Oct 2nd, 2015


With the DLC support Nintendo has been affording its titles like Super Smash Bros. and Splatoon, getting surprised by a Nintendo update is pretty rare thanks to data miners. We’ve had several major characters like Ryu and Lucas revealed ahead of time thanks to their efforts, but it looks like Sakurai has gotten wise to their tricks.

Shiny Quagsire–the data miner who originally discovered Ryu and Lucas before they were announced–has announced that he’s found three new character slots in Super Smash Bros. 3DS after the update. In addition, six empty stage slots were found, but unlike previous updates, absolutely no information about what’s coming was found in the data-mining effort.

While we don’t know the exact content of these slots for characters and stages, who would you like to see added to Smash next? Many people have speculated about the return of Snake as a DLC character, but who would you like to see? Shovel Knight? The Inklings?

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