Jul 4th, 2013


Masahiro Sakurai has revealed that his team is looking into creating several customization options for the next Super Smash Bros. game. Nothing has been confirmed at this time, but Sakurai has stated that the team needs to be careful so that customization options don’t affect the strength and balance of characters. One thing specifically mentioned by Sakurai is the customization of direction attacks.

But it’s very important to point out that we do this in a careful way that doesn’t affect the strength and balance of the characters. One thing we’d like to do is to be able to customize the direction of attacks. But not give characters a stronger jump or a stronger or weaker attack.

Sakurai didn’t mention cosmetic customizations in the game, which are very popular in certain western games such as Team Fortress 2. Several different hats and other wearable items and weapons are available, with some providing a completely different play-style. Would you like to see something like this in a Smash Bros. game? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Iceman

    That would be pretty cool

  • Ony

    Hats in Smash Bros.

    Hats on hats. Mario be like, 50m of hats on his head.


    • Jamie Clabon

      port your mii from street pass quest, hats give you different abilities and attacks

    • Morits Lian

      TF2, anyone?

  • sdmac200600

    I really would love it if you could customize characters attack. Now I don’t mean like being able to have Link have a fire ball shoot from his hand like Mario. Each character can have a customizable moveset within their character and you can equip that character with like 5 out of like 10 movesets. Also, the moves can be unlockable so that would add even more replayability in the game. That would be awesome.

    • Pebbicle

      In my opinion that’s a bad idea, yes it would add more replayability but don’t you think that there would be a set that’s “better than the others”? Now not only would it take a very long time to add everything in but balancing it in a way that doesn’t make a character over powered would be even more frustrating!
      Yeah, call me a party pooper if you want to but honestly I don’t like this idea…

    • Jamie Clabon

      Maybe different game specific attack, so for instance you could play as twilight princess link or Ocarina of time link, and their items would change, or you could customize Samus’s suit powers, or Pits weapons or the pokemon trainers pokemon (based off different generations). Could just work like changing the skin affects the attacks moves

      • sdmac200600

        Yup that’s EXACTLY what I was thinking. That would be really cool.

        • Mason742

          I just don’t want the customizing to affect gameplay. I would rather three different link versions that have a couple different moves instead of customizing move sets. For tourny play it would create too much unknown. When I vs. Marth I already think about how to combat him. If their were alot of customizations it would make it alot more difficult to know how the games going to playout.

  • Lusunup

    What I like about the interview was Sakurai mentioned that the game would be more on the lines of melee aspects! the only reason brawl wasn’t for core games was it was more on the line for beginners because it was on wii, but now that they’ve got the attention their putting it on the line of melee gameplay fast pace! can’t! wait!

    • The Clockwork Being

      He said between Melee and Brawl. But im hoping its closer to Melee

    • Davidson

      Have you taken a look at Project M? It’s a balanced Brawl with Melee mechanics, it’s amazing!

  • Super Buu

    If he’s talking about customizable movesets, I’m going to do something extreme to manifest my happiness. This is THE feature I want to see in Super Smash Bros.

    • Laud

      You’re going to absorb Sakurai and skip a few transformations to Kid Buu

  • Satoru Iwata

    Also announced, Miyamoto-san will be a hidden character. More news to come in our next Nintendo Direct. Thank you and please continue to support Nintendo and it’s products, preferably Wii U.


    • majora :D


    • MAKE A GAME OF ME!!!

      • Shigeru Miyamoto

        We are right on it, we have stopped development on Monolisoft’s “X” to create a game featuring just you! Once you start the game all you see is Waluigi if you press any button he says “Waluigi” it is scheduled for a 2042 release.

        Thank you for your continuing support of Nintendo!

        • Satoru Iwata

          You beat me too it, Miyamoto-san. You better not be slacking off again. No hentai on the job.

          Also Miyamoto-san, this is the year of Luigi, and all I see is more Mario games. Cancel all Mario games and rework them with Luigi. We will bring innovative games such as Super Luigi 3D World, Luigi Kart and to replace Mario Kart will be Luigi Training Academy.

          I have strong confidence that our fans will support these upcoming projects and will be revealed in our next Nintendo Direct. Stay tuned for more updates. As always, thank you for supporting Nintendo and it’s products.

          • AlexG

            start with: “Hello everyone.” on each post XD

          • Shigeru Miyamoto

            Yes, I have already thought of the Luigi idea. That is why we are making Luigi an exlcusive DLC character in the upcoming “Omega Waluigi Game” he will cost the low price of $9,000,000

            Thank you everyone.

        • waaaaaaaaaaa

          I’m looking forward to it.

    • Shigeru Miyamoto

      Please, why did you have to expose my secret Satoru-Sempai?
      It was going to be a secret to everyone until the release!

      Thank you all for the Support of our company!

      • Satoru Iwata

        We, Nintendo are too secretive with our games in development. From now on, their will be details in Nintendo Directs and press releases. Please understand.

        Thank you for your concern and support, Miyamoto-san. After work, we are going downtown for onigiri and teriyaki mushrooms. You are welcomed to join in.

        Thank you for your support for Nintendo and its products. Also like our facebook page where you can get further updates.

    • Mario

      You’re kidding. Right?

  • Ducked

    I know this is off topic, but why did they bring the Wii Fit lady? Talk about waste.

    I wish we could have seen Rayman, Pac-Man, Mickey, Okami, or something.

    • Hazmire

      Because she was a huge figure from the previous generation, and helped to sell the wii and make it what it is to this day. I hope they have DLC for extra characters though.

    • The Clockwork Being

      Talk about waste? Well didnt you see what Sakurai said in his developper direct interview. He doesnt fighters that are easy to make with a already planed moveset. Look at Megaman. In all his other fighting games he has punches, kicks and all the ”normal type of standard fighting movesets. Sakurai mentioned this and he said he wanted to make the character as unique as possible. Here comes Megaman with a unique movests compared to his other fihgting games like Marvel vs Capcom and other. Sakurai said inlike Marvel vs Capcom Megaman barely has any punching moves.

      Now why he put The Wii Fit Trainer. Well he said he could make a pretty fun moveset and a rather unique one too. Thats why she is in there she doesnt come from a fighting game so she could have a rather invented movests which gives her uniqueness. The same could be said for the Villager since he is a newcomer. Not from a fighting game(animal crossing) but a rather unique moveset. The moveset comes from things that are in his game. His moveset is just a unique.

      Now lets look at already existing characters. Ice Climbers. Not from a fighting game but the duo is really strong if you know how to use them. Their combos are great. Mister game and Watch is also not from a fighting game but oh boy he sure is strong. Capt Falcon for that matter isnt from a fighting game. He’s from a racing game, and hey his moveset was form scratch and hes one of the best charcters in the game. Dont even get me started on R.O.B

      • Ducked

        Yes, yes, yes, but really. Is anyone going to want to play as the Wii Fit lady? Nope.

        • The Clockwork Being

          I get what you mean but I myself will play as her since I make it my challenge to master every character in the each smash bros games. That why I want unique characters

          • Ducked

            True enough

        • Mario

          I would actually try to master all of the characters and play with them all the time.

          • Ducked

            Would you master Kim Kardashian if she was in Super Smash Bros?

          • Mario


          • Ducked

            Well same here! lol

      • Genesect4ssb4

        Captain falcon was 4 out of 12 on ssb tiers, 7 out of 26 on ssbm tiers, and like 35 out of 39 on the brawl tiers. Falcon has had a rough going ever since SSBM days, considering 7 out of 26 was middle of high tier practically.

    • aldo2410

      Because thanks to her I’m no longer a lazy man without girlfriend, now I’m just a man without girlfriend.

      • Ducked

        your getting there

    • zerooooo

      If you were really into ssb you would know there is always a joke character…

    • Energonkid

      I know, I would want Viewtiful Joe because he’d be boss!

  • Ahferom Abraham

    People always want developers too add so much to a game. I have complete faith in Sakurai, and his team to make another awesome game. 🙂

  • DereX

    Mii should be a playable character in Super Smash Brothers.

    • sdmac200600

      What would be their moveset though? I think that would just be a waste of character space.

      • DereX

        Customized move set or same average stats as Mario? I just want to fight online with my Mii. It’s like Nintendo doesn’t realize that they can add characters through updates later.

        • majora :D

          what about mii’s with nintendo character’s outfit a la tekken, but with their movesets?

          • TaintedXGamer

            we do have a mii already, it is the villager. 😛

    • Andreas Sunde

      Mii, yes. But not your own mii. There should be one mii, and that mii should be Reggie.

    • $41809923


    • Xavier Lopez Chabelo

      Nope, just nope XD

  • Spencer

    O god they might ruin smash. I wonder if I can still return my wii u.

    • Hugh Quinn

      bad troll is bad

    • Rob Lucci

      Go return it, Nintendo already has your money.

    • TaintedXGamer

      give it to me then, if it’s so worthless. beside this could also mean more alternate costumes.

  • Mochlum

    Customizable stages back with more features (changing textures, colors, and backgrounds more) and Miiverse support. I also think customizable Classic Mode would be cool (Choosing the stages, fighters, difficulty. etc… So you could make a Zelda-themed one, or add your own stages to it.)

  • Jeancarlos

    What about unlocking different final smashes for each character like 2 different one for each for each one, they can be unique and some special side effect..

  • zerooooo

    Lmao WiiUdaily sucks when it comes to SSB news.

    • Super Mario

      1 millionth douchebag!

      • zerooooo

        Calling me a douchebag for giving my opinion on the smash articles in this website? Yeah I’m the douchebag here. *assuming you can sence sarcasm

        • Super Mario


          2 Millionth spellcheck!

          • zerooooo

            Oh look at that, there was no rebuttal so you go to grammar to call me out. Come on man theres better things to do than to care about my opinion.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            He’s only going to comment back since you’re taking the bait. I get those from time to time whenever I leave negative criticism on Nintendo

          • zerooooo

            Yeah forgot about not feeding the trolls. Couldn’t resist not calling him out on his ignorance. Don’t worry though he won’t say something relevant to what he thinks is a argument here. I’d be glad to take the win!

  • MarcoPolo

    Come on guys we alllll know what we want REGGIE FUCKING FILS-AIME AS A PLAYABLE CHARACTER

    • zerooooo

      Lmao what if it becomes true. My body ain’t ready for dat xP

    • Energonkid

      Nintendo wouldn’t let an executive get publicly beaten up….o would they?

  • Sol Ridgeway

    I would like a more custom control scheme. I wanted to play my son with the Wiimote with a Rayman scheme. No jump with D-pad and just 2 = jump and 1= attack. I wanted to play that way in stamina mode, that would have been sweet.

  • Madmagican

    So you think this is customization as in different color pallets or more like completely designing your own characters with a preset number of stats possible?

    • Your money

      It’s just cosmetic. If it were to change stats, it would change game play entirely. U know gunbound right? I played that game, and the items u wear (that u buy with money or from in-game) give u insane amounts of bonus stats.

  • pipip

    Please Nintendo, make a competition, where everyone can draw a charakter on MiiVerse. The best charakter with the best story and attack description gets a playable charakter on the WiiU SSB. Therfore NIntendo gets many Ideas from their fans and who knows, perhapes there some new Ideas for new IPs and Games.

    This action would be probably good für MiiVerse, the Fanbays and Nintendo ^^

    • Your money

      Nintendo isn’t going to really listen to the fans for character selection. Just yelling or asking for which character to add just adds stress. So anyone out there begging for a certain character, sorry but, nintendo won’t listen to u.

  • dxcvs

    The wii u is garbage like this rip off game it sucks like ps4 and xbox one

    • Chris Heskin

      At least this guy is being indiscriminate.

    • dxcvs

      Im just kidding ok i have a wii u and im looking foward to buying this game had all since the 64

  • waaaaaaaaaaa

    I’d be happy with alternate costumes…

  • Seth

    Majoras Mask as a hat would be pretty great.

  • 00EpicGamer00

    For customization I think they should have different costumes for the characters. Like you guys remember Wario in Brawl, right? Where he had 2 different costumes, his original (purple overalls, yellow shirt) and his brawl outfit (purple pants, denim jacket.) That’s what they should do with the other characters (including the different color variations). Each character would only have 4 costumes, and like I said before, you’ll still be able to change the color, how? I don’t know -.-
    For Mario, they could have:
    1.Dr. Mario
    2.Shadow Mario (Super Mario Sunshine)
    3.Cosmic Mario (Super Mario galaxy)
    (I guess you can argue that shadow and cosmic Mario look basically the same, but they are slightly different. Shadow Mario is more of a blue color, while cosmic Mario is more of a dark purple/black color. And they have different eye colors.)
    4. aaaaaand……Baby Mario? Seems like a poor choice, but what other Mario is there that wouldn’t change his move-set? I was going to say “Boo Mario” but, they would have to alter his attacks to make it work.

    • Your money

      I like the way u think epic gamer. Good idea.

      • 00EpicGamer00

        Thanks :3
        I didn’t think anyone liked the idea.

  • I can live with customizations one in particular I think of now is the brownish-red shawl from Zero in the Mega Man 5 title screen, would love to wear things like that on characters. just things that make your chars unique.

  • Your money

    It’s interesting that nintendo is doing this, because nintendo normally dosen’t do any cosmetics. I’m looking forward to it, because cosmetics can define the person you are playing with (assuming that they will do wifi battles.) I would love to see donkey kong wearing some kind of top hat.

  • Energonkid

    Interesting……very interesting…….meaning Zero or Proto Man as a customized look and move set of mega man. SWEET!!!