Aug 19th, 2013


Luigi was officially announced just a few weeks ago, but the latest Super Smash Bros. screenshot update shows him in action. A whole slew of screenshots accompanied his reveal as well, which you can check out here.

Are you excited for the game? Want to see more? You can check out the Wii U Daily forums and discuss your favorite characters, discuss which characters you would like to see before the full roster is unveiled, and more!

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  • If anyone saw the original post, was I the ONLY one who thought of Kirby Right Back at Ya?

    • Wolfgem


  • sdmac200600

    :O he deflected it!

    • Baum 「ツリー」

      Nope 😀
      It’s possible to pick the blades out of the air since they are normal items.
      The Villager on the other Hand can take just about everything someone throws at him :0

      • Sander van der Ham

        I’m pretty sure that Villager can only ‘pick up’ one item/fireball/arrow/potato at a time and has to use it first before he can ‘pick up’ another one. 🙂 Otherwise that’d make him so broken.

      • Clel

        Honestly that aspect feels a little OP. Like grabbing Samus’s charged up energy ball, then being able to shoot it again at any time, it’s like you have everybody’s projectile.

        • Keep in mind that Villager has certain amount of pockets,so he can’t store all things at once(maybe one caught item per Villager?),until he releases it.

          • Baum 「ツリー」

            Yeah, but if you’re throwing it away imidiately it’s gonna be REALLY OP unless all of the other Players are spamming you at the same time ^^

          • rp17

            if you throw it immediately then it would just be like fox’s deflector

          • Clel

            In the developer direct we saw that he could just store it an used it later. Not like a reflector.

  • Clel



      Iwata: Get the broom Sakurai. *Sakurai sweeps your remains, puts them in the exploded hyped up Smash Bros fans bin.

    • RockieOllie


      • Mark

        Hey look, it’s Udo (or Owain)!

  • SonicLucario

    It looks like he just picked the saw blade from the ground and threw it back at Megaman, it was said in a Nintendo Direct that Megamans blades can be picked up

  • Ducked

    I like Luigi, but he’s not much different from Mario.

    It be awesome if Okami was in the next Smash Bros

    • Baum 「ツリー」

      *Amaterasu ^^

      • Ducked

        Sorry about that…

        • Baum 「ツリー」

          no Problem 😀
          Just wanted to say it ^^

    • SonicLucario

      Wonder Red from TW101 would be a cool addition 😀

      • TaintedXGamer

        Wonderful 101 as a candidate for smash bros? Love it!
        alll of em could be different smash attacks etc and Final smash would have to be awersome…. or if they can’t…. at least if assist trophies are still in, have the wonderful 101 as that.

        • sup3rnoah

          I think just wonder red would be great, and for his final smash, the whole team could rush through the stage!

    • jay

      I hate that. I’ve been rooting for a Luigi’s Mansion moveset for years.

      • Mochlum

        Glad I’m not alone.

    • Vile-Okami

      Well if you really want me in it I’m okay with it. I’m just going to assume you mean Amaterasu though.

      • Ducked

        Yeah, I forgot his name. It’s been a while since I played it.

        • Vile-Okami

          Forgot her gender too apparently haha.

          • Ducked

            I told you it’s been a while xD

      • 00EpicGamer00

        You know that her FULL name is Okami Amaterasu, right? So, Ducked was right too.

        • Vile-Okami

          I’ve heard her called Amaterasu-Omikami before, but I don’t believe they ever refer to her as Okami in the game. Pretty sure it has two meanings, Great God and Wolf, which obviously makes sense in this game.

          • 00EpicGamer00

            Now that I think about it, I think you’re right. It’s just, I could of swore that in the game, Issun says something like'”this here’s Okami Amaterasu.” But, I remember that he actually says “this here’s the great Amaterasu” or something like that.

            But, I think her actual full name IS Okami Amaterasu. Here’s a website, not sure if it’s reliable enough:

          • Vile-Okami

            I think it might be more of a title than a name.

          • 00EpicGamer00

            Yeah, could be.

  • DigitalBlawks

    I wanna see a new Earthbound stage.

  • Lusunup

    A definite pre-order. If we discuss the full roster of are opinion I can pretty much say people would say no…(or something hurtful) like they do in the community.

    • Lusunup

      But Mr. wedgewood would make an excellent characters for the game. My heart throttle for more reveals!

  • Rugmouse

    Luigi dominating Megaman…nice!

    Talk to me when you have your own year, blue bomber!

    • Orto

      This game dominates on anything that fony could come up with ( playstation all stars lol). Well i guess you need the BIG franchises to make a game like this, something that fony lacks (lol killzone)!

      • Rugmouse

        I actually laughed at the idea of those red/orange faced Killzone things in Smash Bros…haha.

      • Lusunup

        What the heck is a fony?

        • David Noble

          I’m pretty sure it’s a mock name for Sony.

          • Lusunup

            Sound very kiddish naming consoles like that.

          • David Noble

            I have to agree with you. If something is good or bad, it should just be let to stand in its own right.

      • I’m a Nintendo fan first, but Sony makes great games. Let’s not be ignorant or silly. There are good games on all systems. It just comes down to personal preference

        • Steven_Segal

          Agree. My top 5 games of this generation so far are from Nintendo and SONY (Naughty Dog to be exact) (none from Microsoft).

          1. Super Mario Galaxy 2
          2. Super Mario Galaxy
          3. The Last of Us
          4. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
          5. Donkey Kong Country Returns

          Edit: I haven’t played Bioshock Infinite, Skyward Sword, and some others so… you know…

          • It makes me happy that you included DKCR. I can’t wait for tropical freeze… Donkey Kong is probably my favorite platformer after DKCR

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Yup. I really want those bananas sooner than later. I loved DKCR and was happy to see that RARE made a new one, although I really wanted a new Metroid in upgraded prime style too.

            Edit: WTF? RARE? I meant RETRO.

          • Steven_Segal

            ”was happy to see that RARE made a new one”. It was Retro. lol

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Hahaha, yeah. Dont know what I was thinking. Maybe Im used to think about RARE in the same senence as DK. LOL. My bad. 😀

          • Mario

            Actually, RARE is owned by Microsoft. So they couldn’t had made the game. So, the true company you need to thank for this game are Retro studios. You know the company who made the Metroid prime series and helped Nintendo in making Mario kart 7?

          • Mario

            Although, if it wasn’t for RARE, none of the Donkey kong country games, even those made by Retro, wouldn’t had never existed. So we do gotta give them some credit for that.

          • eh. I’m okay with waiting on metroid just a bit more till they have HD locked down solid

          • Starfoxguy

            Yeah same here. I would love to see Retro work with another dormant Nintendo franchise.

          • Steven_Segal

            DKC:TP is one of the most anticipated games for me this year! Loved DKCR!

          • e_rocket

            I’m exited about trpical freeze too, it looks amazing 😉

        • Dez

          Excluding Micro$oft consoles, of course. Nothing but shooters and notice how they all have the exact same theme, too. It is always some science fiction oriented shooter, I swear Micro$oft doesn’t understand variety. Sony makes good games now and again, which is why I’m glad they are finally make more new IP like Knack and The Order 1866. Too much God of War, Killzone, and Infamous already.

          • Only thing on Xbox I sort of want is Gears of War. that’s pretty much it.

          • greengecko007

            All those shooter games aren’t made by Microsoft. And two Infamous games from Sony is already too many?

        • Magnus Eriksson

          My favourite consoles of all time:

          1. NES
          2. N64
          3. SNES
          4. SEGA Megadrive
          5. Wii/Wii U (as the U plays both Wii and U)
          6. Playstation 2
          7. GCN
          8. Playstation
          9. PS3
          10. NEO GEO
          11. SEGA Masters System
          12. XBox
          13. Dreamcast
          14. Saturn
          15. XBox360

          • Steven_Segal

            I almost agree… lol For me my favorite is a tie between the GCN and the Wii/U. I really haven’t been able to play a lot of the other systems except the PS2, PS3, XB360.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Easy explanation. I love to play games with my kids. They where old enough in the time of the Wii. Thats why I like it alot.

          • Mark

            Every system on this list is on my list too! Great choices!

          • you forgot to put virtualboy one above the 360

          • Eduardo

            wait… no Gameboy, GBA, DS, 3DS?… dude what the hell? your missing out..

          • Magnus Eriksson

            I only had DSi and Gameboy, as well as a bunch of Game&Watch 😀

    • It’s Year of Luigi,so…

  • Toadlord

    Will the Games section of the Wii U forums ever get a subsection for Smash Bros?

  • Mario

    Looks like Megaman got a piece of his own medicine. Don’t you agree people?

  • Magnus Eriksson

    Got this pre-ordered for my XBox One <3

    • Lusunup

      Come on troll on smash the best franchise…

  • Too bad…no train as Final Smash Lol 😛

  • Adrian

    Maybe I’ll ask for this game for Christmas….will it be out by XMAS?

    • Vile-Okami

      No, it’ll be next year.

      • Adrian

        Well that’s stupid. Thanks for the info though, wolf.


    I emailed them last week about this because they revealed him in the ND last week, (not the W101 one). Took them a long time.

  • Link00

    this game is gonna be the best wiiu game yet!

  • Pedro Natera

    show characters already damn

    • Vile-Okami

      They’ve already shown 2, relax.

      • Pedro Natera

        LOL is just that I really love this franchise and I want to see new people

  • Jack5221

    Game looks good so far. I just really hope they replace Jigglypuff for a better more deserving character.

    • the1andonlyIKY

      The reginator? :p

  • Connor Devlin


  • DVE

    They should put W101 in the roster xD, they would be overpowered like Villager and Wii Fit Trainer lol

    • Patrick Francis

      I am hoping they balance it really well… And even offer patches after release.

  • Jack Rogers

    Am I the only one that realizes that this is most likely not a “Move?” I’m pretty sure Luigi just picked up one of Megaman’s blades as an item (R.O.B. style) and threw it back at him… Pretty sweet pic though!

  • elotropotosino

    “Are you excited for this game?”
    WiiUdaily, do not mock me. Of course I’m excited for this game.

  • Geoffrey Tasker

    more like Luigi getting his as kicked but hey he’s still the man

  • starwars360

    Can’t wait for this game so much and lots and epic spent on this game when release.

    Look forward more upcoming characters for confirms before release. 🙂

    Exciting so hard. 🙂

  • PS4/WiiU

    oiu ujoiu