fighting games. custom attacks avoids the purpose as well

  • Noah J.L.

    BULL! He never said that

  • Sigh

    Damit, I actually wanted to see some digimon characters cause bandai was helping with the development. Now i can’t have my epic digimon vs pokemon battles :.(.


    aw man :(. Brawl is my favorite Wii game. I don’t want to wait 2 years to buy this game. Well i understand cuz of the quality of the game

  • Madmagican

    I just hope that the new characters they put in aren’t replacing my favorites; but I won’t mind that too much as long as they’re balanced and have new moves for everyone to play around with

  • andre valutin

    as long as they have link,zelda,pikachu,yoshi,and king dedede i’m fine. ps.i fight best with those characters. pps.2014?

  • the smashbros fanatic

    If you take the whole roster from Brawl,which is 35 slots and 40 characters,and you take off every duplicates outside Luigi and the ice climbers,which never came back to life anyway,you have a roster of 27 unique characters slots.

    Something that needs to be known is that in a game like Tekken,the differences are mostly due to the characters` fighting style,personnalities and the small touches,but in a game like Soulcalibur the distinctions between each characters is easier to notice since everyone carry different weapons and stuffs,so you simply dont have two sword users that truly plays the same or anything.That`s why Soulcalibur doesn`t have rosters that surpass 30 characters since the custom character editor makes up for the size of the roster.

    The ugly truth about the roster from the next game is that most of us doesn`t seem to realise that the cuts are going to be more severe than just a few characters being thrown out.It`s not just Toon Link or Lucario,i`m talking about a good portion of the roster being thrown out in favor of new characters.

    If you really want to know,13 characters will be back from Brawl,8 from the original,3 from Melee and 3 who were introduced in Brawl.Mewtwo will be back due to requests.As for the newcommers,some of them are characters that were scrapped during Brawl`s developement,some are based on requests from fans and some are remplacements thrown in to carry some of cut characters` playstyle.As for third-party characters,they will be 2 of them and they are not who you expect.No Megaman,no Pacman,no Lyord or any Tekken or Soulcalibur characters.The first character is a natural fit in crossovers and the other is more Snake-like crazy.

    Also,any characters that were assists trophies in Brawl WILL NEVER BE PLAYABLE because they represent the c or d-lists of Nintendo`s series or the c or d-lists of the series that are already represented.Also they wouldn`t work as playable character,Little Mac is just as limited as a generic Metroid.Some of the requests like Ridley and Shulk will make it but at the expense of others from previous games.King K Rool and Krystal will never become playable because they`ll never be considered seriously since they really aren`t that important in their series anyway.

    One last thing;the reason i made such a post is to inform that you shouldn`t expect this new game to be like previous ones,since i think what i said has about 80-90 percent chances of being correct,the 10-20 being that it`s made by a fan and some characters choices could end up being different than expected,which is totally fine since Sakurai knows how to surprise people.As for the game itself,expect to see new gameplay changes that are both universal and characters-specifics,new kinds of stages,a deep online-oriented experience for the Wii U,a vaster singleplayer game for the 3ds,a story mode that`s more of an hybrid between Melee and Brawl,custom characters creator,expended stage builder,the returns of favorite minigames,tons of trophies and stickers to find and some cool connectivity elements between the 3ds and Wii U version.Content wise through,the two versions will be similar except for exclusives stuffs for Wii U and 3ds.

    Feel free to believe it or not folks.

  • Rock.exe

    I think it’s safe to assume that only balancing of all the characters is a pain to do and will easily take half a year if not a year depending on how the engine works,(if its more melee like they might keep exploitable features like wave dashing)

    and therefore need insane more time, but the fans really spoke up and said wanting to have more of a melee experience.

    So i expect a release around 2014 if not early 2015.

    As for the Characters, i think adding 5 more wouldn’t hurt it badly.
    Looking at some IP’s i would love to see megaman claim one of these spots.

  • Bob

    i hope they atlest add clone characters.