Aug 4th, 2014


In today’s developer screenshot from Super Smash Bros. development, Masahiro Sakurai reveals that a character from a Japan only game will be an assist trophy in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. A lesser known character that apparently doesn’t have a name, the Prince of the Sable Kingdom will be available as a tribute to his original Game Boy game, The Frog For Whom the Bell Tolls.

Here’s Sakurai’s Miiverse post that accompanied the screenshot:

Pic of the day. In this Smash Bros. installment, this little guy is also making an appearance! I…don’t know his name, but he’s the Prince of the Sablé Kingdom. He’s from the Game Boy game Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru (translated as The Frog For Whom the Bell Tolls), which was only released in Japan.

This isn’t the only time Sakurai has honored a Japanese-only release character, as last week we learned that Takamaru from Murasame Castle will be joining the game as an assist trophy as well.

What do you think about the addition of characters known only inside Japan?

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  • Shota

    isn’t that game on the japanese 3ds eshop?

  • Miguel Angel Barrueta HernĂ¡nde

    second screenshot is missing, showing the trophy, just saying….

  • anthony optimo

    That is neat, we might be getting more Japanese only titles here…

  • East_Watch

    Current Wii U playlist: Mario Kart 8, ZombiU, Windwaker HD, Mass Effect 3

    Wii U Wish List: Smash Bros U, Bayonetta 2, Legend of Zelda U, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Project Cars, Watch Dogs, Star Fox

    Wii U Haven’t tried list, Pikmin 3, Rayman Legends, Wondeful 101, Sonic Lost World, Monster Hunter 3,

    Already Beaten list: Assasins Creed 3, New Super Mario U, Donkey Kong TF, Call of duty BO2, Batman Arkham Origins

    Definitely keeping busy with my Wii U

    • Dallas Gooch

      Wonderful 101 is amazing. Pikmin 3 and Monster Hunter 3 are awesome too.

  • C.S. Bailey

    Will there actually be anything left to discover when the games come out?

    • 00EpicGamer00

      Maybe stages (there hasn’t been any news on that subject for a while), unlockable characters and (I hope) a secret adventure mode for Smash Bros. Wii U.

    • PrincessKairi

      Not on Nintendo’s watch! Its killed the hype off completely for me, now it seems to be Hyrule Warriors turn!
      ease up nintendo!

      • Dallas Gooch

        Sadly i’ve got to agree. The hype is starting to die off for me too. We need another character reveal or stage reveal. Epic Gamer is right though. There has been very little news on stages compared to everything else at least.

  • SmashFinale

    At this point we can’t really say that Takamaru is a Japan-only exclusive.

  • William Cole

    This game was a neat little game on GB. I just played the translated version not to long ago. I loved every second and finished it quick. Wow, that’s cool. If you have played Zelda: Link’s awakening you should play this because they have a lot in common. Even some of the music sounds the same.