Feb 28th, 2013

The creator of Super Smash Bros. has been stricken by an injury on his arm, affecting his work on the upcoming installments.

Super Smash Bros. Wii U

Masahiro Sakurai has revealed that he is suffering from calcific tendonitis and several ruptures in his arm muscles. The result is chronic pain in one of his arms, particularly when using a game controller or keyboard.

The injury is unfortunate, but the grim news doesn’t stop there. The famed creator states that there’s no telling what impact this disorder could have on Super Smash Bros. if he doesn’t recover.

With regards to play-testing, he says,

I’ve had to control two characters at once in a lot of game projects up to now. So as long as I keep it to simple moves, this works well enough. It doesn’t go that easy with the Nintendo 3DS version, though, and the debug camera is pretty hard to control.

The timing couldn’t be much worse for an injury that hampers on one’s very career. Fortunately there has been no mention of a delay. But if there was, I’m sure we fans could be patient. It has been said that good things come to those who wait.

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  • Super Buu

    I wouldn’t mind waiting longer ’till he gets better.

    • CharmanderRulz

      I think many would be sad to see the game delayed but as Shigeru Miyamoto said himself “A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.”

      • Genesect4ssb4

        Sonic 06 is the best example for this. Rushed for the holiday 2006

        • Grammar Nazi 2000

          E.T. is the best example of this. Rushed for the holiday 666

      • michael546k

        …With the exception of Duke Nukem: Forever

  • Laud

    I read about this a few days ago, it’s a serious condition. 

    All we can do is hope they give him a month vacation.

    I’d much rather get the game a month late knowing a developer didn’t destroy his arm in the process just to rush me a product.

    • Sdudyoy

       I hope he gets better even if he has to take a couple of months off, I hope he actually takes a break instead of keep’s working like it sounds like he’s doing.

    • NkoSekirei

      lets hope he gets better and takes his time on making the new super smash bros universe epic with tons of new levels and characters and items too.Also epic soundtracks too

      • AkaLink77

        yah id rather have it later than rushed.

        Btw its not called Universe. But if u want to call it that for now i guess thats ok. Id call it
        Super Smash Bros. Clash.

        • David Noble

          Concerning the name, Universe was evidentally a rumor, but it’s got a nice ring to it.  However, it’s not a “battle” name, like melee or brawl, so it likely is not.  Again, the “Universe” fits with Wii “U”.  For now, I like to just call it Super Smash Bros. U and Super Smash Bros. 3D, but it doesn’t really matter at this point.  The point isn’t whether it’s called Super Smash Bros. Crap, but making sure it’s not an actual Super Smash Bros. Crap.  That’s why it’s important for him to not hurt himself further.

    • NintendoNoob

      let’s give him a red potion! That’ll make him feel better!

  • grandlx2

    lol.. is he the only one working in the game? not a team of 30+ people? I’m sure this guy only gives orders, and not do any of the programing and graphics/etc himself. So, why would it affect the game? unless his mouth doesn’t work, where at which point he is unable to give orders etc.

    • He’s not just the director, he also does most of the work himself. 

      In Brawl he singlehandedly balanced every character. 

      •  He did a terrible job at that. The balance was so terrible people have to resort to mods to play competitively.

        • DragonSilths

          MLG in Smash Bros lol. GTFO with competitive crap. Its about having fun not going to pro tournaments.

          •  But when Metaknight is so much better than everyone else it’s not really fun. There wasn’t balance.

          •  Metaknight is an idiot, I can beat him up easy with Ike, Pikachu, or Ness. If you want to play me get me your friend code.

          • sonictheplumber911

            People should seriously stop listening to tier lists. i got over 500 KO’s with bowser and ganondorf and there like on the bottom of the list!

          • Preston Weaver

            I usually play with Yoshi and most people consider him trash. I kicked so much ass with him it’s not even funny.

  • AAAkabob

    This is a respectable reason to delay the game, hope this is curable.

  • mchelski

    People understand delays for injuries and diseases, that’s only natural, for any other reason, we are not so tolerant 

  • Russel Bowersox

    Make us wait. I’m okay with it. He has made WAY.. WAY too many incredible games. take a break, give master hand a Maxim Tomato, and keep tweeting us pictures of your cat! =D

  • Jeffery02

     We’ve waited this long. It still won’t create a gap as big as the gap between Melee and Brawl. The bad news seems to be more so for him than the game. If he can’t do it, then I’m sure the game will just be worked on more by someone else. So I’m not TOO worried about the game. Him, on the other hand, needs to take care of himself and not let any upset fans (I know there will be a few at least) make him feel bad for trying to recover.

    • Meh. its going to be the same time period. If rumors are true then something other than code will be shown at E3 this year. The game is DEFINITLY not coming holiday season 2013. I’m guessing holiday 2014. And that will make it 1 year less as the time frame as melee to brawl. Melee to brawl gap= 7 years. Brawl to 4=6 maybe 7 depending on Sakuris condition and other factors they want to fix. I would wait for the latest 2016 for the game, i am all set for Melee since i play competitive and Brawl is fun for parties. I haven’t gotten sick of both. I would rather have the best smash to ever exist (great roster, fighting is more like Melee, great story, lots of content, great online and great features online) than have a game come out this year. And if that means him taking a 1 year break from the project than i am perfectly fine by it. I want the best smash game from the guy who has done it 3 times and started it. 

      • Jeffery02

        Who knows though, with the potential for downloadable characters and stages, this could be the last Smash Bros game for a while. Imagine that. A smash game that is forever growing and expanding. I hope they release about the same size roster as Brawl but with a Melee and Brawl download pack to include the excluded characters from those games (stages too). So if they take the time to make this Wii U/3DS smash game the best one yet, then I think we can all be patient for the Smash game that could end all Smash games. The one thing I do know though is that when this one comes out, everyone I know is going to be getting a Wii U. It will be the one game to single handedly push the Wii U to the top as the #1 must have console. So yeah, I have to agree that they should not rush this game one bit. For them to take the time to overcome all obstacles and perfect the game overall is probably going to be the best thing for everyone (Nintendo, Sakurai, and us).

      • MasterPpv

        Hey dude! Fellow Melee player here. Good to see someone with some sense regarding Brawl lol too many of us just hate on it.

        I agree with you on all points btw =)

  • Captinn2

    How about we NOT stand here being dishheads and go work at Nintendo >:L. Then development would be faster and we would be helping the creator with the game instead of standing here being helpless v.v.

  • Jeffrey Debris

    They haven’t set a release date for the game, so I bet they’ll do everything in their power to make sure it gets there in time, but also with 100% quality people expect from a game such as Smash Bros. I hope he recovers fully and swiftly. 🙂

  • FackMaaii

    His biggest dream is also his biggest nightmare. Must be horrible not being able to work properly on something he cherishes so much. Hope he’ll get well soon

  • sounds painful. im a little more worried about Sakurai than the game. hope he gets better.

  • Well they delayed the last one 2 years so I don’t think a few extra months will hurt anybody. What’s really sad here is that he is having these issues. I mean, could this be his LAST Smash Bros game? Who do they hand it off to? I just couldn’t fathom not being able to do something I love because of something like this.

  • Mr. Nidoking

    By the power vested in us by the almighty internet, you will get better! Don’t push yourself.

  • That’s awful… I hope he gets better soon. Game or no game, his health needs to come first. 

    Also, where did this boxart come from?

    • I believe the box art is fan made, it was posted up here a while back. 

  • jhkjhkjh

    ANother sign that this piece of shit console is gonna go down the drains

    • bizzy gie

      XD Fail troll. Ha!

    • Takarashi282

      Eh… wrong place?

    • NkoSekirei

       stupid retard

  • Edward Rhoderick

    If it’s to big of a thing for him to instruct others to do it as he would then.. I say he should wait till he can do it himself.


    Yeah as long as he gets better that’s good, I want him too keep making these games so I can wait a while longer.

  • DragonSilths

    He just needs to take 3 weeks off, maybe a month to get better we can wait.

  • Quan ManChu

    Nothing wrong with a legitimate delay by any stretch of the imagination.


    I know this guy is the man that goes all hands-on on his games but you need to get well first, or allow his most gifted and trusted team members to do the work and then just checked out their work. Get well soon, and I know this game will be great when ever it comes out.

  • Dominic Coradazzi

    I hope he doesn’t work too hard
    I wouldn’t want Sakurai to literally give his arm in order to put the game out on time

  • Linskarmo

    Man, that sucks. I really hope he gets well again. A game delay caused by this sort of thing would be a million times more understandable than the Rayman Legends one, and I would be fine with it if it could mean his recovery.

  • Jonn McNally

    A lot of people have been tweeting him to get better and that makes me glad.

    He tweeted (Google translated): “…Warm encouragement of people overseas, I am grateful.”

  • This is sad news. Hopefully he’ll recover to a state where he is comfortable to do his creativity . The world will understand if a game has to be pushed back due to a designers health. Designers are loyal to their fans, but we, as fans need to be loyal to our game creators, if a delay is needed. Hopefully there isn’t an uproar. Since this one is understandable, unlike Rayman Legends.

  • David Noble

    He’s giving us a great game; we really can’t be upset.
    He was likely injured giving it to us; he put his heart and soul into it; he should have a break.
    The delay could give way to last minute ideas that could improve the game exponentially.
    It will give them time to work out the bugs better than last time.
    I’d say that he’s a great guy, and even though he’s hurt, at least some results could be positive.

  • Since I’ve discovered Project M I don’t feel so attached to getting a Wii U Smash game ASAP.  I’m fine enjoying Project M.  😀  

  • Well I hope he gets better soon, no need to rush art 

  • RattleGore

    Best wishes to him, but do you think up till now Nintendo or Masahiro Sakurai don’t have a trusty second in command?

  • Arthur Jarret

    After beating Master hand
    and Crazy hand

    A new challenger approaches!

    Injured hand

     I hope he takes his needed rest and gets well soon… I’ve seen people who keep working & stressing their condition in situations like this, and it doesn’t ever end well.

    • Sonicgill

      Well it would be inspired from his life. Make Injured Hand happen.

  • Johny

    eeh 🙁 gambarou sakurai-san

  • Dennis Fisher Jr

    It dont matter if its a month late or a year late. take some time off dude. We’re going to buy it regardless.


    Can’t he just dictate what needs to be done?

    Hope he gets better soon though.

  •  Sakurai should take couple months off and rest to better his health. The way he describes his conditions sounds really serious. All the fans dying for this game to be release, please be patient because one of our favorite game directors is in poor health. Give him time to recover and let the process of healing continue….

  • smashbrolink

    Please, Sakurai!
    For the sake of the series and your fans, GET SOME REST FOR A BIT!
    I can deal with not seeing Smash at E3 this year, if that’s what it takes!
    As long as you get healed up enough to where you’re sure this won’t become a much worse, maybe even permanent injury, I’m more than willing to wait for news concerning Smash for the Wii U and 3DS, so REST FOR A WHILE ALREADY, DAMN IT!T_T

  • Hugh Quinn

    </3 this is so sad

  • Is that the real box art. Looks badass.